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Atlanta, GA – Police are saying that 29-year-old Robert Tyrrell Jr. pulled a gun on his 51-year-old mother and held her hostage for nearly six hours last month because she refused to iron his clothes. Because according to Tyrrell, ironin’ is “woman’s work. Utter that crap in my house and you get sporked. After his momma told him, no, she wouldn’t iron his clothing, Tyrrell threw a temper tantrum. After allegedly pulling a gun on the woman, he reportedly swiped her cellphone and car keys and refused to let her leave the house for hours. She eventually managed to escape the clutches of her bratty adult son and drove to the police station to report the incident. I wonder if mom is now considering a late-term abortion? Authorities say Tyrrell surrendered without incident shortly after the boys in blue arrived and has been booked on charges of aggravated assault and false imprisonment. A bond amount hasn’t been made available. Good thing those brightly colored, jail issued monkey suits are wash-and-wear. Shithead…

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  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    What an idiot! My son two days ago called his older brother a woman because he wanted to BBQ some hotdogs. I verbally slapped his ass and then made him do the dishes!

  • sedation

    she must have been a pretty permissive mom for this situation to have been made possible. I'm willing to bet he doesn't work and she pays his cell phone/internet gaming/porn bills, as well as for the gun he held her hostage with. I'm glad she finally went to the police and pressed charges. something tells me this is not the first fucked up thing he's done to her

  • kbryan

    “A woman's job ” to do the ironing ? How about being a MAN & getting a job so you can move out of mommy's house, or can't you afford to pay for meth & rent at the same time ? Candy ass piece of shit, you'll learn to do your own laundry in prison, washing the rape shit stains out of your clothes/sheets. Mom, please don't let him stay with you until his trial, he may just kill you if his Rice Krispie cookies aren't JUST right!
    DD members, this is not an accurate description of most males in Georgia, but we do have our share of the little 'tards.

  • Jgo555

    Seems to me that mommy dearest caused the whole incident inthe first place by letting him become a chauvinist brat. This is what you get mommy! & Just wait until he comes out h's gonna be mad as hell & she's gonna be back in the news.

  • I guess once he gets out he now needs to find another place to live. WOW! Two time loser.

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    There are Rice Krispie COOKIES?!?!….My mom only made the squares 🙁

  • kbryan

    Well he is a “special little man” so she gets “special” treats. If she gave him rectangle shapes & it went limp in the middle, he would've considered it an affront to his “manliness”

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Wow. How is such a charmer still single and living with Mom?

    I suck at ironing, so I told my last ex that if he wanted ironed shirts, he was going to have to do it himself. And guess what? Every morning before work, he ironed his own damned shirts!

  • You have a wonderful hubby. Good for him.

  • Jury

    I hope they make him pee sitting down in jail.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Eh, he wasn't that wonderful, so he's my ex. At least he did his own ironing, though.

    BTW, if my 5'10″ brother tried this kind of crap on our 5'2″ mother, he would most likely end up in the hospital with the gun wedged in a convenient holster.

  • Mommy0f6

    How does a situation even escalate to that point? I just don't get it. My cousin's kids call her a bitch and tell her to shut the fuck up, throw things at her, and basically do as they please.
    I'm not one to spank, but if my kids even considered disrespecting me the way hers do, they'd only do it once. 4 of my 6 are boys..I'm 5'1 and my 13 year old is already 5 inches taller than me..the height difference means nothing in the long run.

    Not to make excuses for this scum, but I wonder if he had a father figure that show him how women are meant to be treated?

  • Cheeseburger Sanchez

    Yet another reason I thank God for my Mother In Law. She taught the hubbs to do laundry and Iron when he was younger (for a Boy Scout patch), and told him that would be one of his extra chores (when he wanted to make a little money, they had a list of chores he could do above his daily chores). She also told him that learning to this stuff and doing it for his future spouse was a good way to show appriciation to them. To this day I have not had to iron a single thing since we moved in together. He would never say something is Woman's work because his parents raised him right.

  • boughtthefarm

    Loved the “late term abortion” comment. Definitely saving that for future use.

  • Hey Robert! Do your own clothes you Shitnose!

  • LeaveMeBe

    I loved the late term abortion comment too!

    In my house the ironin' is “man work”, cause if the husband or the boy child need/want something ironed there isn't a woman in there that will do it which includes my daughter and myself. If we need something ironed, we go to them. 🙂

  • Wrjames1953

    Now I know why some animals eat their young!

  • If he shaved a little he'd look just like Hitler. Would be quite appropriate after what he did to his momma. Gosh. And to think this moron is older than I am. How the hell do kids like this survive to even become adults? One side of my family is pretty much totally dysfunctional, lets their kids do as they please, etc, and none of them have half a clue, but gawd…..they wouldnt even do THIS.

  • dixiegirl3179

    This is exactly what I was thinking. Did anyone tell him it's MAN's work to have a job and your own place at 29 freaking years old?

  • Tutkill

    he probably will have to have someone to wipe his dick for him. lol

  • Wildheart

    I would have shoved the iron and ironing board up his ass. What a pussy!

  • Well, 29 is a bit late to be starting the discipline, but later is better than never, right? Sorry, that was a poor attempt at sarcasm. Seriously, though, if she'd taught him some manners and responsibility when he was a child, it wouldn't have gotten to the point of him holding a gun on her now. I know, it sucks to have to discipline your cute little toddler, especially when they cry and wail out, “mean, mean, mean!” (Yeah, mine does that.) But when they're older, it will be well worth it. Discipline them now and end up with a model citizen…allow them to have their way and you end up with a gun at your head.

    Still, I am glad that the mom finally stood up to her son. Men like him belong in jail. Woman's work, indeed.

  • Miss Doyle

    I wonder if Bubba's new bitch is on a payroll anywhere ? Im guessing NO.

  • rich

    I ironed my own clothes when I was 17 and in the Army. I get engaged and when (now ex-fiancee) saw me ironing my clothes, she went and grabbed an armful of her clothes and dropped them next to me (not saying a word) and went out to do some jogging. When she got back an hour later I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and her clothes were still there where she dropped them and of course she was angry and demanded to know why I didn't iron her clothes. I ignored her, finished cooking dinner and started eating my meal, of course I only cooked enough for myself. She got even angrier and said I was being selfish.

    You see, I later learned (after I proposed and she moved in with me) her mom did all the work and she never bothered to learn how to do anything, Cooking – she couldn't boil an egg to save her life, Cleaning – she couldn't find the switch on the vacum cleaner. Washing dishes – she insisted on me getting a dishwasher for the apartment. The only thing she knew how to do on her own was spend money and demand I help her pay for her credit card bills. The engagement lasted 2 months and I kicked her to the curb. With her un-ironed clothes.

  • arallyn

    I feel for ya. My fiance's his momma's pride and joy and when he tried to help out around the house as a teen (since his mom has messed up ankles/vein issues and has only peripheral vision- even the laziest child with half a heart would try to help) she literally beat him with her cane. Since she didn't have a job at the time, and her other child was a worthless lazy cunt, providing for her son gave her a sense of identity. So in the end I found that Fiance can't mow grass, iron, do laundry, vacuum (that was a fun little shock), work a budget, or cook.

    Luckily he's willing to learn and since going to college (and later moving in with me), he's learned to cook basic foods, do laundry, budget, and iron. Never tried to get him to mow or iron after the first few terrible times. Apparently being colorblind makes seeing different shades of green (for the lawn) impossible for him. At least he tried! If he were like yours I would've been outta here ages ago x_x

  • Visciouslolita

    I agree, while its sad it happened, this mother had to have enabled his behavior in some way. Children should be doing chores and doing their own laundry as soon as they are able to fold a pair of pants. If he doesn't want to iron go to the dry cleaners and pay someone to do it like everyone else who hates ironing. What a total piece of shit.

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