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Bishopville, MD – It’s bad enough to get your kicks by smackin’ little kids around, but to beat on a blind, autistic child? One would hope there is a seat reserved in the fiery pits of hell for such scum. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll call in a couple of favors right now to ensure that Carleigh Renee Kufchak is welcomed with open arms. She’s accused of beating the snot out of an 8-year-old girl she has been babysitting for and the kid’s mom got it all on tape. The kid’s mother had set up a camera in her home at the request of the child’s doctors – they wanted to see how the girl behaved at home so they could develop a plan to treat her. According to the charging documents, when the mother sat down to review the tapes on June 25th, she saw Carleigh hitting her daughter, throwing her down and dragging her around by her legs. The video shows the child was slapped and/or pushed down approximately 10 times. Carleigh, who, at times, was in the company of other women in the home, was heard saying “Put your (bleeep) kid in a mental institution where she belongs.” The little girl’s voice was recorded on video, too. She said she didn’t want to be hit anymore. Police say Carleigh has been caring for the child for the last two years, but has only been left unsupervised with the girl since January. The 19-year-old was booked on charges of first- and second-degree child abuse, second-degree assault and reckless endangerment. She’s been released on $25,000 bond. The little girl is said to be doing fine.

Carleigh Renee Kufchak

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