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Bishopville, MD – It’s bad enough to get your kicks by smackin’ little kids around, but to beat on a blind, autistic child? One would hope there is a seat reserved in the fiery pits of hell for such scum. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll call in a couple of favors right now to ensure that Carleigh Renee Kufchak is welcomed with open arms. She’s accused of beating the snot out of an 8-year-old girl she has been babysitting for and the kid’s mom got it all on tape. The kid’s mother had set up a camera in her home at the request of the child’s doctors – they wanted to see how the girl behaved at home so they could develop a plan to treat her. According to the charging documents, when the mother sat down to review the tapes on June 25th, she saw Carleigh hitting her daughter, throwing her down and dragging her around by her legs. The video shows the child was slapped and/or pushed down approximately 10 times. Carleigh, who, at times, was in the company of other women in the home, was heard saying “Put your (bleeep) kid in a mental institution where she belongs.” The little girl’s voice was recorded on video, too. She said she didn’t want to be hit anymore. Police say Carleigh has been caring for the child for the last two years, but has only been left unsupervised with the girl since January. The 19-year-old was booked on charges of first- and second-degree child abuse, second-degree assault and reckless endangerment. She’s been released on $25,000 bond. The little girl is said to be doing fine.

Carleigh Renee Kufchak

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  • UniqueMommy1984

    Oh, I hope someone beats the shit out of her in prison!!!!

  • yunjhean

    you deserve that bitch!

  • MAD

    She has that kind of bitch face that makes you think she would do this sort of thing, she rightfully should be beat.
    Question though, why would you let a teen watch a child with special needs. Maybe she was a family friend? Based on the story this girl was 17 when she started watching her. Special needs children need so much care and above all patience, 2 thing almost no teenager possesses.

  • Dneil

    This breaks my heart. As a parent of a child affected with autism as well, I am horrified. I hope this nasty bitch gets a lot of jail time. Not only was this child young and defenseless, she also most likely did not understand why she was being left with an abusive bitch….

    Children affected with autism have such a difficult time opening up and communicating and this stupid bitch just created a whole new hurdle for this young child to over come. Who knows the trust issues this bitch just created.

    I hope they lock this bitch up and she doesn't get out for a long long time.

  • cplkevindheglar

    I say just let her live in Morbids basement for a little while. Should be punishment enough.

  • shaybytheway

    Kudos to Mom for doing the right thing in turning the video over to the cops BEFORE she ripped this bitch a new one. I don't think I could have been so strong… Actually I don't think I want to be…

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I've taken care of autistic kids before, and it's not something I'd entrust to a teenager. She deserved a much higher bond than what she was issued.

    In addition to whatever sentence she gets, it should be MANDATORY for her and ANY caregiver that takes care of an autistic child to take a class on autism. Our local university offered one for free, and you bet your ass I took advantage of it.

  • Jtaurus30815

    Let's hope some jailbird dyke opens up a large can of “Whoop-Ass” on this bitch!

  • angela

    from the article, it looks like she was never left alone for the 1st year and a half of watching the girl…maybe they thought they had “trained” her enough to handle the little girl…

  • Skull

    I have actually had the displeasure of knowing Carleigh and let me say, this is no surprise. The worst part is this girl has been working as a ticket issuer at the Ocean City Police Department and this doesnt seem to be of any concern. Oh well, she is finally going to get what she deserves.

  • Redsaid

    This lady has no heart. Who does this?? SHe certainly she be in jail instead of some pot peddler.

  • Send the little Twatwaffle to my house! I'd gladly teach her a lesson that she'll never forget.

  • bef

    She seems like an entitled bitch. I hope that some day she fully realizes how horrible her actions are, but I doubt it. Especially after reading what Skull says about her above.
    The article said that other women were present. They should be charged as accessories for not intervening. That poor baby was surrounded by a flock of harpies. Bitches.
    The worst part is they are all going to probably shoot out crotchfruit like machine guns, creating an army of narcissistic assholes who are intolerant of difference. Either that or a captive pool of abuse victims. Horrible, either way.

  • Wildheart

    Oh hell no! I would have been turning the video and myself in for assault at the same time.

  • Wildheart

    Let me know when she gets there and we'll make it a party!

  • KatONine

    How horrible it must've been for the child and for her mother, it's good to read that the little girl is doing fine but I worry about the impact that it may have on her. I thought about this the last time there was an article about a parent watching a video and seeing a caregiver beat on their child: how exactly do they control themselves from finding the bitch and curb-stomping them? Because I don't think I could.

    As for Cunty, ugh, I truly hope that she learns the meaning of 'karma' in jail. Big Bertha is not impressed by bitches that beat kids. I still can't believe that her bond was only $25,000, can anyone tell me if that's common or is she just 'special'?

  • She deserves much worse than what she got. People who abuse those weaker than themselves are horrible people who don't deserve to breathe the same air as good people.

    Whenever autistic people are abused, I find myself getting particularly angry, as I suffered similar abuse due to my condition when I was younger. It's hard to stand up for yourself when you don't understand what is happening, why it's happening and even worse, you can't articulate clearly or at all. Yes, I know that feeling all too well.

    I'm happy the girl's mother put a camera in the house to see what this horrible woman was doing to her. I also hope the little girl can move past it with not much damage. It's hard to say, though. I remember bad things that happened to me 25 years ago. Sometimes, it seems like no time has passed at all and the pain is just as fresh as it was then. I hope the little girl isn't like me in that regard.

  • Joevma

    I have improved my vocabulary by landslides from hangin out here. She shoots out crotchfruit like a machine gun! Thanks BEF! I gotta work that into a conversation quick. bwahahahaah. Every home should have a camera if the children are too young or otherwise unable to tell you whats up. I say that…I never did…but I think I would now. How would you ever ever recover from watching someone beat your baby? Oh no no no. I would feel so guilty I would have to quit work. Well, I'd be in jail anyway, just sayin.

  • Sally

    i graduated with this girl….. I'm disgusted

  • Ludaphrumapluga

    you would think it would be manditory, just as in a job u have to take training in whatever subject or saftey issues u r working with/around….

  • guillotinegirl

    Aww, she looks so sorry..for herself. HAHA! She'd better do some time and not get off on probation.

  • Do NOT give this girl the honor of calling her a c*nt. She lacks both the depth and the warmth.

  • myheart27

    This is why I am so scared to go back to work and leave my daughter with anyone. You just never know anyone anymore.

  • Visciouslolita

    Wait who were the “other women” in the house that thinks its cool to talk about an autistic kid like that?

  • Just Me

    Oooh! I am right there with you. I KNOW I couldn't be that strong. I would've beat the shit out of this little f'n bitch!

  • bef

    ROFLMAO! I've not heard that one. *files away for safekeeping*

  • OMG! put her in a locked room with me for awhile, I have an autistic child….people like this make me so damn angry! Children cannot defend themselves against adults anyway but then to pick on one that has disabilities?! I sure would like to get ahold of her! They should hang her from the ceiling, decorate her with pretty paper and tell a whole bunch of kids she is a pinata!

  • Orangedayninja

    I hope she gets blinded as a punishment.

  • Candyhearts78

    I don't think i could have maintained the cool level headedness that the mother showed in taking the tape to the cops. My cousin is 2 years old with autism and even though im not his mother i love him dearly and if ANYONE hurt that baby my first instinct would be to kill the bitch. There would be no taking the tape to the cops. i would call and invite her over and be waiting for her with a baseball bat and go to town as soon as she stepped into the house. I just can not imagine how anyone can do something like this.

    And what kind of mother would higher someone to watch their special needs child with out doing a full back ground check and making sure they had the training for the job. Thank god the Dr. had her set up the recording ! lord only knows how long this would have continued if he or she hadn't!

  • happygolucky26

    Were there no puppies around to stomp?

  • Sarah

    Carleigh is cuntbag.

  • Sugarglider1

    TOTALLY. She is a complete turd. The other women on the video, who saw these things, are also turds. Just disgusting. They cannot do enough good in the world to “atone” for enabling this abuse. And as for the bitch who inflicted pain and fear? Well, I just hope that poor little girl is able to forget that these horrible things happened to her for months on end. But I hope the people around Carleigh know all about what she did, and I hope THEY don't forget nor let HER forget.

  • Ares

    She deserves to be raped
    I can

  • Ares

    She deserves to be raped
    I can

  • Anonymous

    Stupid much? Apparently so. Because people on this site don’t like asshole rapists any more than we like asshole child-beaters.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid much? Apparently so. Because people on this site don’t like asshole rapists any more than we like asshole child-beaters.

  • Getrevenge333

    i say they blind her and cut off her tongue.

    too harsh?

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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