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LAKE CUSHMAN, Wash. – A transcript of the 911 call made by the mother of 5-year-old Clare Shelswell has been released. She is the girl we posted about a couple days ago whose stepfather, 29-year-old Peter James Wilson, has been accused of murdering her by slitting her throat while the family were on vacation from British Columbia in a rental house on Lake Cushman. Wilson and Clare’s mother Sarah had gotten into an argument about disciplining the girl when Wilson said not to worry that he would take care of it. He told investigators that he knew that he was going to kill the girl when he took her down to the kitchen and slit her throat with a kitchen knife. Sarah ran after them when she heard screaming and found Clare lying on her back in a pool of blood, holding her throat with her hands. Wilson was arrested at the scene. The scene was so horrific that first responders have been having issues dealing with what they saw and have been turning to department chaplains as a result. Wilson, who told police he is bi-polar and on medication, is being held on $3 million bail. Investigators are also looking at the medical examiner’s findings to see if there are any signs of past abuse.

911 Transcript provided by Vancouver Sun:

911 operator: What’s going on ma’am

Wilson (screaming): Oh my God, my baby, you need to send an ambulance right now

911 operator: You need to tell me what’s happening and calm down

Wilson: My daughter’s throat has just been cut. I need you to come right now! I can’t stop the bleeding.

911 operator: OK, what’s the address?

Wilson: I don’t know… by Cushman Lake.

911 operator: North, south of Seattle Lake?

Wilson: I don’t know! I don’t know where!

911 operator: Ma’am, you need to calm down and give me an address, or we can’t come.

Wilson: North Cushman Lake- she’s bleeding so much, I can’t stop it. Oh, my God! Oh, my God…Oh my God, my baby.”

911 operator: Keep pressure on that cut now, keep pressure on it, please.

Wilson: “I can’t stop it, please, you have to come right now.”

911 operator: “Ma’am, we’re getting people en route right now, OK? … Hang on. We’re dispatching the fire department right now.”

Wilson: (panting) “You have to come now, please.”

911 operator: “Ma’am, they are. Please keep pressure on that wound. Don’t take anything off of it.”

Wilson: ( crying) “You have to come now, please. Oh, my God, please. I don’t think she’s breathing…Please, please, please….

Wilson (panting): Please, please, please, God….

911 operator: How’s she doing ma’am?

Wilson: She’s barely breathing, she’s barely breathing.

911 operator: Ok get her on the floor, on her back

Wilson: She is on her back, but I’ve got her head up, the cut is on her throat…you have to hurry up please, you need to come now

911 operator: They are on their way ma’am, I dispatched them out.

Wilson: You need to send the police too

911 operator: They are getting there ma’am

Wilson: She’s breathing but it’s really, really ragged and infrequent

911 operator: Is she changing colour?

Wilson: She’s really pale, I’m cradling her

911 operator: Ok I want you to keep pressure on that wound, whatever you do, don’t take the rag off, if it gets soaked through, put another on top of that…

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Wilson: Ok I started on that

911 operator: Ok keep doing that, we have people en route now..either monitor her breathing very closely, if she stops breathing I need to know right away…is she conscious and alert?

Wilson: No she is unconscious, not alert of anything. Respiratory rate is 4 to 6 a minute

911 operator: Does anyone there know CPR in case she stops breathing?

Wilson: I’m a nurse but the gash on her throat is so big there’s no way it would work. I don’t know if [bleeding] is under control

911 operator: “How did this happen?”

Wilson: “My husband took a knife to her throat.”

911 operator: “Your husb- purposely?”

Wilson: “Yes.”

911 operator: “We need law enforcement on that call. Where is he now?”

Wilson: “He’s here, but he’s away from her. This is what I said you need to send police too…I haven’t really examined the wound, she’s still breathing…hang in there baby, hang in there.

(Talking to someone in the background)

911 operator: What’s going on with her right now?

Wilson: Her respiratory rate seems to have improved a little bit. She’s still pale, but conforming with the rest of the colour of her body

911 operator: What did you say her respiration was?

Wilson: Approximately 8 a minute now.

911 operator: “Does he still have the weapon, ma’am?”

Wilson: “No, he does not.”

911 operator: “OK, where is the weapon?”

Wilson: “It’s on the floor in the kitchen – where I am, not where he is.”

911 operator: “OK, where is he in the house?”

Wilson: “He’s sitting in the next room, but he’s pretty docile right now.”

911 operator: “OK, why is he so docile?”

Wilson: “Probably because he’s in shock over what he just did.”

911 operator: how’s she doing now?

Wilson: Breathing is becoming faster, but definitely more shallow. You need to move right now.

911 operator: They are ma’am

Wilson: ETA?

Wilson: I can’t give you an ETA, ma’am. Stand by.

Wilson talking to another person in the room (“Is she breathing? Yeah. Can you see the wound..can somebody stay out front, get Arthur out front?)

911 operator: Ok ma’am, is there someone there with you?


911 operator: Is there any way they can get him out of the house

Probably, why?

911 operator: Because we don’t need him the house

Ok, the only complication with that is if we do that there might be a second

911 operator: If you don’t think that’s safe to try and get him out of the house I don’t want you to do that, i’m just giving you some ideas.

Wilson: “She is not breathing.”

911 operator: “OK, then you’re going to get her some air then. Is there anybody else there who can hold that bandage on while you tilt the head back and give her CPR?”

Wilson: “Yeah, but I’m going to have to keep the phone down.”

911 operator: “OK, just keep it as close to you as you can, and let me know what’s going on.”

Here is the part where the it gets confusing…it seems that another woman is now talking on the phone with the 911 operator while the mother is helping the daughter, but can’t confirm who this woman is.

It does not look like she’s breathing

911 operator: So dad is in the other room?

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Yeah…the air is just coming right through her throat

911 operator: ok, stand by, I will talk to my unit

Wilson (in background): Oh my god, they have to hurry now!

911 operator: What happened when you tried to attempt CPR?

It sounds like the air is going right through her throat…I can’t feel her chest rising

(crying in the background)

Wilson (in the background): Nothing is getting into her chest when I breathe through her mouth, it’s all exiting in the gash in her throat! She is not breathing, she is not breathing, hurry up! Goddamnit! You have to hurry!

911 operator: Ma’am we are getting there as fast as we can, please try to get some air into her. Is there someone helping you?

Continue with the CPR, Sarah

911 operator: Can you feel a pulse, a heartbeat, anything?


Wilson (in the background): Her chest is not rising at all, the gash in her throat is too big, they have to hurry up!

911 operator: They are coming as fast as they can

Wilson (in the background): Give me another rag, oh my god, my baby..

911 operator: Are you guys the owner of the property?

No we’re renting the cabin for the weekend

911 operator: What started this tonight?

I don’t even know, I was gone, I just got back here

Wilson (in the background): Please, they have to hurry!

911 operator: Ma’am do you feel comfortable moving her out of the house at all?

I don’t think that’s a good idea

Wilson (in the background): There’s no difference, she’s dying!

911 operator: Is the dad still in the house?


911 operator: What is he doing?

Sitting on the floor

911 operator: Is her alert at all?

Wilson (in the background): It’s not him, you need to get the ambulance here for her!

911 Operator: Ma’am.


911 operator: Can you get her outside? If you can get her outside away from dad, we have a better chance of aid coming in without law enforcement

That’s not important, that’s not relevant

911 operator: Ma’am can you get her outside?

There’s no point in that

911 operator: Why is that?

He’s not doing anything, he’s just sitting on the floor

Wilson (in the background): Where are the paramedics?

911 operator: I can’t make my units come in without law enforcement being there

There’s nobody here

911 operator: We need to do something to try and save her

If he leaves, can you come in?

911 operator: Yes

{Speaking to dad): Can you leave? (To operator): He’s leaving

911 operator: Tell him to get as far as he can but stay in the area

(She repeats the instruction)}

911 operator: Is there vehicle he can go sit in? Is he out of the house?


911 operator: Someone needs to tell me where dad went now

He went to other side of property, he’s sitting outside

911 operator: How far away?

He’s literally non-coherent

911 operator: I know, please answer my question. How far away from the house is he?

The next lot over…Ok listen to me she has not been breathing for approximately 10 minutes at this point, if the paramedics don’t get there stat she is not going to survive. How far out are they?

911 operator: I’ve advised paramedics Dad is out of the house. Does he have any weapons on him?

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No he has nothing.

911 operator: Ok, stand by…What’s going on with her now?

She’s dead. We’re doing cpr but she’s effectively dead unless they’re here now.

911 operator: Are you there ma’am?


911 operator: Are you doing CPR and chest compressions?

She’s just doing CPR can’t do chest compressions while she’s doing CPR

Wilson (in the background): How far out are they?!

911 operator: Can you give me description of male?

5’8”, 250 pounds, brown hair, shorts and a polo shirt, I can’t tell from here, I really wasn’t paying attention

911 Operator: You were not there when this started?

I was not there, no one witnessed it

911 operator: Is the Dad still on the other property?


Wilson (in the background): We can deal with legal ratifications later! Can we please not have this be about a homicide

Sarah, the mom, is doing CPR

911 operator: How many people are in the house?

Two of us, Clare and two people upstairs

911 operator: What are the people upstairs doing?

There’s another daughter, she is upstairs with my sister-in-law, trying to keep her away from this scene

911 Operator: how old is the daughter?

Clare is 5, maybe 6

911 operator: Is that the one with injury?

Yes..(says to Dad): They want you to stay where you are

911 operator: How old is victim?

Clare is 5

911 operator: Who’s there, ma’am?

The paramedics and police

(Sobbing in the background)

911 Operator: Alright ma’am, i’m going to let you go now

Sarah Wilson also released the following statement to the press:

“This is without a doubt one of the hardest letters I have had to write, because it is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. I am choosing to release this statement to the media, with my family’s blessing, in hopes that it will cease the garbage and lies that circulates as ‘fact’ in the press.

My daughter Clare – and please note there is no ‘i’ in her name, at least have the courtesy to spell it correctly – has indeed been killed by Peter James Wilson. Anyone with a heart will be affected by this story, especially due to the brutal way in which she died. My family and I had less than 4 hours to reel from the events before it was making headline news. My request now, is that we be left to mourn the loss of our beloved daughter, granddaughter, neice and sister in peace.

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go to all of the emergency personelle that have been involved in helping us navigate this trauma. God’s richest blessings on you all for the amazing compassion and heart you have shown to me and my family during this time. The family gratefully accepts all offerings of prayer and love. Asking us how we are doing is redundant and unhelpful – put yourself in our shoes and give yourself an answer.

Funeral arrangements for our beautiful baby girl will be released only to those who are invited to attend. There will be no public announcement – don’t ask. This is the only statement that will be released by the family. We are not interested in making further comments.”

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  • Gee

    Wow… So very sad. Look forward to more details as to the and why this happen

  • Ugh. I wish I could un-read that.

  • cplkevindheglar

    Damn. Heartbreaking Tearjerking.

  • Have you guys read about the bio dad? He's been in the press a bit lately as well. I understand his anger but he admits to getting into an argument with Sarah over the phone when she called to tell him he is not welcome at the funeral. But I find the man has a set of balls on him to imply Sarah did not protect Clare (I have no clue if she did or didn't) when HE is the one who has only seen the girl 5 times since he gave up parental rights when she was 4-months-old.

  • akika666

    holy fuck. unimaginable.

  • What gets me about the entire 911 call isn't just the tragic nature of it, but that the killer is sitting RIGHT there.

  • Still breathing even. It doesn't sound like they were too worried about his presence either. Very odd.

  • Scarlett62

    This poor woman … to be cradling her baby girl while her life slips away 🙁 Please, please, please let her be a reasonable woman who boots this man out of her life immediately!

  • FijiMermaid

    This is easily one of the worst stories I've read yet… AWFUL!

  • Gee

    yes I was thinking that too. It was very Erie.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I bawled all of the way through that fucking transcript.

    I swear, if I ever remarry and the man I marry tries something like that with my child, they are going to need to send two ambulances.

    Then again, if we got into a fight over “disciplining” my child, there's NO WAY IN HELL I would allow him to be alone with my daughter, regardless of how much I trust him. If he's that angry, no good can come from him being alone with the source of his ire.

  • Smiley

    That was excruciating to read….it actually made me cry. While I read it I couldn't help imagining holding my own child in my arms as his life just slipped away with a jaggedly cut throat. It is kinda weird how he was there the whole time, and they didn't seem scared of him. But I'm sure at that moment the entire focus was on Clare. I'm glad he didn't go ape-shit on everyone else who was there. I really feel for this family, this is horrific. Now I'm sure he'll try to get off with an insanity plea….

  • OMG… and the 911 operator was SHOCKED to hear the “dad” did it on purpose.

    yeah, I am wet behind my eyelids.

    Sleep well, little Clare.

  • aka jas

    Baby Clare. Rest well little doll.

    Words can not be put to this write up. I could not listen to the actual call.

  • lostlilgirl

    I am speechless. What a horrible thing. Your child dying in your arms due to a piece of shit slitting her throat. I hope he rots in hell!

  • AMGallagher

    Wow. To say that this is sad is such an understatement! Do they know why he did it?

  • mamaplucks

    OMG, that was one of the most heartbreaking things I ever read, how awful for the mother to have to go thru all that… Damn, this is one of those stories that is going to stay with me… What a beautiful little girl, just look at her gorgeous smile. As a parent I hope I never EVER have to know what this feels like…

  • Guest420

    This story seriously makes me wana cry.

  • Wildheart

    My answer to the “Why is he so docile?” question would've been “Because I just bashed his fucking skull in with a sledgehammer.” I'm still crying over this….how absolutely horrible. Fuck me that was hard to read…..thank god I didn't have to actually listen to it.

  • Jessicar19

    wow. i haven't been reading on this site very long. but i read all the time now and a lot. and this is one of the worst ones i have read so far. had me bawling. i feel so bad for mom. i am a mother of 2 girls myself and a nurse. and i know from experience that regardless of how much experience i have in the nursing field, i know that when you have an emergency with one of your loved ones, its just not the same as taking care of your patients. and i could not imagine what this woman was going through with her daughter. my heart goes out to her and her family. and i hope the son of a bitch that did this to her rots in jail and that the biggest, meanest criminal in there finds out what he did and gives him the biggest hemmrhoid known to man. makes me sick.

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    Chain him to a couple of cars and make a wish.

  • UniqueMommy1984

    Probably is and it's going to give those people who think parents with mental illnesses shouldn't have kids more of the reason to push it forward. I am bi-polar and been off and on meds for a long time. I have a six year old autistic kid which is a handful in itself without being mentally messed up but in no way would I ever hurt him or another child. I just don't get it why when someone commits a crime like this, they blame it on an illnesses. He knew what he was doing whether he had a reason behind doing it or not. 🙁

  • hookerpie

    Wow. I am so very sorry.

  • Anonymous

    This is a very sad story…I just find it weird that they weren't bothered by the guy still sitting in the house. I also don't know how i feel about her long letter to the media. It sounded like she appreciated the concern in a kinda mean way??? IDK maybe I'm just reading too much into it…

  • Darsa

    Yes, wow, thank you for putting it into text; I could never listen to that. The tears are streaming just from reading it… poor sweet Clare =(

  • WriterOnFire

    I guess I read the transcript differently than most people cuz I felt that since he was unarmed & someone was protecting her other daughter & there were others in the house, that she felt he was no longer a threat & was completely focused on saving her daughter. She seemed annoyed that the operator kept asking about him & the mom kept focusing on her daughter bleeding out on the floor.

    Can't say that I blame her, I think I would have told the operator to let the cops deal with him & get the ambulance. (Btw, I totally get why they wanted him out of the house but I don't think the operator conveyed it very well & in an emergency, I probably wouldn't figure it out.)

  • Just Me

    So heartbreaking…I have a beautiful 6 year old girl and can't imagine this happening to her at all. My heart is so heavy now for the loss of this little girl.

    Bi-polar is not an excuse, I myself am bi-polar, don't take any medication for it, and never ever could I do something like this, EVER!

    May you rest in peace Clare.

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    Because the guy is a worthless coward who is probably no threat to other adults. It doesn't take much of a tough guy to cut a six year old's throat.


    there is no amount of insanity that would warrant such a thing. Bi-polar, or any other mental disorder is not a defense in a situation like this. Killing a child is inexcusable and this man needs to suffer dearly. I hope there is a hell and that this man has a special place reserved for it.

  • bornsavinglives

    XI love you Morbid, you are amazing!X

    Hell would be a holiday … no this guys going worse than tht

  • MAD

    That poor little girl. I hope that bastard doesn't even try to pull the mental illness card. May she rest in peace and god help her mom. She has a lot of pain to work through in the years to come. 🙁

    It's tragic shit like this that makes my decision of staying a single mom more convincingly the right one. You never truly know what evil lies in someone's soul.

  • crazy

    The rescue folks aren't equipped to deal with a sicko fuck who just slit a girl's throat. There is concern for their safety so they have to wait for the police to arrive and secure the scene to avoid getting stabbed themselves.

    I feel horrible for that little girl. I am angry at her mother. She seems like a cold bitch. I couldn't imagine just having him sitting there beside the carnage with the knife laying on the floor beside me and not get all stabby myself. Especially knowing she is dead and being a nurse. When she blew air in her mouth and it came out her neck…she is done. I woulda put the phone down, picked up the knife and turned psycho on his fat ass! No jury in the wolrd would have convicted her! She acted too weird. Maybe it's just me because I would have killed him if that was my daughter and I'm over sensitive about shit like this…i digress..

  • Pheret

    i am bipolar (among other stuff) and it does get u to act in wild & irresponsible ways while on a high (so does alcohol) but i guarantee that u still know right/wrong in the legal sense. the only thing he has going for him re that is he didn't flee the scene. that goes a long way towards showing insanity — not enough mental stability at the time of the crime to flee.

  • WriterOnFire

    Yeah, that's why I said I understood why but still felt the operator did not explain it very well. I said SHE probably did not consider him a threat. Obviously, the emergency crew could not make that same assumption.

  • crazy

    sorry I misunderstood. I was shook up after reading that mess

  • Clear Thinker

    Where is Blackwell Island when you need it? People who are fucked in the head need to be removed from society.

  • WriterOnFire

    No worries, crazy 🙂

  • eddie

    oh i have no doubts they were disturbed by his presence, but i'm sure the more pressing issue at hand was the mother's desperate attempt at trying to keep the poor little girl from dying.

  • myheart27

    Omg! How do you respond to a story like this. You could hear the desperation this mother was feeling, between the 911 transcript and her letter….. unbelievable. How do you cope with something like this without hating.

  • christy

    Yeah, but how about, An ambulance, and a hearse for the sick fuck stepdad.

    Poor baby girl. Mom didn't even get the chance to slash his nuts off because baby girl was bleeding out before her eyes 🙁

  • karebu

    How is trying to save your daughter's life being a “cold bitch”??? The little girl was still alive when mom entered the room. She died during the 911 call. It would have been pretty fucking stupid of her to attack her husband while her daughter still had a slim chance of surviving…

    I'm glad Mom was smart enough to not make a bad situation worst by trying to kill him…she would have ended up in prison right along with him…and where would that leave her other daughter?

  • Wolfcat87

    I'm sorry to everyone involved in this. It's scary and I'm not easy to scare.