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Teen Boy Kills His Mother With A Frying Pan

June 8, 2010 at 1:36 pm by  

FLINT, Mich. - While a 12-year-old girl stood outside of her home shaking, neighbors heard screams coming from inside. The little girl told them that her 17-year-old brother was hitting their mother with a frying pan. The neighbors kicked in the door but it was too late for Victoria Odom. She was found lying on the floor in a pool of blood with a knife beside her. She would die at the hospital from blunt force trauma. Her son would also be placed in the hospital in serious condition, reports stating he was seen with bandages on his arms when police took him from the home. No reports on how the kid got the injuries, but if the attack on his mother was not in self-defense, I am hoping mom went down fighting. No word on what sparked the fight, but neighbors called the family quiet and polite and that the boy was to graduate HS this year.

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  • Evonne Jansen

    Well, he's not graduating now, is he?
    I hope the yonger one gets counseling. And I agree, I hope mom went down with a fight.

  • Kaos

    I hope this punk gets everything coming to him. spoiled fucking brat, what happened I wonder, mom wouldn't cut his french toast? Rest in peace Victoria.

  • Coyote

    I’m curious to find out what sparked this altercation. In the meantime, I think I’ll hide the cast iron skillets.

  • shyloh

    WOW I can't imagine getting that mad at one of my parents and hitting them (WITH ANYTHING) I have gotten angry. REALLY ANGRY if I didn't get my way. But I never ever thought about harming one of them. So sad!!!

  • 62Julietandvoid

    Just aweful. I wonder tho. Bad all around for the sister/daughter. I hope she is able to move forword and find peace. I will almost asume the son was the aggressor. My mom was a big bruiser and would hit with anything that wouldnt hurt her hand, even if that were metal coat hangers and cords. Even over petty shit. I was hit with a broom stick once and another time a board that had nails in it(tho i the nails didnt hit me) I remember 1 time she dragged my younger sister out of a friends house by her hair over a misunderstaning of time. Another time when she had me down on the ground I vividly remember her trying to knee me in the crotch(fuckin foul) And when I got big enough to fight back, I never had to use a weapon. For whatever reason my instinct was to flee, but only after I'd held her at bay long enough to do so. Never once did I pick up something to fight her with. Unless u count that time I chomped off one of those prickly lion tailed like weed/flowers that grow in the wild. I slapped her over the back with one when she was ripping the hook out of a fish because she couldnt get the hook out. But I was only like 6. Never did like stupid, or cruel.

  • defenestratethis

    Wow..wonder what the hell happened? Quite and polite and proceeding along in a seemingly normal manner and then one day…WHAM!! Life is over for one, and drastically changed for the other two. Just weird.

  • defenestratethis

    oops, I meant 'quiet' not 'quite'

  • Bike Games

    Wow..frying pan…saw 2 articles on them. Note to self, don't buy frying pans!

  • sgtsomebody

    So, what you're saying is… “kid randomly starts braining his mother with a pan for no apparent reason”. right… Unless of course the kid is a sociopath, no one does this kind of crap for no reason. I'm not taking up for the little monster, but I am saying that we have no idea what went on behind those doors. For all we know that young man was raped daily with the kitchen mop. Lets reserve judgment until we know what actually transpired in order to make this happen. Who knows, she might have had it coming, but if not… I like my teenagers extra crispy please Mr Warden.

  • Tia Hatch

    Quiet or not, the boy killed his mama, his needs to go to jail for life, shit I beat my boy with a mug. His big strong ass just kept blocking me. Later we went to Red Lobster played ball and woke up the next day like a mother and son would.

  • The_abused

    Finaly, a murderous evil mother does not get to kill her children. Way to go, hero.

  • Anonymous

    He obviously didn’t like the eggs!!! dammit

  • Anonymous

    He obviously didn’t like the eggs!!! dammit

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