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Temecula, CA- Back in January, 23-year old Justin Moore sent a photo of his genitals to several friends as a joke. One of those friends was the 17-year old daughter of William Atwood Sr., 45, and he did not think the joke was very funny at all. Atwood called the Sheriff’s Department and reported Moore for sending pornography to a child, but before detectives could investigate the claim, Atwood told deputies that Moore came to his home uninvited. Deputies found Moore at Atwood’s home naked, tied up and scared shit-less. Moore told the deputies that Atwood called him and invited him to come to his home to discuss the photo. Moore said when he arrived, Atwood was holding a shotgun, ordered him out of his car and then fired a shot. Moore said Atwood pulled him off the ground by his feet which resulted in him injuring his shoulder. Moore said Atwood told him he had connections with the Pechanga tribe and was going to have him buried on the reservation.

Moore said he believed that Atwood was going to kill him and a short time later, Atwood pulled out a handgun and a stun gun. He said Atwood ordered him to strip down to his boxer shorts, and tied him up. He said Atwood then shocked him on the shoulder with the stun gun for about 20 seconds and then asked him how he liked it. Moore said Atwood kept him there for about an hour before Atwood finally called the police. Atwood admitted telling Moore to take off his clothes and says he bound his wrists and ankles with zip ties.

Investigators determined that Moore had received a call from Atwood about an hour before he called authorities. They also found a text message Moore had sent to a friend while on his way to Atwood’s house that said he was going to discuss the pictures. “If I don’t get back, let everyone know,” he joked. Atwood’s home was searched and investigators seized zip ties, two stun guns and more than a dozen firearms. Atwood was charged with making criminal threats, false imprisonment, assault with a stun gun, assault with a deadly weapon and other gun charges. Moore was not charged in connection with the photo for lack of evidence.

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  • Su Do Nim

    Wow. OK. While I agree with this guys sentiments, he went way overboard – a mite crazy even. I mean, I would WANT to do what he did, but actually doing it is nuts. But, I have a feeling that the victim won't be sending nasty pics out again.

  • cplkevindheglar

    Note to self do not send nekkid picts to William Atwood Sr.

  • Boringusername

    Hope he does the max, though I doubt he will get anything more than probation. The “I wuz protectin ma datur!” crap always works with cops and prosecutors, as professional torturers themselves they will jump on any excuse to go easy on someone with the same mindset.

  • angela

    you mean, to his daughter. 🙂

  • cplkevindheglar

    Thank-you. Long day.

  • Imustbecrazy

    Atwood is a moron. He went from victim to peretrator. Send him to jail. A new car, a new TV, or a bigger house, could have been his joy. I'm guessing his lawyer won't have any problem buying those items instead.

  • guillotinegirl

    I'm thinking every neighborhood has a dad like this. As a teenager the one in our neighborhood was not as tightly wound. He just got out the shotgun and fired it in the air repeatedly when one of the boys tried to kiss his daughter. It was her birthday party. He then pointed it at each of the boys in attendance and told them to leave. Shortly after that the rest of us left, not because we feared for our lives, but because a party with no boys is no fun.

  • sedation

    what a party pooper

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    This man is a tad bit extreme. Next time he's annoyed, he should just try bungee jumping or something like that.

  • defenestratethis

    Have to agree with you. What an asshole this guy is.

  • WOW! He really loves his daughter………… I think. I thought only the mafia did stuff like this. Not that I am experienced. I just watch a lot of tv.

  • Tundratot

    I think Dad Atwood was responding to more than the picture. He was responding to a 5 year difference in age when the girl is still a minor child and the guy is old enough to drink, vote, graduate from college,have started a career, etc. What's this looser doing sending pix of his junk to a girl that's probably still in high school? Why is she even in the circle of friends that he mass mails things to (never mind sexting)? Do I have to voice the suspicion that this guy is sniffing after a girl he has more than a neighborly interest in? Atwood wanted it clear to Moore that his attentions would have to get through Dad first, and Dad wasn't just going to blithely accept his tomfoolery as harmless and tamely allow an inappropriate romance.

  • HorrorFan13

    The father is an asshole.

    Glad he got charged.

  • I generally don't post comments on this site, but some of the comments I see absolutely amaze me sometimes.

    You “think” Dad Atwood was “responding to more than the picture”? Maybe we didn't read the same post.

    Obviously Moore was guilty of something, else he would've had no reason to go and “discuss” the picture. What I find interesting tho is that there's plenty of proof that “Dad Atwood” *assaulted* someone. He didn't go a “tad” overboard. As far as I'm concerned, it's damn near attempted murder (hello! shotgun? shots fired? stun gun? Wtf?!)

    For Moore, there appears to be no information whether he sent the picture to this girl intentionally, or was it sent to her by accident? There seems to be many valid questions as to his intent, and I'm not saying even if it was a mistake it'd be excusable. But there are no questions about “Dad Atwood” and his intent and actions.

    I have 7 children. And I think you're psychotic if you think this nutballs reaction was anywhere near OK. I really don't think my 17 year old would be scarred for life if a “friend” sent her a naked picture. What her father did to Moore? Ya, I could see that scarring someone for life. Lucky he made it out alive if you ask me. How anyone could think that's a valid response just boggles my mind.

  • If you think there's that much of a maturity gap between a 17yo and a 23yo, you're out of your mind. And her being involved with people that much older than her is just as much her parents' and her own fault as it is Moore's. Probably more so.

    Regardless, Atwood's actions weren't those of a concerned father. A concerned father would have called the police and let them handle it, rather than traumatize his daughter more by assaulting her friend.

    And for the record? There are very few 17yos who haven't seen a naked penis. I'm sure this girl is no exception. I seriously doubt she was devastated by the photo.

  • BlueDreamer

    The father's reaction is funny if it were a scene in an over the top movie, but in reality?… I could almost see it happening if the guy had raped or murdered the girl, but sending a pic of his weewee hardly justifies being tortured by this prick that calls himself a father!

    The father of that girl sounds like a self-righteous fuckwit! He's not the least bit worried about showing his daughter right from wrong, or he wouldn't have behaved like such a moron.

    Maybe the dad was jealous because the guy that sent the pic has a bigger hangy-downy-part!!!

  • Whoa, what a psychopath! A normal person would have turned the naughty picture over to the police and had a chat with his daughter over the kinds of friends she keeps. But he's not normal, obviously. Crazy, crazy person. I feel sorry for his daughter–he must be a miserable person to live around.

  • Guest

    I have the fullest respect and admiration for Mr. Attwood. I'am from Texas and in my State if this SOB would have been on my Property he would have been shot!!! Wee do not tolerate trespassers and pedophiles!!! Only the California Legal System will Protect people like Mr. Moore!!! I speak from experiance since my Wife was killed in California by a Oversized Semi where the Driver had no License and no Permit to transport. And all he got is 180 Days in Jail and nothing else. So the California Legal System will Protect Criminals but will punish Caring and responsible Fathers that will protect their Children and family!!! Truth be heard he got away easy because if this would have been me instead of Mr. Atwood he would have disapeared in my 25 Ac Back yard to never to be heard of again!!! Support your local NRA. Semper Fi. SO MR> ATWOOD CUDOS TO YOU WE NEED MORE FATHERS LIKE YOU!!! PROUD TO BE IN YOUR CIRCLES THAT WILL CLEAR THINGS UP!!!!!!

  • shaybytheway

    Go back and re-read the story. The father “invited” the victiim over. No trespassing. Also once you have completely gone through puberty, you are not a child. A minor under the law but not a baby. No pedophilic behavior here. What the boy did was illegal. But what the father did was stupid, callus, and way way way over board. This was not a good example to set for his kids. And if you get your wish for more dickheads like this, D'D is gonna be busy for a loooooong time.

  • Anonymous Coward

    If I were the dad, I would have beat Justin's ass. The stun gun stuff, yeah I'd say it's overboard. We'll see if that nitwit does any stupid shit like that again, though.

  • Dsgirl001

    I'd not have gone this far and think he went over the line. Better to have put that taser right on the zipper and pull the trigger. Pops probably could have traded off with the 23 yr old for not reporting either event and everyone goes away a little wiser. What I want to know is what kind of moron goes to dad's house to “discuss” the pictures. Bet he steers clear of 17 yr olds from now on. AND… there's a huge difference between a 17 yr old and a 23 yr old. If you don't know the difference Rayne, then stay away from children.

  • What Rayne said about 17 year old girls was right. I'm 17 and I know alot of girls like me who have seen at least one penis before and to talk about the age difference just because she's 17 and he's 23 doesn't make a difference because they're just friends it's not like they're dating or anything. I know my oldest guy friend is 24 and I don't care about his age cause we're just friends. and P.S. she's 17 going to be 18 she's not little anymore