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A truly horrific story of an African-American man whose dead body was dragged with a rope for more than 10 miles behind a truck. According to police, the victim, 30-year old Anthony Hill, died from a single gunshot wound to the head and was apparently dead before his body was dragged and mangled. Deputies followed a 10-mile trail of blood and gore left on several roads leading to the rural home of Gregory Collins of Newberry County. For three hours, Collins refused to come out of his home. A SLED SWAT team finally fired tear gas into the home, forcing Collins to surrender. He was arrested and charged with murder. This story reminded me of a documentary I watched quite a few years back of another African-American man who was walking home one night when some assholes decided to end his life. But unlike Hill, that victim was dragged to his death. For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the guy this morning, but I do remember the investigators describing and showing the images of the trail left behind on the paved road. A line made up of a soft brown substance stretched for miles and at first the investigators did not know what it was. Then they realized the substance was the victim’s flesh. That story still haunts me.

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  • Skeptical

    I believe the name you are looking for may be James Byrd. I think it happened in East Texas. I live in Texas and I seem to remember something about that.

  • Jury

    Jasper, TX. James Byrd was killed. John King has since been executed. There is another guy, lawrence Brewer on Texas death row here that was with him when the crime was committed. Sick F*&ks

  • Jury

    Oops, sorry, both are alive and on Death Row.

  • Yes! That was his name! Thank you!

  • sedation

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but do the authorities have anything against giving guys like this a an African American cellie?

  • Su Do Nim

    “Hill's uncle doesn't feel this a hate crime because both were friends and coworkers. He thinks the argument may have been over a girl. The Newberry County Sheriff's Office confirms they are looking into the possibility of a love triangle in this case.” http://www2.wspa.com/news/2010/jun/02/9/teen-ar

  • Tundratot

    OMG, you would think such an horrific thing would have been noticed in progress!

  • Deety

    “Then they realized the substance was the victim’s flesh. That story still haunts me.”

    And now it will haunt me, too, thanks…

  • Co

    I read the novel about James Byrd. His was horrific. His head got stuck in a gutter and ripped off and his knees were grated down

  • defenestratethis

    Yeah..I remember James Byrd too, and it definitely is a haunting story. I remember how they had diagramed the path of his tortuous death, pointing out where they found this body part or that one…unbelievable suffering that poor man went through.

  • 2sense

    I live a few miles from where this took place. The aftermath is the worst thing I think I have ever seen in my life. Very gruesome! The marks from side to side on the roads still remain even after days of cleanup and rain. The locals have to walk out to their mailboxes everyday and see this mess that no one knows how to clean up. Just to clarify…. this took place in the middle of the night and the remaining body was found in the road near an elementary school at around 4:30am by a passerby. Thats the reason no one saw him being dragged. BTW Another body was found in a ditch on a rural road here in Newberry today, nothing to do with the dragging as far as I know, but still not much as to who or what happened yet.This is my tiny lil home town that this shit is happening in…WTF is going on here?!

  • eddie

    i can't be too sure but i think death row inmates are kept isolated from other prisoners.

  • RaquelS

    there was also 24 year old Brandon McClelland who was dragged to death in Paris, TX in 2008 approximately 200 miles from where James Byrd was murdered in 1998.

  • Kwumey

    Not surprising an atrocity of this magnitude and type would take place in south carolina which carries a venomous legacy steeped in amerikkkan racism …..Truly abhorrent and disgusting. While there are people who have ” evolved” in the deep south.. this tragedy heralds that there remains people whose small minds and ugly racist attitudes remain in 1950’s jim crow lynching era