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SEMINOLE, Fla. – Since I don’t want people thinking I am out to get pit bulls or something, here is a story involving Mickey – a 6-year-old 95-pound male Rottweiler-German shepherd mix. The other day Mickey went batshit insane for a currently unknown reason. Richard Blackey is currently in serious condition suffering from bites to his arms, chest and neck after his pet dog turned on him. Melissa Howell, Blackey’s girlfriend, stated that Blackey had returned to their bedroom with a plate of food when she heard him yelling and the dog growling. Next thing you know, the dog was eating Blackey. She said that even as Blacey was crawling out of the bedroom, Mickey continued his assault. She tried to intervene, but the dog bit her as well. She was finally able to trap the dog in a bedroom and call police. The dog was taken by Pinellas County Animal Services. Howell told officers that Blackey has had Mickey since he was a puppy and that Mickey had bitten Blackey a few years back.

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  • Jury

    Sounds to me like the dog was hungry.

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    The Rotties are getting sick and tired of all the publicity that Pitts get. This.is.just.the.beginning……..

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    German Shephards too…..I think the cats have something to do with it…….

  • sarabei

    Well, as we ALL know cats are totally Machiavellian

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    Us birds, are smarter than cats and dogs and we have never killed anyone 😛

  • Jury

    Lol, ever hear of bird flu?

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    IT'S ALL A LIE!!!! Ever heard of conspiracy??? o.O

  • Ravyn1965

    I dunno…something doesn't add up here. He goes in with a plate of food and the dog attacks HIM? Sounds like he might have been teasing the dog with the food and the dog being hungry was trying to get what was his.

    I need to know some more details before I pity one or the other.

  • ciaraluna

    At first I had to take a double take, man's name is Blackey, dog's name is Mickey? =P

    Poor guy. Just goes to show that all dogs can be unpredictable. Feel bad for the man, but am thankful that this was not a child, for I believe a smaller person most likely would not have survived the attack.
    I have 3 dogs, a pug, a coonhound mix (who looks almost identical to the dog above) and a Rotti/Lab mix (My avatar is him as a pup). They have never shown any aggression to a person of any age. But Zeus, my Rotti/Lab killed my cat 2 yrs ago. I never in my wildest dreams would EVER think he would snap at my kitty cat. I raised Zeus from a bottle since the day he was born, and slept with and “cleaned” the cat he killed. He is socialized to cats, other dogs and people. The night it happened, he stole a rawhide out of a basket in the guest room. I had taken all of the rawhides away because he gets obsessed with them and will eat the whole thing. Well, I felt sympathetic, let him have it. He was laying on the floor chewing it, and my cat came up to head-butt him like always, and Zeus just let out a snap/bark as a warning, protecting his precious rawhide. He did not maul, shake or tear my kitty apart. But because my cat's head was against his mouth when he snapped, his fang went into Pip's poor kitty eye. The puncture went into his little brain, he had a seizure, and died in my arms. After that, all rawhides left my house. I NEVER leave my son alone with ANY of my dogs. When my family/friends bring their dogs for play dates I always make sure all of Zeus' toys are hidden, since he is a toy whore.
    Anyway, don't know why I felt the need to share that. I guess the point is, no matter how long you have had a pet, or how well you think you know them, they are still animals and still have instincts. Which all the toys, love, and treats in the world cannot fully erase.

  • CiaraLuna

    Jesus Christ, I forgot to log in again!

  • Redsaid

    I am soooo sorry about your kitty. Doesn't sound like an 'attak', so sad.

    I agree animals are animals, and they shouldn't be punished for being animals. I love my kitties to death!

  • littlemoonseductress

    I would never never think you are picking on the Pit Morbid, unfortunately the Pit is a dog that stays in the media due to its popularity and the gross negligence of thier owners. The Rot and the German Sheppard have been under the same fire at different times in the past. I have a theory on this one. I bet this guy was a beater. Stupid dog my food. KICK. Catch my drift. My son came across some interesting dog info too. It seems that at some point all dogs suffer strokes. Some are minor and cause little to no problems while others can be more problematic and cause mental issues. With the age of this dog I would say that could be a contributing factor. Just a guess. But I still lean more towards that it was just one kick too many.

  • littlemoonseductress

    I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. I know that had to be so heartbreaking. I had this happen to me, one of my cats got outside and she was declawed. The dogs broke her neck. I was devastated. People were saying aren't you going to get rid of those dogs, um no, that was my fault, I let a cat get out of my house that had NO way to protect herself or even climb a tree, and the dogs were just being dogs. I have an indoor Rottie with 2 cats and he is socialized and I repeat that same mantra you just typed everyday!

    I guess the point is, no matter how long you have had a pet, or how well you think you know them, they are still animals and still have instincts. Which all the toys, love, and treats in the world cannot fully erase

    So I watch like a hawk and I take on the responsibility of it being my job to protect my babies and I never underestimate the fact that he is a dog .

  • aka jas

    Ive also had a Rottie kill a kitten. He was trying to play and broke her neck as well. Very sad. His name was cashmere. He ran away right after I had my son. I think he was heartbroken. Sounds stupid but I really dol. Anyways he was completely fine when there were 'normal' sized people around, but tall people and little people I had to really watch him with. Anyways, good going mama–You gotta be watchful.

    I forgot to mention he was the best most loyal dog I ever owned. He loved me. :.(

  • littlemoonseductress

    Oh I Love that name! Cashmere! It actually doesn't sound stupid at all. I bet you are 100% right.

  • UniqueMommy1984

    Dog looks mean….o.O

  • BlueDreamer

    Sorry to hear about your kitty and the others that lost their cats the same way.

    The truth is, that ANY breed of dog can go bat-shit crazy when it's instincts take over. Especially where food and territory are involved.

    When I worked for a vet I got to see all sorts of breeds and you'd be surprised how often some of the dogs known for having super mellow temperaments would snap. Dogs that people had raised from pups, brought up in a household with kids and other pets, with not one incident. The situation leading to these attacks were almost always some everyday moment like the one in the stories above – somebody walked by while the dog was playing with a toy, a rawhide, etc., then out of nowhere – SNAP!

    One of my former coworkers lost all use of her left arm because she was attacked by a Golden Retriever! I could not believe my ears when I heard that she was attacked so viciously by a dog that normally has the temperament of a marshmallow. The dog's owner had passed away and she had volunteered to take it in because she had known the dog for a few years. I guess no good deed goes unpunished!

    That's partly why I've always had small breeds, because if they lose their mind the damage isn't nearly as bad. Plus the potty clean up is a lot easier! Have you ever seen a 3 month old Chihuahua pee?… It looks like somebody spit on the ground!

  • CiaraLuna

    Thanks to all. I had him cremated and he sits on my mantle underneath a little plant.

    As a side note, I have noticed many of us here work/have worked with animals. I have been in the veterinary field for 11 years. Only bitten twice, and both were by cats. Had a couple close calls…1 was a 3lb Chihuahua, the other was a 10 month old 120lb Rotti who thankfully was muzzled.

  • Peridot2000

    There are no bad dogs just bad dog owners, that dog was probly teased, prodded and abused and finally snapped, I am sorry but Pinellas Park is not high society diggs and I repeat dogs are turned bad by neglect and abuse not by caring attentive companions.

  • dogs are getting their revenge

  • Vercingetorix Xiii

    Thats why I have Chihuahuas, if they bite it dont really hurt.

  • minjofu

    Ive now read every dog attack story on this site, and I've decided that should any dog I own attack someone brutally and unprovoked, I will do whatever I have to to get it to stop.. Choking, kicking, stabbing.. a big ol rock to the head.. I dont care..

    For now, I've got pomeranians and a golden retriever.. so.. I seriously doubt it's something I'll have to worry about.. unless we're invaded by liliputians, or tennis ball people..