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Largo, FL – By all accounts, 73-year-old Theresa Collier appears to be as close to righteous as one can get. According to her husband, she was raised Catholic, attended Catholic Parochial School, has been married to the same man for 52 years and has successfully raised 4 children. And she says she has never been in trouble in her entire life. After her 18-year-old granddaughter, Felicia Collier, got kicked out of Catholic school for telling a nun to fuck off, Theresa invited her over so she could use her computer to study for her online courses. According to Theresa, Felicia didn’t want to complete her assignments last Tuesday and started mouthing off. “She kept repeating the F-word to me, about the whole family. She just went on and on and I just got so upset, I got up and slapped her across the face,” Theresa said. “She grabbed my wrists and I couldn’t get out of it and she let one go and she punched me in the cheek here.” Felicia then did something she couldn’t undo – she called the police on grandma.

The two officers came to each side of me and before I know it, they have my arms and they said, ‘You’re under arrest,’ and they cuff me,” Theresa said. And though Felicia protested and tried to convince the officers to let her grandma be, the officers carted grandma off to jail where she remained for the next 24 hours. Why the hell wasn’t the mouthy one arrested for taking a swing at grandma? According to Lt. Mike Loux, “Legally she (Felicia) is 18-years-old, so while I understand the difference between corporal punishment on a child, disciplining your child for using poor language, this is an 18-year-old child.” Furthermore, if an officer is called to a home on a report of domestic violence, department policy mandates that someone is gonna go to jail. Period. While I understand the policy and appreciate the fact that domestic battery will not be tolerated, I think it’s bullshit in this case. She’s 73-years-old for Christ’s sake and the little snot mouthed off to her in her home. I’da popped the kid, too.

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Though grandma and grandpa aren’t speaking to her at the moment, Felicia showed up in court for Theresa’s first court appearance and signed a form stating that she did not wish to press charges and that she wanted to be allowed contact with her grandmother. Regardless, Theresa still faces a battery charge. Prosecutors must now decide if they are going to pursue the case. Meanwhile, Theresa must wait for her next court appearance. “I think it’s ridiculous. We’re hurt so bad, I’m so scared she’s going to have a heart attack or a stroke over this,” said her husband, Walter Collier. “She doesn’t sleep, she bursts into tears and I’m almost doing it now.” Here’s to hoping the prosecutor sees the sheer ridiculousness of the arrest and drops all charges.

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