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Largo, FL – By all accounts, 73-year-old Theresa Collier appears to be as close to righteous as one can get. According to her husband, she was raised Catholic, attended Catholic Parochial School, has been married to the same man for 52 years and has successfully raised 4 children. And she says she has never been in trouble in her entire life. After her 18-year-old granddaughter, Felicia Collier, got kicked out of Catholic school for telling a nun to fuck off, Theresa invited her over so she could use her computer to study for her online courses. According to Theresa, Felicia didn’t want to complete her assignments last Tuesday and started mouthing off. “She kept repeating the F-word to me, about the whole family. She just went on and on and I just got so upset, I got up and slapped her across the face,” Theresa said. “She grabbed my wrists and I couldn’t get out of it and she let one go and she punched me in the cheek here.” Felicia then did something she couldn’t undo – she called the police on grandma.

The two officers came to each side of me and before I know it, they have my arms and they said, ‘You’re under arrest,’ and they cuff me,” Theresa said. And though Felicia protested and tried to convince the officers to let her grandma be, the officers carted grandma off to jail where she remained for the next 24 hours. Why the hell wasn’t the mouthy one arrested for taking a swing at grandma? According to Lt. Mike Loux, “Legally she (Felicia) is 18-years-old, so while I understand the difference between corporal punishment on a child, disciplining your child for using poor language, this is an 18-year-old child.” Furthermore, if an officer is called to a home on a report of domestic violence, department policy mandates that someone is gonna go to jail. Period. While I understand the policy and appreciate the fact that domestic battery will not be tolerated, I think it’s bullshit in this case. She’s 73-years-old for Christ’s sake and the little snot mouthed off to her in her home. I’da popped the kid, too.

Though grandma and grandpa aren’t speaking to her at the moment, Felicia showed up in court for Theresa’s first court appearance and signed a form stating that she did not wish to press charges and that she wanted to be allowed contact with her grandmother. Regardless, Theresa still faces a battery charge. Prosecutors must now decide if they are going to pursue the case. Meanwhile, Theresa must wait for her next court appearance. “I think it’s ridiculous. We’re hurt so bad, I’m so scared she’s going to have a heart attack or a stroke over this,” said her husband, Walter Collier. “She doesn’t sleep, she bursts into tears and I’m almost doing it now.” Here’s to hoping the prosecutor sees the sheer ridiculousness of the arrest and drops all charges.

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  • jus shaking my head

    Had I done this to my grandmother and if I had still been alive when she got out of jail, the next person I slapped would have been slapped in hell.

  • darsa

    Wow… I can't even imagine talking like this in front of my grandmother, at ANY age! And since when is an 18 year old a “child”??? What a bunch of crap…

  • ciaraluna

    That girl deserved a pop in the mouth. Sad thing is that this grandma is being treated more like a criminal than some of the baby beaters we see on here. I hope they don't pursue the battery charge. This is stupid and a waste of time and resources. They should be going for the real crimimals and let Granny go.

  • tutkill

    That brat should have been charged with elder abuse.

  • cplkevindheglar

    Fl. Why?? Always Fl when it is rediculous crap such as this.

  • Marvelous Marvin Straggler

    18 year olds are only 'children' when it suits law enforcement. If that 'child' had managed to really hurt grandma, I can bet money on the fact she wouldn't be called a child for too long.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    What the hell? The mouthy little bitch provoked her grandmother into slapping her by verbally assaulting her, and she PUNCHED her grandmother after she slapped her, and the GRANDMOTHER is the one who is having to worry about jail time?

    I'm glad that the granddaughter doesn't want to press charges, but it's a little late now. And where was this woman's parents? Did she burn her bridges there as well?

  • orion

    holy mother of mary! i would have been killed, if not by my grandmother, then my mother. and a LONG list of other family members would've lined up to BEAT MY ASS. and you can BET that if that were MY daughter talking like that or taking a swing at grandma she could count her life as pretty much OVER. DAMN

  • aj

    That little skank is lucky as hell that the only thing her grandmother did was slap her. Little cunt.

  • akajas

    When your 18 you can join the armed forces, right? Technically an adult. This is really messed up.

  • shaybytheway

    Where is the damn Mother and Father? I wish my kid WOULD hit my Granny, his Granny, ANYBODY'S Granny! StPPD get my cell ready right now cause that boy is going DOWN! (in my Madea voice)

  • tutkill

    did that myspace search thing. Looks like she wanted to go to FL. to be with a guy-a guy who she tattoed his name on her ass. lol Since this incident he dumped her. ouch thats gotta hurt. He is single now. Maybe he isn't into women who mouth off and get their grandmother's arrested.
    just a side note lol

  • Skeptical

    I can not believe the absurdity of this! They should never have arrested the grandmother. If I had been that grandmother, the little snot would have been picking herself up off the floor! Then I would have really whupped her butt for calling the cops! Children have no respect for anyone now days.

  • Redsaid

    Let's just go ahead and teach this little bitch that you can hit gramma back and not get into trouble. But then again, since gramma went to jail instead of her, it might make a better impression on her than if she had gone to jail herself. I watched my Granny hit my Aunt one time. Granny was all of like 95 lbs and my Aunt was mouthing off to her. My Aunt tried to stand up and Granny laid one on her and put her right back in her chair. They were old! (70 and 45 maybe?) And I was like 8! I never spouted off to Granny before that, and NEVER after that! Coming from a violent home I don't condone over the top discipline, but I would have smacked that little bitch into next Tuesday. Sometimes they need it.

  • Tundratot

    Even as they took Grandma away, they should have ejected the Granddaughter from the property, at least. She did offend and assault the property owner, after all.

  • 62julietandvoid

    FUCKKKKKKKK get ova it old pple. You'd think their EARS were VIRGINS!!! Someone said fuck! *gasp*

    My grandma hates “those words” too, so it was always funny to hear her or pawpaw say …shit. The other day she said “piss on them”, how is that any better than fuck? Fuck- piss on someone(golden shower) fuck- piss on another human- fuck

    And then I remember grandma asking my mom(jokingly) why they call it a blow job when you suck.

    Old people, love em, hate em

  • runnergirl

    You can imagine they must be bored in FL, what with the lack of crazies and all…this gives them something to do.

  • goldenaurelia

    In California, if both of you take a swing, both of you either press charges or don't. So no one goes to jail, or everyone does. Even if you are defending yourself. Unfortunately, I speak from experience. 😉

  • LeaveMeBe

    Not sure what the officer was referring to when he said “an 18 year old child” but I think he meant that because she was legally an adult, it was domestic violence (not child abuse) and since she “started” it she went to jail. Not defending the cop, just pondering his meaning.

    On the flip side, if I had done this to my Granny I never would have got the chance to go to court and sign to have charges dropped. If I had mouthed off, used the “F” word at or called the police on my granny, she would've whopped me with a broom, 2X4, cast iron skillet or whatever was within reach and when I came to she would've told me how the cow ate the cabbage.

  • cplkevindheglar

    “They were old! (70 and 45 maybe?)”

    Yea creeping up on good old 45 myself LOL.

  • NameKaos

    Fuck the cursing, what kind of spoiled brat, punches her Grandmother, no excuse is justified, no reason logical. This spoiled little brat should be spanked for acting like a child. How hard can your grandmother really hit when you get right down to it?

  • Phil

    asshole cops

  • nutmuffin

    The difference is that she was putting down her family. She was talking back to her grandmother. It's not the fact that she was using the word fuck, it was the fact that she was being disrespectful to her own grandmother. Had I done this when I was younger, my grandma probably would've back handed me too.

  • Redsaid

    I know I know, I use the term “old” loosly. I'm pushin' it too, but when your 8, 45 is old and 70 is ancient! Granny lived to be close to 100 and Auntie is still kickin'!

  • cplkevindheglar

    I was going to post a comment about my mom and granny but sense grand is
    deceased I decided not to but this is a common occurence in peoples lifes.
    I just take the Nancy Reagan approach to violence and say NO. Don't do
    anybody any good.

  • Redsaid

    I don't know, Granny might have told the story herself if she thought need be…..

  • OpiumBeast

    I'm with you on this one. The part about the 18 year old child is especially confusing. I'm willing to go so far as to say I'm on the cops' side this time. They had to arrest someone; maybe they thought it would teach Felicia not to abuse 911. “though Felicia protested and tried to convince the officers to let her grandma be, the officers carted grandma off to jail” what did Felicia expect would happen after calling 911 about being attacked by her grandmother? More than likely, they were irritated by being called out to mediate another family matter that didn't warrant police involvement in the first place. And they just wanted to diffuse the situation as quickly as possible so that they could go back to real police work. They're cops; they're not family therapists.

  • absynthe

    there is no way I would've consider ed disrespecting my grandma ever.

  • 62julietandvoid

    I suppose because no matter the lack of respect or w/e, I think the cops wre going on the fact that they BOTH are legal adults and grandma decided to bitch slap her grandkid. She hit another adult first. I side with the cops here, not that what happened waranted calling the cops(unless you guys stories of broom sticks and cast iron skillets is true).

    I re-read the story, poor girl was enrolled in catholic school. I wonder maybe what might be going on in the family/school that this young woman would *gasp* let out frustration with a lil colorful choice of words? The 18 year old was venting, about family members, after acting up in school and not being able to concentrate on her assignment. Why couldn't grams, being the wise and respected figgure, ask her grandkid what the fuck was wrong and listen to her?

    Poor grand/parenting on grams part IMHO. Something is going on in that child's life, and depending on what it is, trauma can affect people in negative ways even if said person was taught good coping skills. Was she possibly venting in the only way she could? Only to be slapped in the face? We don't know that. So untill I hear it was about money of some other horse shit I'd love to hear more about the situation.

  • tricia381

    eh, I dont know about that. Im in the central valley in California (Atwater). Almost 3 years ago I was arrested because my bf and I had gotten into a verbal fight which turned physical. He pushed me around and I was yelling to let me leave the house, which he wouldnt allow me to do. While I was yelling at him he put his huge hand over my mouth and I bit him. Cops showed up due to the noise and me yelling and I was the one arrested. And I felt I was only trying to get away from the situation. Hes a big guy 6'5'' while Im 5'8'' so he obviously had more control over the situation and he wasnt exactly gentle when covering my mouth. So what was I to do? I got to spend 72 hours in lock up over something that was later dropped in court.

  • AMGallagher

    I can't believe the judge didn't just throw this case out! If this proceeds, it is such a waste of time and money!! If policy states that someone had to be arrested…why not the spoiled little bad-mouthed snot?! It amazes me that at the age of 18, this kid is being so disrespectful to her grandmother in the first place.

  • BlueDreamer

    Aren't you legally considered an adult at 18? At 18 you're allowed to vote, get married (younger in some states), join the military and GO TO JAIL – not juvie – JAIL!

    Sounds like there will be one less name on Nana's Christmas list this year!

  • Boringusername

    Maybe the jail time will do her good, granny needs to learn the second you put your hands on someone things take on a life of there own and you can never really tell how they will turn out. Grandaughter was behaving like a spoiled brat but she had the brains not to get physical.

  • sarabei

    Excuse me? She didn't slap her grandmother she PUNCHED her; that is using her brain in your opinion?

  • sarabei

    I am sorry, this “poor” girl disrespected her elder and got what she deserved. That is what is wrong with people today, they have no discipline in their lives and think they can do or say whatever they want. I curse pretty badly myself but I know who I can and can't use words like that around.

  • Sugarglider1

    Um, yeah, the punch to grandma happened after grandma slapped her. That's what happens when you start hitting people. They tend to hit back.

  • Sugarglider1

    Your logic is weird. I would say what's wrong with people today is that they think they have a right to physically assault people who say or do things they don't like. Most of the DD stories on here related to child abuse or domestic abuse are based exactly on that justification–“discipline.” In short, I couldn't disagree with you more.

  • sarabei

    I was taught to respect my elders. When I got out of line I got my ass whipped (thank GOD or I would be like a lot of the stories here on D&D). Funny, I didn't turn out like the people we read about. I don't punch people, I care about my fellow creatures, and I have RESPECT for life. Hmmm….spanked, taught right from wrong = acting like I have sense. If that logic is weird….meh…to each his own. Finally, there is a WORLD of difference from spanking, or slapping a smart ass kid (although I don't personally advocate smacking in the face) and child or domestic abuse.

  • sarabei

    No, this is what happens when people are not taught respect. You get a smart ass kid who calls the cops cause she got what she deserved.

  • Sugarglider1

    There are always exceptions. Sorry if you were abused, which is what it actually sounds like. I mean, don't know how hard you were spanked, but getting your “ass whipped” = abuse. Hitting someone in the face, whether with a closed fist, open hand, or monkey wrench = abuse. As for the logic, it's just common sense (as well as sociologically verifiable) that violence typically breeds more violence. Hitting someone in order to teach them to care about their fellow creatures IS entirely illogical…hence the fact that it often does not work.

  • sarabei

    Yeah, my mother was NOT the most motherly type…she said always that I may not love her but I would damn well respect her. I was raised strictly and old fashioned…couldn't tell it from how talk though could ya? Lol!!!

  • Goatboy

    Bloody hell! If I had even raised my voice at my grandparents, my mum and dad would have kicked seven shades of shit out of me!!! however, they never layed a finger on me because i was taught young. If i did something wrong, i was excuses..what was said was done! End of! None of this one, two, two and a half, three..i wont tell you again etc! When I threaten my kids with punishment, i follow it through to the bitter end. Dont have to smack them, just be consistant. Now they know that no means no! As for this 18 year old ( how the hell is that classed as a child?) punching her own nan. The police should have twatted her with a nightstick and sent her on her way! Poxy legal system.

  • sarabei

    Goaty, you took the works out of my mouth!!! Perfectly said as usual!! <3

  • Sugarglider1

    🙂 Anyway, there's no doubt this grandchild is a total brat whom anyone would want to smack. And, even if her grandma slapped her, she shouldn't have laid hands on grandma.

  • It's being reported that the charges against Theresa have been dropped….

  • poorgrandmother

    hahahaha!!! yupppp thats exactly what happened. he cheated on her the first week she was down there…always a trouble maker. she didnt just tell a nun to fuck off, she harassed her schoolmates, did drugs on school grounds, and never did her class work. she was not only a misfit in school, but she also broke the law on numerous occasions including doing drugs and skipping drug tests while she was waiting to be shipped to the navy. since she moves to FL, she has dropped the navy and has nothing. loser.

  • Redsaid

    Thanks, Jaded. Oh that's 2 in one day that actually brought tears to my eyes. Gramma cryin' on TV just made me wanna hug my mom and rush to Granny's grave. GAWD! I'm so glad they let her off. stupid stupid little bitch. I guess she DID learn a little bit about consequences. Tryin to take it back and all.

  • Jess

    I dunno about you but in the states being 18 is actually being an adult, right?

    Oh & I'm 27 if I'd dream of cussing my mom now, I'd go get a nice set of dentures cause my mom would knock my teeth out & the only thing I could do was apologize.


  • slimdoc

    Oh Lor', I'm just glad the 18yr old aint my daughter. Cos if i ever hear ma child cussed out (talkless of punch!) a granny, I'll make her calling the police really justified. I'll beat the living daylights out of her so she'll know the exact meaning of child abuse/assault.

  • captaingrumpy

    did you listen to the rubbish from the fat,lazy cop.”Someone has to go to jail tonight”. That in itself is very, very poor thoughts. Use common sense,Sorry,I'm talking to dougnut eaters that cannot chase crims.
    “if it runs,shoot it”.That is their motto.
    ” get on the ground…quit resisting” is what they are taught to say,as they pull their guns,.
    Why can't American cops use the brain instead of their guns????like EVERYWHERE ELSE.

  • The cops behaved amazingly stupidly in this case in regards to the ACTUAL law.

    Yes, granny bitchslapped her 18-year-old granddaughter. But the 18-year-old granddaughter acted with more force than a slap *in retaliation*, not self-defense, so BY RULE of the law, she should've been arrested too on domestic assault charges. Any good prosecutor worth their salt would've held up a charge of assault on the legal adult who used that kind of force on a weaker being. It would've been the same had this 18-year-old would've been kicked/slapped by a 12-year-old and then “punched back”. In some jurisdictions, the elderly *are* considered a protected class…but apparently the brain cells in Florida are few and far between. 18-year-olds are no longer in that “protected class” of being considered a child in the eyes of the law no matter WHERE you live in this country, so there is a distinct lack of common sense upon law enforcement officers in this case.

  • Katie

    A slap on the cheek? HA! That would have been MY grandma just getting started on me!!! But I would never mouth off to my grandma in the first place…I never once, despite how 'mad' I got at my parents and grandparents, had a thought in my being to call the police just to spite them. If grandma is chasing her with a car and trying to run her over, call the cops. If grandma is firing at her with a gun, call the cops. If grandma is hurling Molotov cocktails into her bedroom while she sleeps, call the cops. If grandma slapped you on the cheek for mouthing off and using the F word, YOU FUCKING DESERVED IT, YOU DUMB TEENAGER. If anything, the TEEN should have gotten arrested and stayed in jail a few days to learn the consequences using 911 as your own personal Tattle Tale Phoneline. What a little twerp.

  • Anonymous

    smacking kids is wrong