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Jumar Henry Took Off His Mother’s Head

April 27, 2010 at 10:18 am by  

Jacksonville,FL- 21-year old Jumar Henry has been charged with the murder of his 43-year old mother, Jennifer Ling after just her body was found by family members in her home Sunday afternoon. I said her just her body was found because Ms. Ling had been decapitated. Her head was found a short time later inside a bag in a field not far from her home. Witnesses reported seeing Jumar Henry carry that bag away from the house. Henry, along with other family members, were taken to the sheriff’s office for questioning, but when Henry learned he was not to leave, he attempted to break out of the homicide office and had to be restrained. Henry’s resistance resulted in an additional charge of battery on a law enforcement officer. He is being held without bond. Police believe the homicide occurred during an altercation and the murder weapon was a knife Henry found in the house. After the brutal murder, Henry went to visit his father and then went to church. When people in the church noticed scratches on his face and blood under his fingernails, they called police. Police believe the beheading occurred inside the house and are still investigating. Henry, who has had one prior felony arrest, but no prior convictions, did not give a reason for killing his mother.

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  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    What's with the mom murdering lately? It's not as if anyone's going to be shot for not calling or sending a card or anything on Mother's Day.

  • Coyote

    Maybe he thought if he killed her now he wouldn’t have to feel guilty about not doing anything for her on mother’s day.

  • jus shaking my head

    He won't have to worry about Mother's Day again. Cheap bastard.

  • guillotinegirl

    Maybe he was going to return her head for Mother's Day. Do we always have to assume the worst of everyone? :sarcasm:

  • popeyeray

    Way To Go, Kiddoz!

  • ryan rose

    none of u muthafucka knew him, i myself knew he wuz my homeboy and i kno juan was neva the type of person to do sumthing like dis, so if u decide to judge him because of his actions u will be judge also

  • DAMN!!!!

  • Southern Lady

    Damn, I hit “like”, and it was supposed to be “reply”. Forgive me for that. Big mistake.

    I'm damn glad I didn't know this guy, and I'll judge him all day long, ESPECIALLY for his actions. You really pick some lousy homeboys, don't ya? And try getting an education if you want to cuss us out. We'll listen a bit better if we can actually read your sentences. This is a blog, not a cell phone. You with me on this? And if you're trying to throw us an accent, get over yourself. Not a single one of us is impressed.

    Jeez, where do they come from? We might be seeing ryan rose soon at the top of the list.

  • tutkill
    Jumar D. Henry's family members who are grieving the loss of their mother have vowed to forgive but not forget the horrific way in which this man, their brother took his loving mother's life away, by a cruel and vicious act of decapitation

    Well the family believes he did it -Ryan Rose

  • havoth1

    Somebody call those Winchester Boys from Supernatural in on this…Sounds like she'd gone demon on him and he may have saved lives…and willing to sacrifice his own freedom to do so…The sister of Mr Henry did not seem too broke up over her mother's death either…

  • whitney

    everyoine is open to their own opinions but non of you know the real story as to what happened. This guy was giving some bad drugs from a “close friend” of his. it made him prett much go into a state where he did not know what was going on. He did not know what he did until days letter. Why are we so quick to judge him? We should be praying for him and praying that he will seek forgivness.

  • NameKaos

    He could have just said no to this mysterious “friend”, are you really stupid enough to think that makes this alright. Tragic things happen, the fact that you have taken the time to defend this piece of shit somehow seems even more tragic, if anyone needs prayers I would suspect it would be you! In reference to poor Jumar, I would bet no one is listening.

  • Actually, what I should be doing is looking for my missing iPod. What I am doing is making dismissive wanking motions.

  • gratefulchild

    a friend gave him bad drugs???? a “good friend” could try to hand me a grenade with the pin out of it, but that doesn't mean i'd hold onto it. give me a fucking break. i know people have addiction problems, but just like an alcoholic getting behind the wheel of a car and killing someone in the process should be held accountable, someone ingesting “bad drugs” they received by a “good friend” and, you know, hacking off his mother's head, should be held accountable. i don't need to know him or the “real” story. the REAL story is that this poor woman was decapitated by her son, even if he didn't realize it until days “letter”.

  • tutkill

    bad drugs???? Sure bad drugs always make sure your at the church on time. lol another excuse please….

  • pikeman

    Well Ryan, it looks bad for your homeboy as he was seen carrying the bag with his mothers head and all. The mugshot says it all. “What? A bag with a head in it? I don't know what you talkin about.”

  • Nunya Biz

    What the hell is wrong with you? I dont give a damn what your mom does, you dont kill her and cut off her head dummy. Your mom better pay more attention to you too.

  • Nunya Biz

    No kidding…even if he was on drugs, anyhow, I am asking myself what he intended on doing with her head? He didnt take it to church with him, he tried to get rid of it which is my answer. That means his frame of mind was good enough to try to hide what he did.

  • Southern Lady

    Let's utilize our education and occasional experience here. “Bad drugs” do not actually make you do something that your psyche would disapprove of. In other words, if you have it in you to murder your mother, bad drugs will release that desire into action. If you do not have it in you to brutally chop her head off, no bad drug in the world will cause you to do it. See how that works? Common Psychology 101 information.

  • Sugarglider1

    I'm not trying to be rude, but, as someone who took many psychology classes, I have to say that when it comes to psychosis-inducing drugs, you couldn't be more wrong. I mean, you're just entirely wrong. That's why people take PCP and then think they can fly. That's what psychosis IS.

  • Southern Lady

    Yes, it is possible that I am wrong. Thing is, I remember PCP. I remember how it made me feel murderous. I also remember how I turned that thought away. I suppose the difference is that I was not psychotic. So yes, I stand corrected, and besides, I went to college 30 years ago. I was actually taught otherwise.

  • Southern Lady

    Oh, and by saying I'm not psychotic, I mean that I actually could not commit murder, even though the thought occurred. There lies the difference.

  • Geez! That's just hideous!

  • Kelly Rippafart

    k2 incense is great for meditation. 😉

  • Cyrus Quaranta

    I know his family. Dude was perfectly fine prior to that incident. It appears he just snapped and went completely insane. They are saying he just “blacked out” and doesn’t even really remember doing it, he only knows that he did it because the evidence is everywhere. Really sad. Must have just been mentally sick or something…who knows. He was a sensible guy who I’m sure could have never imagined himself even stomaching the idea of such a horrendous act…there’s no way he could have been in his right mind at the time. DEFINITELY insanity. He’s not a criminal. He’s insane. Or something….but not a criminal. 

  • Cyrus Quaranta

    You can’t expect irrational people to behave rationally, at least not within your own reason, but you expect them behave according to their own “irrational” reason. However irrational his actions were after the act, you try stepping into whatever led him to that point and see if you could behave what you perceive to be “rational”. You can’t. That would be a paradox. 

    After someone does something so crazy, it’s pretty much unpredictable from there unless you too also think the same way….in which case, your mother should be worried. 

  • womanofGod

    Yes I understand there are teo sides to every story, and yes he was totaly wrong for what he have done. But im speaking to those who didnt know what hes been through. Was you there when his mother beat him for sun to sun down fir just because was there when he had to come to my house for food because she didnt feel the need to supply food for him and his brothers. Did you see how she would treat him when he only wonted to be loved, he use to come to my house with my sons and he say I wished my mother would love like that I have seen the pain, and hurt. I wished that he would of got help. HIS dad is a strong believer in christ and took him to church and did what father are suppose to do.The bible says judge not you will be judge. He a wonderful person and respectable kid. And Iif the parents would have got him help things would have been different.