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Argentine Township, MI- Prepare to have your heart broke. On April 8, a little 4-year old named Dominick Calhoun was sitting on the couch at his family’s apartment eating cereal when he accidentally urinated on himself and the couch. His mother’s boyfriend, 24-year old Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes, allegedly became enraged and began punching and kicking Dominick repeatedly in the head. Still angry, Hayes then began hitting Dominick’s mother, Corrine Baker (Myspace), and pulled out chunks of her hair while he screamed, “Who is going to pay for this?” (meaning the sofa). The next day, Hayes allegedly once again began kicking little Dominick in the head and the groin repeatedly and when the boy’s mother covered his body with her own, Hayes kicked her in the head. During the abuse, Hayes kept screaming at Baker that he was tired of raising little Dominick and he was upset that he was not getting any money from Dominick’s father. Hayes allegedly told Baker that Dominick was nothing more than a little crackhead who deserved to die.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicOn the third day of this savage beating, Dominick was lying listless on his bed when it’s believed that Hayes dragged the unconscious boy out of his bed by his arm and continued to kick and beat the boy again and again throughout the day. The investigation also revealed that Hayes had used his thumbs to poke into Dominick’s eyes. On the fourth day, April 11, Corrine Baker’s sister, Christine Baker, stopped by the apartment to purchase drugs from Hayes and her sister. When she seen bruising on her sister and her nephew had been badly beaten, Christine left and told Dominick’s grandfather, Richard Calhoun. Mr. Calhoun called the police and stated frantically that they needed help at the apartment because his grandson was dying. Officers entered the apartment and found Dominick in his bedroom lying on his back was wearing only a t-shirt and pull-up pants. Dominick was unconscious and moaning with shallow breathing at the time.

Dominick was rushed by paramedics to a local hospital where he was declared brain-dead and placed on life-support. A portion of Dominick’s skull had to be removed to help relieve pressure because his brain was so swollen. Dominick Calhoun died at 11:02 the following Monday morning, after being removed from life support. Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes was charged with torture, child abuse, homicide, murder, assault with the intent to create great bodily harm less than murder, delivery of marijuana to a minor, possession with the intent to deliver and possession of hydrocodone. Hayes is being held without bond on four of the charges, including murder, homicide and torture. His bond for the remaining charges is set at $1 million each, for a total bond of $5 million.

A funeral service for Dominick has been set for 11 a.m. today at the Freedom Center in Fenton. A candlelight vigil is planned 7 p.m. Saturday at the Millpond in Fenton. The Dominick Calhoun Memorial Fund has been established for the family at Flagstar Bank and can be made through any branch office or call 248-312-5400. Donations will be used toward medical and funeral experiences and any additional funds will be used for the education of Dominick’s 8-year old brother, Tyler. There is also a Facebook Page, Justice for Dominick Calhoun, you can join for updates.

R.I.P. Little man.

Update: Corrine Baker has also been charged in the death of her son. You can read about it here.

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