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BELLEVUE, Neb. – Some neighborhood kids learned a valuable lesson the other day while playing around with some gasoline when one of them went up in flames. A group of kids ranging from 6 to 14-years-old were in a backyard playing with some gasoline, using it to set action figures on fire and other stupid shit kids do with gas. But things got REAL stupid when a 14-year-old decided put some gas in a tin cup and set it on fire. The container became to hot for him to hold so he throw the glass, accidentally dumping the fiery contents onto 8-year-old Brett Olsen. Brett had enough common sense to drop and roll to extinguish the flames, but the damage had been done. He suffered second-degree burns to his back, a side and one leg. His 7-year-old brother suffered first-degree burns to his hands while trying to put his brother out. You can see by the following video that Brett has a painful recovery ahead, but overall he is very lucky. Even though police are classifying the incident as an accident, the 14-year-old has been charged with second-degree assault.

Personally I find it crazy that they have filed criminal charges against the teen. Police say that they know it was not intentional, but the injuries to Brett happened because of the older teen’s recklessness. But I have a problem with that. Going by the reports, all of these kids were playing with fire, as most kids do at some point. I don’t see how this accident lays squarely on the shoulders of the older minor. Hell, even the police admit that they had a lot of difficulty getting the kids to talk and even when they did, they got several different versions of what happened. Whatever. regardless of the charges, hopefully these kids learned their lesson. Like me and my friends did when we accidentally set the neighborhood creek on fire.

Porche Wright Accused Of Setting Her 7-Year-Old Daughter On Fire

Here is some video of Brett along with his mother. “It was a shock, I never in a million years dreamed one of my children would literally be caught on fire, accident or no accident, it doesn’t matter, children shouldn’t play with fire of any sort,” she says.

The fact that the accused father needed a translator to say that it was just an accident caused by kids being stupid, followed by the reporter saying that the mother disagrees along with her comments, leads me to believe that aside from the criminal charges – the 14-year-old’s family is about to be introduced to the great, American lawsuit.

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  • I don't think the 14-year-old should have been charged with second-degree assault. All the kids were doing it and it was not intentional. It was an accident. Just kids being stupid.

  • darsa

    Yep, I tend to agree with you on this one; I don't see any reason to charge him, since criminal stupidity isn't a viable claim, and they'd have to charge the whole lot of 'em.

    Poor boy, hope he comes out of it okay. And yeah, I smell a civil PI suit as well.

  • Surrealian

    I really don't get how the police and justice system divvy out charges and punishment. What the 14 year old did was stupid, but an accident; everyone knows that so I don't see why he was charged. Other teens have done far worse, and on purpose, and they aren't charged as harshly.

    It almost seems like this teen is to be made an example of.

  • melb1970

    Kids don't know any better if they're not ever taught any better. A parent's job is to teach their children about very avoidable hazards such as : Fire gets hot if you light something on fire while you're holding it -it gets hot.
    OMG- a 14 year old should be smarter than this really really he should. Fire = hot

  • tenente

    charging this kid is a little over the top. Come on stupid shit like this happened to me and my friends all the time growing up.
    I feel bad for whoever's backyard that was, they can forget about ever owning a house again as their home-owner's insurance gets ass-raped from a lawsuit. Yeah I'm glad I was born before we decided that kids are not allowed to be stupid.

  • defenestratethis

    My friend and I set fire to a an old dying tree in the neighborhood when I was seven. The neighbors called the firemen and it was extinguished. After a few days my mom took me to the fire station for a little education. The chief showed me and my friend some real gory pictures and movies of fire victims. It gave me nightmares, and ever since then the only thing I light is my cigerettes.

  • cholita

    okay poor little kid and stoopid dumbass kid who did it…but my kid is 8 and If she goes outside she is never NEVER unattended! sometimes i have to take my unwilling ass out side but my girl has eyes on here EVERY single minute…as log as shes a babykid!

  • Angie Bush82

    YOU PLAY WITH FIRE YOUR GOING TO GET BURNED!!!!! lucky nothing more serious came of this, and hopefuly some young kids see this on the news so they can see what happens when you play with fire so they dont have to learn the hard way like these young boys did…….and i agree 100 percent than NO charges should be brought up on the one boy it was a accident and even if it was because of them being reckless then in that case they need to charge them all!!!!! iam sure this boy gets the picture now not to do anything this stupid again….and iam sure he feels bad enough and this scared them enough.