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Shad Jenkins Upholds Skeevy Family Tradition

April 9, 2010 at 4:48 am by  

Lincoln, NE – When a 6-year-old boy was found acting out sexually with a 4-year-old child last month, authorities learned the child had been sexually assaulted himself. When questioned, the boy told officers that his uncle taught him how to do those naughty things. When police talked to Uncle Perv (aka Shad Jenkins), they discovered he had molested his nephew on at least two separate occasions in September and December of last year. Furthermore, it was revealed that Shad was molested by a family member when he was a child. Seems his own father partook in a bit of boy buggery. Damn…talk about your nasty vicious cycle. I would recommend a healthy dose of bleach for that particular gene pool, but it’s obviously way too late. Shad Jenkins, 22, has been charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child and third-degree sexual assault of a child. His bond was set at $250,000. Shad is about as smart as he looks – perv has at least 10 different Myspace profiles, all mostly blank and unused. ‘Memberin passwords is hard work, dont’cha know?

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  • OnceSilent

    Jeebus, where did the spaceship land?

  • Mr.Darcy

    That's one family tree full of rotten apples…best to chop it down. Pronto.

  • cplkevindheglar

    Frontal Lobe Labotamy for this family tree in general, followed by castration so the cycle ends and continues no more. God save the children.

  • hopie610

    He has that slack-jawed inbred look to him. Bastard!

  • Doniphanite

    Gross. I went to Elementry school with him . I remember him not coming back because he stabbed his little sister with sissors or something.

  • Tundratot

    Probably most pervs were victims themselves when they were children. It's a sad, horrible cycle. I'm very sorry, Uncle Perv, that you were one in a long line of victims. While the wheels of justice play themselves on you, make sure you find an opportunity to flatten your victimizer's head. One more charge going into prison will make little difference to you. Get therapy while you're there. And, hey, why don't you consider voluntary castration — for your own and the good of the world.

  • vxiii

    Looks like the son of Nosferatu (the old black and white silent movie)

  • defenestratethis

    Attractive fellow, isnt he? Gee uncle, what big ears you have.

  • popeyeray

    It's an age-old tradition that marks the start of manhood in the Jenkins Klan. I can just see all three generations sitting on the back porch, sportin overalls, or denim bib overalls, some funky-ass straw hats, and weeds in their mouths. Gramps says to son, and grandson in a hillbilly lisp “Don't think about his supple, delicious soft little body too much boys!” EXCUSE ME WHILE I VOMIT!! (BAAARRRFFFF!!!)

  • melb1970

    I really don't get this “cycle” of abuse thing. Someone did it to me and I thought someone else might like it? WTF I would think that being sexually abused is traumatic as hell and the last thing a decent human being would want to do is cause this kind of grief on others.
    I guess that's where I get confused, I tend to harbor this false hope that everyone is born with a moral compass and free will.

  • AlwaysInFlyoverCountry

    The victim feels small and powerless at the hands of the perceived big and perceived powerful perpetrator. When the victim grows up the victim still feels small and powerless, and seeks to relieve those feelings by doing what the perceived big and perceived powerful perpetrator did to him or her. And the cycle continues.

    This is a simplification of the theory; as well, there is significant discussion as to the validity of the “cycle of abuse” theory as the vast majority of abused children do not go on to abuse in turn. The vast majority of abuse victims do know what they felt during the abuse and have sufficient empathy not to cause another person to feel that way, but some victims have blunted empathy and seek only to satisfy their own needs to feel big and powerful. This latter group is the one that creates additional victims. The discussion is about whether they would have gone on in their turn to abuse children if they had not been abused in the first place.

    IANAL nor do I play one on TV; similarly, IANAD nor do I play one on TV. This is my layman's understanding of the perceived dynamics and the ongoing discussions related to it.


  • Holy shit! Nosferatu was the first thought in my head as well.

    Poor little kids. Me thinks the gene pool is mighty shallow for these folks. Here's hoping that it ends with the 4 and 6 year olds.

  • Am not up with the anacronyms at the end here, whatsit.

    The rest is very thought-provoking though.

    FWIW, the abuse I endured never made me feel small and helpless, just shamed and wrong and guilty btw.

  • AlwaysInFlyoverCountry

    Sorry; “I am not a lawyer” and “I am not a doctor”.


  • nakedeyes

    Snipping Posse

  • lisaznola

    Not to take away from how horrid this is, but that dude looks like Bat Boy from Weekly World News!

  • Surrealian

    It's as Tundratot stated; most perves are victims themselves. It is a vicious, almost never ending, cycle. Some people are molested and somehow get through it and don't do it to others, but, usually, it messes someone up and they do it to others because…. I'm not sure why. They should get that poor boy and girl some serious counceling now. Maybe that's the way to put a stop to it.

    I think they should execute any child molesters and rapists. That may make some pervs think twice before they act. I'm sick of people saying the death penalty is “inhumane”. I'm assuming molesting and raping little kids isn't?! Gimme a break! Those fuckers need to be castrated and given 100 lashings, then put into a vat of boiling oil…slowly. It would be an act of compassion to give them lethal injection.

  • Surrealian

    Thanks for the psychological explaination of molesters. I was too lazy to look it up.

  • deepthinking


  • guillotinegirl

    My only question is how was I able to miss this story with such a hunk of burning love for a mugshot?

  • MtodaJ

    not everyone can cope with that kind of abuse the way you did.
    Children tend to think “if an adult does it to me, its okay for me to do it to someone else” and it doesn't mean that they like it happening to them, it just means they want to feel like they have power over someone else, smaller/younger than them because they don't have power over the person who is victimizing them.

  • so basically the 4 year old that was being molested by the 6 year old. He or she will start molesting as well. ill.

  • Kwumey

    *ROFL*@ this fukwits myspace page:
    Shad’s Blurbs:
    I am frindly, Srcastic, outgoing,jokes around,

    Who I’d like to meet:
    All the Fire Fighters in the United States,

    HAHAHAHAH omg his lifes ambition seems to be boinking every firefighter he could get his hands on too..awwwwww… he is so “frindly”

  • Kwumey

    *ROFL*@ this fukwits myspace page:
    Shad’s Blurbs:
    I am frindly, Srcastic, outgoing,jokes around,

    Who I’d like to meet:
    All the Fire Fighters in the United States,

    HAHAHAHAH omg his lifes ambition seems to be boinking every firefighter he could get his hands on too..awwwwww… he is so “frindly”