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Oregon – On December 4th, 6-year-old Samantha Kuberski was sent to her room after getting into an argument with her mother. When the mother went to check on the 1st grader some time later, she found her daughter hanging from an unused crib, a corduroy belt tied around her neck. Her mother tried to revive her but Samantha would die later at the hospital. We posted the death back in December and of course, a lot of people suspected the mother had something to do with it. But now the medical examiner has ruled the death a suicide. The investigating police and the parents feel that this was not a suicide, but rather a tragic accident. “Our investigators feel that it does appear that Samantha may have done the actions that led to her death,” said Captain Dennis Marks. “But we find it hard to believe that she would have intentionally done that, which we feel is part of committing suicide.” But chief medical examiner for Oregon state, Dr. Karen Gunson told KGW News, “Statements were made by the girl that indicated she was going to kill herself… She had the means and she realized that if she put something around her neck that was dangerous and could cause death — because her parents had told her that. My contention is that shows intent.”

I know that a lot of people just cannot grasp the fact that a 6-year-old little girl would get angry at her mother over an argument and then proceed to kill themselves. But this isn’t the first child suicide we have posted here. Probably just the youngest. But like the investigators and the parents are saying, the actions may fit the definition of suicide, but we have no real way of knowing what this girl’s true intentions were. Whether she knew she was ending her life, or was simply trying to get back at her mom by scaring her, or not fully grasping what being “dead” means.  Who knows. What do you think? I know we got some paranoid cynics in our ranks, but with both the police and the medical examiner saying this was a suicide and no one charging anyone, I just don’t see what other evidence points to this being anything but a tragic death of a girl who may or may not have known the true consequences of her actions.

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