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Keith Luke Still Doing It Wrong

April 1, 2010 at 1:12 pm by  

Brockton, MA – Most of you readers probably remember Keith Luke from the mughsot alone. It is one of the scarier mugshots to grace the pages of D’D. Last year we wrote up an article on Luke after he began a day of terror starting with the rape of his neighbor and murdering her sister. Afterwards he shot a 72-year-old homeless man to death. He was captured after a police chase in which he crashed his van. His motive? At the time he told police that he was a white supremacist and that he had planned to go out and kill as many non-white folks as he could find that day – hopefully capping things off with a Jewish synagogue massacre. This January, Luke attacked Dr. Keith Ablow, who was examining him at the prison and had been hired to help in Luke’s insanity defense. Well it looks like Luke proved he is not as good at carving his neck as he is at carving swastikas in his forehead. Early this morning, Luke was found in his cell with self-inflicted slash wounds to his neck. He is currently in stable condition in the hospital’s intensive care unit. 

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  • HotReadingMama

    As soon as I saw his face I remembered the video of him in court and SoUncool saying he sounded like Lord Satan from South Park. I laughed my ass off then and I am laughing my ass off again remembering it.

  • Undeniable Truth

    Damn straight, Morbid….fuck that weeble wobble. Good riddance!

  • guillotinegirl

    I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

  • cplkevindheglar

    Geez oh man where and what did they raise this guy on. Probably steroids and gun powder!!! The prison guards are probably happy as hell knowing this guy is no longer around. I couldn't imagine being in charge of his cell block in any circumstance. Good rithance you vile pos.

  • Jenna

    He wasn't found dead, he's in the hospital in stable condition.

  • I am either going insane, or completely mis-read the article I linked to. Either way, thanks. I have updated the story.

  • Undeniable Truth

    Aww snap! What a let down. Here's hoping the dude gives it another shot. For the love of Mike, it would likely be the only decent contribution to society he'd ever have a hand in.

  • weejodie

    No trial is really needed. Padded room. For ever. And ever.

  • oedura

    They should have let him bleed out.

    Sure, let's waste taxpayer money keeping this tub of shit alive.

  • AlwaysInFlyoverCountry

    I have to wonder if LOVE LIFE and his THUDDING LEADEN logorrhea will stage a return.


  • Dakota Valkyrie

    It was wishful thinking getting the better of you.

  • ztb

    Sickness runs rampant thru our streets. Keith is a man who deserves the protection and rights afforded all by the Constitution. Look in the mirror and look out the window. What do you see? The trampled declararion that the goverment has led us all into. His alleged crimes, yes alleged until proven guilty, are certainly horrendous. A nation built on God yes driven by Satan. Good luck children. Lest you are be perfect.

  • Just in case….

  • HotReadingMama

    No, he's insane.

  • oO

  • MadeaBecBec

    Ermmmm!! “he told police that he was a white supremacist and that he had planned to go out and kill as many non-white folks as he could find that day – hopefully capping things off with a Jewish synagogue massacre” He stomped ALL over the constitution….
    Wish he'd completed what he started on himself! Charles Manson on steroids!

  • I second that. oO

  • backlash

    “Good luck children. Lest you are be perfect.”

    Dammit dad…you need to take your medication!

  • HotReadingMama

    I are be! And what of it?!?

  • Harley_Tech

    Big pussy can't get anything right. Why can't these fuckers get it right when they chicken out and try to kill themselves?


  • Miss Doyle

    Dude ! What are you on ? You must be having a bad trip, man.

  • The Eccentric Celtic

    hahaha “Saddam, we need to talk about our feelings”

  • Undeniable Truth

    Hey. You forgot the “April Fool's!” part.

  • HotReadingMama

    Wait – he's not dead? Bummer.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I see your oO and raise you a “WTF?”

  • Juxtaposing1

    Keith is a man who deserves the protection and rights afforded all by the Constitution.
    Ermmm, no, his victims deserved the protection and Constitutional rights but he flushed his rights when he created victims. Why do YOU feel he deserves anything at all?

    declararion Whaaaat?
    Lest you are be perfect. Again… Whatttt?
    Quit trying to quote your misinterpreted Bible.
    You got nothin.

  • thebossessecretary

    For the love of God, stop saving these idiots from themselves!!!!!

  • wishfulsinful

    He's alive??? What the shit. I had already eaten a celebratory cookie too…Maybe next time, you filthy hambeast.

  • nakedeyes

    This was attempt #3 to kill himself.

  • nakedeyes

    he proudly confessed

  • nakedeyes

    He's had 3 failed attempts to kill himself while in jail. He's a drama queen!

  • nakedeyes

    You're just fine, Morbid. This guy will just have to keep trying…

  • nakedeyes

    I don't want this a**hole in my padded room!

  • Jessica

    I would HATE HATE HATE to have this Bastard on top of me.

  • Hmmmm…

    District Court Judge Michael Bolden signed the order late Friday afternoon to send Luke, 24, to the state hospital after the suspect apparently clawed open his own neck in an apparent suicide attempt at the Plymouth County jail. Luke’s attorney requested the transfer.

    John Birtwell, spokesman for Sheriff Joseph McDonald, said extra security teams were used to bring Luke to the state hospital and the transfer was done without incident.

    Luke was rushed to the hospital Thursday after he was discovered in his cell with his neck apparently clawed open.

    Birtwell said investigators searched through Luke’s cell to try to find any type of item he could have used to injure his neck but have yet to find anything.

    He said authorities are now theorizing he may have found a way to make an opening or incision in his neck and then “manipulated or pulled open the wound.”


  • Harley_Tech

    Dear Plymouth County Jail,

    STOP try to keep this fucker from killing himself. Give him a knife and some privacy for fucks sake.


  • Earley Days Yet

    LOVE LIFE's slightly-more-net-savvy inbred cousin, is that you?

  • aka Mr.Darcy, MrDarcy

    Dear ztb,

    Fuck off and die. And while you're at it…learn to string together a coherent paragraph.

    Mr. Darcy

  • aka Mr.Darcy, MrDarcy

    I say…we all get together and go out and kill as many white supremacist as we can find in one day.

  • Dakota Valkyrie

    The lawyer for accused killer Keith Luke will try to convince a jury his client is insane and shouldn’t be convicted in the January 2009 rampage in which two Brockton people were shot to death and a third was left for dead.

    Luke’s attorney, Joseph Krowski Jr., notified the court Tuesday that he plans to pursue an insanity defense in the case and wants a judge to throw out all of his client’s detailed, videotaped statements to police the day he was arrested.

    Krowski said after the brief hearing in Brockton Superior Court that, based on evidence in the case, it is clear his client has mental problems and is not responsible for his actions as a result.

    No trial date has been set.

    Luke, 24, of Brockton has tried to kill himself three times while being held in jail since his arrest on Jan. 21, 2009, on charges of murder, rape, attempted murder and other charges.


    Luke also faces charges that he attacked a defense psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow, who had gone to the Plymouth County jail to examine him. Krowski said he will now get a second psychiatrist to examine Luke.


    Looks like his head healed nicely (the outer portion of it anyway). Article has pic of him in March as well as details on the insanity defense in general.

  • Kwumey

    nice goin shrek.. if this overgrown duufus is the poster child for white supremacy, members may want to rethink the criteria…

  • Kwumey

    nice goin shrek.. if this overgrown duufus is the poster child for white supremacy, members may want to rethink the criteria…

  • gretyl

    what i find hilarious

    is that most people who are actually insane–

    don’t claim insanity or threaten suicide….

    they just DO IT.

    and most people who are truly insane–

    will commit suicide before they hurt someone else.

    what a delightful life lesson!