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Paducah, KY - Larry Long’s wife woke to the sound of her 5-week-old infant crying early Monday morning. Funny thing though, the child wasn’t laying in his bed screaming for breakfast – he was in the oven. Those little suckers turn up in the strangest of places, don’t they? Can’t turn your back on ‘em for a second. And how did the child end up in the oven? Seems daddy had been imbibing the night before and for reasons known only to him, he decided the oven was as good a place as any to store the infant. According to Larry, he had smoked a little mary jane before leaving work Sunday night. He told officers that he felt a little off afterward, like maybe the pot had been laced. He also claimed he had been hallucinating. Regardless, when Larry got home, him and the wife shared a fifth of whiskey. She took several shots and headed to bed at about 11:00 or 12:00 p.m., leaving Larry to finish off the bottle. At some point after midnight, Larry placed the infant in the oven. Fortunately, he didn’t turn the damn thing on.

The mother’s other children, ages 10 and 14, were in the home that evening and both reportedly saw Larry with the infant in the middle of the night, but neither witnessed him sticking the baby in the oven. The infant underwent an examination at the hospital and was found to be uninjured. Larry immediately called a mental health crisis line after he realized what he had done and they informed law enforcement. Larry, 34, was arrested and charged with first degree wanton endangerment, and bail has been set at $10,000. Authorities say additional arrests and charges are pending a thorough investigation. All three children have been removed from the home and placed with family members.

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  • uniquemommy1984

    What a dumb ass….thank God the baby is okay though, this story could of turned out so much worst.

  • alisanna

    Am I the only one who thinks that it's odd that the mother of the FIVE week old, shared a fifth and then went to bed…I mean, really? Doesn't she know the baby's going to wake up in a few and she better be “with” it to deal with her child? WTF?

  • backlash

    They grow some good shit out in Paducah, apparently…

  • Erin

    I'm just glad to hear that he turned himself in. I think this is the only time I've ever heard of that happening in a child abuse case.

  • Concerned Momma

    Perhaps that is why all three children were immediately removed form the home when “dad” went to jail. Normally getting DCFS to remove children takes serious bodily injury or death of a sibling before they act. Hopefully Mom will clean up her act and get with the parenthood thing soon she has two half grown kids and a new little gift to love cherish and CARE FOR. Not every woman is so privileged to have children.

  • darsa

    Weeellll, at least he KNOWS he fucked up and is looking for help. Hello dude, #1, stay away from that shit in the first place! Oh, I'm sure the pot was for medicinal purposes… and I'm sure the fifth was to help with his stress level… *rolls eyes*

  • tenente

    “I'm just glad to hear that he turned himself in. I think this is the only time I've ever heard of that happening in a child abuse case.”

    Yeah, good thing they called the cops. That probably wont be a deterrent for people truly wanting to get help. Wonder if he'll think twice before ever calling a help line again?

  • melb1970

    Baby in the oven? Wonder if the midnight snacks were found in the crib?

  • vxiii

    he called Mental health and Police when he found out what he did… at least he didnt try to tell lies and say he didnt know, got to give him that…

  • pikeman

    Just another dumb hillbilly from Paducah, Kentucky (that sure sounds like a hillbilly place). Smokes some Paducah thunderfuck, polishes off the last of the whiskey, and puts his kid in the oven for the night. Probably put him there while he grabbed some munchies from the fridge.

  • fern

    bun in the oven

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