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Lehigh, FL – I just love family get-togethers. Food, bite wounds, conversation, alcohol, swords, assault, Scrabble. What’s not to love? Tanya Jackson hosted a party for her family on Sunday. After an unknown amount of alcohol was consumed, Tanya passed out on the living room floor. When her daughters attempted to rouse her from her drunken slumber, Tanya got pissy. After a verbal altercation, she grabbed a sword and chased her daughters out of the house. Once outside, Tanya dropped the sword and one of her kiddos promptly picked it up and hid it in the woods. When the kid returned from hiding the weapon, she discovered she had been locked out of the house. Though she was eventually allowed back in, it wasn’t long before her mother started in with another argument. At some point in the second fight, Tanya latched onto her daughter’s hand with her teeth and bit hard enough to remove a chunk of skin. The teen girl was taken to the hospital and mom was taken to jail. The bitten child and several other children in the home were placed with relatives. Not surprisingly, Tanya has been investigated by DCF before, several times, for alleged domestic violence. Tanya Jackson, 36, was charged with one count of aggravated child abuse and one count of assault. (By the way, I totally stole the story title from Absynthe. Thanks, Abs)!

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