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Sean-Patrick Madigan Beat On A 4-Year Girl

March 13, 2010 at 3:11 pm by  

Federal Way, WA– Sean Patrick Madigan, 27,  is a 6′ 3″,  230-pound self-described body builder who likes to be called Big Puppy, but, after reading the charges against him, I believe the name Big Pussy is way more fitting. Madigan was charged with child abuse this last Friday for allegedly hitting his 4-year old step-daughter so hard she suffered life-threatening internal bleeding. Authorities believe Madigan kicked or punched the child in the stomach and then delayed seeking the medical treatment that saved her life. The abuse is alleged to have occurred since November of last year. Police and CPS started an investigation after a medical provider in Auburn contacted authorities noticing extensive bruises on the girl, but they were unable to fully interview the child or her mother out of Madigan’s presence.  Madigan was arrested on Tuesday after his wife left him and contacted police informing them of Madigan’s repeated abuse to the girl, which police noted was malnourished and dehydrated.

Madigan is accused of force-feeding the child so harshly that her tongue was lacerated. He covered the child’s mouth and nose with his hands to prevent her from crying and consistently caused bruises to her arms and torso. On another occasion he is accused of cutting the girl’s chin while disciplining her after a potty-training accident. In November, Madigan repeatedly tried to stop the child from crying by picking her up and covering her mouth and nose, causing her to gasp for air. When she didn’t stop crying, he dropped her on the floor, causing her to hit her head and suffer extended dizziness. Madigan was charged with one count of second-degree child assault and one count of first-degree criminal mistreatment. He is being held on $250,000 bail.  The Big Pussy has a couple MySpace pages. On the first one, Big Puppy, he claims to be married and a proud-parent among other things and on the second one, Irish Puppy, he claims to be single.

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  • guillotinegirl

    I hope he won't be able to make bail. It would make me that much more happy knowing there's one less festering pustule roaming free on the planet.

  • I feel the same and hope the boys behind bars hear what a Big man he is. On another note, the words “festering pustule” caught my eye. Coincidentally, Jaded was googling those words last night. No joke. She has strange hobbies.

  • defenestratethis

    This really disgusting and beneath contempt. He calls himself a puppy, which to me, would imply someone soft and loving..and he is anything but. That poor little girl. Imagine the memories she'll have of this fucking giant of a man torturing her. I just dont get it. Guillontinegirl is so accurate when she describes him as a 'festering pustule'

  • angela

    This whole thing sounds strange…it seems odd that he's abusing a little girl…I'd think a little boy is more apt to get abused by “mommy's” boyfriend/husband. I'm not sure why I think that. Anyway, she just now found the balls to say something? Or maybe it's because it is “life threatening” and is trying to distance herself from him to take blame off herself? (the not getting help before, not abusing her daughter herself)

  • cielodrive

    There is no punishment harsh enough for this evil asshole. Hope his life behind bars is sheer hell.
    I can't understand why the internal bleeding incident was not enough to remove this poor child from the home. The system sucks.

  • absynthe

    big puppy lol it should be more like big pile of puppy shit.

  • Quote- Angela: “…it seems odd that he's abusing a little girl…I'd think a little boy is more apt to get abused by “mommy's” boyfriend/husband. I'm not sure why I think that. “

    This site has proven- above and beyond
    that it doesn't matter what the gender or ethnicity or age of the non-bio-live-in-person
    nor that of the baby or child- matters.
    They will equitably beat, strike and kill mercilessly.

    Sadly, all races, genders and creeds are equally potential pieces of shit upon either gender and age.

  • Wildheart

    That's why we love her 😉

  • Hehh…actually, Foxy mah dear, I was googling 'pearly penile papules.' And now I know more than I ever, ever cared to know about them.

    I was going to bring up the possibility of 'roid rage, but I think this guy is just a dick with little patience for children.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    “Big Puppy” needs to be neutered…or euthanized. Either one will work for me.

  • mandy7723

    Sean's wife said that Sean has never hit the children, get your facts straight or get a life.

  • mandy7723

    Sean Patrick Madigan's wife said that Sean has never harmed the children. Get your fact straight!

  • Lizard

    mandy7723, you must be a fucking moron. Did you READ the fucking story? “Police and CPS started an investigation after a medical provider in Auburn contacted authorities noticing extensive bruises on the girl, but they were unable to fully interview the child or her mother out of Madigan’s presence.” Sounds to me like wifey-poo said what she said so Madigan wouldn't beat her ass, too.

    Yeah, like I'm gonna believe you over “the authorities.”

  • Lizard

    Are you Sean's wife? Because anyone stupid enough to marry him and defend him for beating a child is stupid enough to double post.

  • mandy7723

    I'm not his wife, and I've learned more facts from his wife, and I've changed my opinion to some degree. And I don't agree with child abuse in any manner, ever.

  • mandy7723

    Maybe I just wanted to believe in Sean, but I'm not F…. moran. I've learned my facts, and I'm looking at this totally differently.

  • Lizard

    Hey, mandy7723…I think when it comes to people we KNOW, we NEVER want to believe bad things about them. Really, I can't fault you for that.

    And I think most readers here GET that…but when the end result is a child being harmed…that absolutely is fucking NOT okay. Let's face it…if a child is seen by a medical professional and observed to have injuries, then SOMETHING (or someone) caused them. And if the evidence suggests that someone close to that child caused those injuries, then I think it would be wiser to err on the side of the child than on the side of the accused. And if it were to turn out that Madigan was NOT the cause of this little one's injuries, then we'd be happy to update the story to reflect that.

  • mandy7723

    Thanks, I appreciated your understanding.

  • angela

    What are the facts according to his wife, or that you learned?

  • pikeman

    This infuriated me so much that I logged into My Space(I have an account) and found this asshole. If you go to his page (big puppy) you can see that same picture of the fuckhead flexing but with that poor little girl standing next to him. He hasn't logged in since Feb 22 and I hope to God he's still in jail. I left him a shitty message anyway calling him a piece of shit for what he did to that little girl and how I hope he rots in prison. It was really sad to see that little girl standing next to that piece of shit on his My Space page. She was standing next to him smiling. She trusted that piece of shit and look what the fucker did! I hope you rot in prison, Madigan!

  • Tundratot

    I just did a google news search on this case. He appeared in court at the end of the month to plead not guilty to all charges. No surprise there. I could find no further dirt.


  • Thanks! I appreciate that!

  • DR.eadfull

    This ass wart was just thru my ER last week, tried to eat a whole bottle of Tylenol and kill himself.
    What a fuck up, can't even do that right.

  • oh fuck sake why do all of these baby killing /abusing motherfuckers try to od with goddamn tylenol eat some stricnine you fat roided out piece of shit, stick a steriod needle in your eye fall into a ditch and die!!! look i made a lil rhyme lmao

  • Anonymous

    After the ER he attaked 2 nurses in a Psych. unit and remains in jail on those charges. I know more than I would ever like to about this case. CPS is about to hand the mother custody again…She let that bastard beat the shit out of that child for 2 years and did npthing to stop it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the update, samara. Keep us posted, willya?

  • When he gets out of prison I’ll be waiting for him.  I’m going to tranquilize him and when he wakes up I will have already placed a glass rod in his penis which I will proceed to break a number of times.  After I slice off his testicles and force him to eat them I’m going to fill his anus with cement and cork it.  I hope he lives every minute from now ’til then to the fullest because he has hell to pay and that right soon.

  • Zibarro aka Kryssa

    Umm… ouch!