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Lake Charles, LA – Some of you may have read or heard of the book “A Child Called It” by Dave Pelzer. It is a horrendous yet inspirational true story of Dave Pelzer’s very abusive childhood. I never thought I would find another story that so closely mirrored that one until today. On February 19, Deputy Jason Schnake of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call concerning a nine-year-old boy. The caller stated that the boy, who resided with his father and stepmother, was very thin and possibly being held captive in his bedroom. Deputy Schnake traveled to the home to do a welfare check on the boy and, once inside, discovered a dog leash had been used to tie one door knob to another to keep the child from escaping his room. Inside the room, the deputy observed the frail nine-year-old lying on a filthy foam pallet that rested on top of blood-stained box springs. On the pallet was a sheet soaked with urine and blood.

The makeshift bed was the only thing inside the room that smelled heavy with urine. The boy, who weighed a mere 38 pounds, was dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, and a diaper. His body and face were covered with bruises. After the boy was taken to the hospital, it was determined that his body temperature was 92 degrees, which indicated he was in hypothermia due to malnutrition. It was learned that his stepmother, 27-year-old Jaime B. Day, deprived the boy of food and would not allow him to eat with the family but instead forced him to watch the family eat. It was also learned that the boy was so hungry at times he ate his own feces and drank his own urine just to survive.  As if that were not enough torture, a second-degree burn was found on the boy’s back that was caused by his stepmother placing a heated sock filled with rice on his back. Jaime Day was charged with 25 counts of cruelty to a juvenile and 2 counts of 2nd degree cruelty to a juvenile with her bond set at $5.5 million. The boy’s worthless father, 30-year old Murry Dalton Day, is being charged with 5 counts of cruelty to a juvenile and 1 counts of 2nd degree cruelty to a juvenile. A judge set his bond at $2 million, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.  He was expected to turn himself in yesterday.

Detectives were able to determine the boy had been being abused since late last year. The two other boys in the home, a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old, were both Jaime Day’s biological children, the eldest adopted by Murry. Neither child appeared to have been abused but were removed from the home as well. And where was the abused boy’s biological mother, you ask? Six years ago, Murry Day was given custody of the boy after his mother’s parental rights were terminated when it was determined that physical abuse had occurred. The investigation is continuing with more arrests possible. No child should ever have to suffer like this but until fathers like Murry grow some balls, as well as a heart, and more people like the anonymous caller step up and report something they suspect is wrong, I know this will not be the last horrific child abuse story we hear about. I am just glad this one came with a much better ending.

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  • lisaznola

    Oh …. (fill in curse words, religious names and more here.)
    Why aren't wastes of skin like this death penalty candidates?

  • Juxtaposing1

    38 fucking pounds??? My 2 year old weighs that. Man oh man. I sicken myself thinking of all his hunger pangs that he HAD to live with. Serious fucking hunger that I cannot even imagine what it would be like. Fuck this fat cow bitch and fuck why is the dad's bond lower? He played an EQUAL part in this atrocity, this week it was her turn with the sock of rice, but I bet he partook before. How can you treat a child like this??? Bless whoever called the sheriff.

  • Jeff

    Hi Flaming Fox,
    You mentioned Dave Pelzer's book “A Child Called It” (and there were, of course, subsequent book$$).
    Just wanted to say that I've been a true crime fan for years, I've read Pelzer's book and unless somebody can prove me wrong then I'm convinced that he's full of shit and that he made up all (or most) of the abuse he supposedly endured just to sell book$$.

    There is zero evidence of any allegation he's ever made against his mother… not one police report, not one CPS report, nothing but his word and his liar brothers- who I believe also tried to cash in with a book.

    Maybe I'm wrong but I can usually spot a lie/liar and IMO that book was nothing but fabrication.

  • kittybird

    This is so incredibly sad. There is another case that it reminds me of, almost EXACTLY the same as this one. Jessica Schwarz was a stepmother who tortured, locked in a room, denied food and abused in all manners her stepson AJ. His biological father did nothing while she did this and her 2 “precious” daughters were treated like gold. AJ didn't get rescued however and was found drowned in the family's pool, murdered. There is a book on AJ's story called “No One Can Hurt Him Anymore”. It's a real heart-wrencher. God I HATE parents like this.

  • TheMeaningOfItAll

    Are you kidding me, Jeff?! There were teachers and people who backed up Pelzer's story. Maybe I'm missing something…
    In this sad article, the step-mother and bio father are the lowest forms of waste. I am glad the kids are alive, but there is a long journey ahead. I would also argue that even though the other kids didn't show signs of abuse, there is a mental torture that had to have taken place while watching what happened to their brother. The father had the greater burden to protect his child and I'm disgusted that it took an anon. caller to save the child's life.

  • rdb

    I'm curious, are women in prison just as ruthless as men in prison? will her fellow inmates deal a little violence her way for what she did to that child?

  • All the other evidence clearly points the step mother as wicked and unhinged, but the sock with rice in it may have been a home-made heating pad, that got too hot. When I was pregnant I would put a rice filled sock across my lower back and it wold stay hot for a long time. Instructions for them are in many pregnancy books.

  • Deety

    My sister did the same thing when she was expecting. But somehow, I doubt the stepmother in this case was overly concerned with the boys' sore muscles…

  • OnceSilent

    Disgusting, need to take folks like this out back and tie em to a tree to rot.

  • NameJulia

    omg…this just breaks my heart. I pray someone will show this child some love. It makes you want to just put your arms around him and tell him he's safe. I hope those monsters pay for what they did

  • moniqueelizabeth

    Karma's a bitch and hope this bitch gets it. I still say the dad is just as much to blame if not more so for allowing this evil to go on in his home and take part in it. Boy was abused by his mother, now his step mother and father? I don't know what punishment would fit this crime, but I think even torture isn't severe enough. To make a starving beaten child watch the others eat as he's starved to death. WTF is wrong with people? What makes me sicker is the fact there is probably as bad if not worse going on all over the place at this moment.

  • Jack

    I hope someone with CPS is prosecuted along with this Wicked Step-Mother and Gutless Dad. They were reported to CPS more than 6 times since last August, and 6 weeks before this kid was rescued the “parents” pulled him out of school as being 'home-bound,' in which case someone for the Calcasieu Parish School Board would have to go and check-in on him every once in a while, so there must be some accountability there also. Before he was pulled out of school, the teacher and cafeteria workers allowed him to eat as much as he wanted during lunchtime at the school. I also hear this woman's parents may be arrested, and that this woman is currently pregnant.

  • absynthe

    she didn't miss asny meals did she?

  • Wildheart

    Why are these fucking hosebags that withhold food from children always fat?? I am too, but I would never in my life withhold food from anyone. I just couldn't do that… boyfriend is always complaining that I feed him too much. lol

  • granny-g

    Life will not ever be the same for this child. It will take the majority of his remaining years to
    learn to accept the things most children take for granted. Love, acceptance, trust.
    There is no punishment on earth fitting for these two. May there be an afterlife fitting for
    those who choose to make life for children HELL.

  • defenestratethis

    Well, I think this woman (and I use that term loosely) qualifies for the trap door theory Morbid mentioned earlier. Id even scarifice the rapid otters for the bitch.

  • defenestratethis

    Ooops I pressed the 'like' button by mistake. But anyway, tell the truth jeff, are you really Dave Pelzers embittered first wife..? Kinda sounds like youve got a resentment goin on.

  • optigoddess12

    I agree with defenestratethis. Abuse alot of the time is hidden and only the siblings know the truth. Dave is an amazing man who has helped many victims heal. Not only with his books but with his advocacy, public speaking and fund raising.

  • optigoddess12

    Does anyone know if a fund has been set up for him? Maybe an address to send cards or gifts? poor kid needs all the love he can get.

  • popeyeray


  • Jeff

    Yes defenestratethis… I am in fact Dave's embittered 1st wife. I spend my days googling his name and hoping it will show up on any random crime blog where I can immediately defame him.

    But seriously:
    I read the book several years ago, thought it was a total bunch of bull shit and still think the same. I'm not great with debates or interested in having them so here's an example from Amazon .com where a reviewer writes a long review as to why he/or she believes that Daves is a big fat liar as well.
    And two out of the three following comments following that review also don't believe him.

    MUCH better yet- here's the NY Times article in which Dave is totally called out for being the lying fraud he is… by the NY Times.

  • Boringusername

    This stuff is kind of a catch 22 for the dude, smack-em and go to jail. Don't smack-em and they starve and torture your kids. Can't even take the kids and leave, go to jail for that. And no cop is going to arrest a woman for not being a good mother until the kid loses at least 75% of his body weight and has been stewing in urine for at least 3 weeks. Funny thing is if it was a man who did this the wife would be a “victim” or a “hero” or a “survivor”. Watch her claim she was a battered wife and get off with probation.

  • JAW

    The really sad part of this story is that both those pieces of unnessary life won't get much time if any for the cruelty they inflicted on the child. People wonder why children grow up so screwed up, with parents like these how could it be otherwise.

  • captainhowdy

    Jesus, that poor little boy. 🙁 9 years old and 38 lbs?? My four year old daughter weighs 42 lbs, and (because she's tall for her age) is actually skinny-looking! I can't even imagine.

  • Miss Doyle

    It would have to be a LARGE trap door !

  • dfenestratethis

    Thanks. It appears I stand corrected. And humble pie tastes lousy by the way..

  • yumymumy

    If they set up a fund please let me know.

  • nakedeyes

    I also thank God somebody DID something. CPS can intervene, but the truth is, as for many abused, more emotional damage will come from the process and impotency of the law and incarceration system. That's putting aside the FACT that the sentence/consequences for ongoing torture should be much higher than murder itself. There is no value on the damaged emotional life, that many never fully recover from. Only the criminal defense lawyers seem to have the right to bring that up. Just know that if anyone seeks enforcement of personal responsibility by the system, it's not politically correct, and with the current society will rarely happen.

  • laceeloo

    As a mother didn't you check your child's milk to make sure it wasn't too hot? If this bitch was a caring mother he wouldn't have suffered burns from a homemade heating pad. Or suffered any of the other awful things he did.

  • vxiii

    Akso dont forget, only reason he weighed that much is because he ate his own poop and drank his own pee,,, its only been about 2 weeks now, anyone have an update on the boy?

  • vxiii

    No, sad to say, maybe because a lot of other women are there for the same thing as opposed to a mans prison…. everyonce in a while if they get in an argument someone may throw it in her face but for the most part, No… In womans prison there are the Dykes who think they are men and have real dicks, you are either a dyke or femenine or a baby, they form families, the daddy, mommy and babies, womens prison is very interesting, much different than mans….

  • vxiii

    Unless he gets proper help, he could grow up to be another report on dreamin demon, that is what makes me so sad about this, we all cry for the ones who die, but had they grown up, who knows what they would have become…. after all that deprivation and abuse… you are so right, life will not be the same for him nor for any of the children we read about here…

  • tutkill

    If Dave's story is a lie-why did his brother write a book too about the abuse?

    A Brother's Journey
    by Richard B. Pelzer

  • tutkill

    Never would family members ever claim that abuse didn't happen or that someone couldn't have done it-

    oh that happens all the time here-

  • Skeptic

    Dave's own brother has said that it didn't happen, google it and see. He's done a lot toward raising awareness of hidden abuse, but that was peripheral. He started them for the money.

  • pikeman

    I googled and read several articles. On the good side, the kid is doing much better, gained 17 pounds. On the not so good side, Bond has been substantially lowered for these worthless fucks. Even more of a shock to me, it seems this couple were quite popular in the neighborhood. They have quite a bit of support, including their church. This shocks and disturbs me, especially considering the horrible condition they found this poor child in,

  • mercy

    I hope both of the parents die in a pile of waste!

  • mommanikki

    SOME women's prison;s are worse than mens in that many of the inmates are NOT in for similar charges , not the ones in general pop anyway, they are mainly in for drugs or thefts and those that have children would after getting sobered the hard way in prison would LOVE to see their children and hold them and are more violent and viscous against a monster like this “woman” who would so severely harm a child.

  • Joel

    Omg, this is my hometown. Damn, just when you think u've heard everything. There is no telling how long this was going on. Some ppl just should not be allowed to reproduce.

  • OMFG! this bitch must have read a child called it, bc this is very similer, i hope this bitch gets her insides pulled out with a hot culring iron, what a fat, fugly bitch.and btw dave Pelzer is an amazing dude and his books have helped open the worlds eyes to child abuse. Even if some of it is fabracated who gives a shit, this man has helped sooooo many ppl with his books and speaches why hate on him?