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When A Good Otter Goes Bad

March 6, 2010 at 11:23 am by  

Venice, FL – The 911 call came in just after 4:00 Thursday morning:

Caller: Venice East Boulevard. Help!!

Dispatch: What’s happening at Venice East Boulevard?

Caller: There’s a man on the ground – an otter – I can’t get him off. Hurry please.

Dispatch: There’s a man on the ground?

Caller: Yes ma’am.

Dispatch: And someone’s doing what?

Caller: An otter’s got him.

Dispatch: Who’s got him?

Caller: An otter?

Dispatch: An otter?

Caller: O-T-T-E-R! Please hurry, I can’t keep him off him.

Well now, that’s not something you hear every day, huh? Morrell Denton, 96, was taking a stroll that fateful Thursday morning when the pissed off otter crossed his path.

“I just looked down on the ground and I saw this little animal walking across and he walked across real slow,” Denton said. “And I looked down there and he grabbed me by the leg,” he said. “When I fell is when he grabbed my hand. I tried to pull him off with the other hand and he got hold of that hand. He was all over me.” Seriously – I ain’t making this shit up.

While Denton was rasslin’ around with the critter, two brave souls came to his rescue. His saviors, Chris Janssen, 36, and Raymond Duval, 53, tried to convince the otter to release the elderly man by beating and poking at it with garden tools. That was one feisty otter, though, and he wasn’t about to go down without a fight. While they continued to battle with the animal, the conversation with dispatch went on:

Boy, 9, Has Arm Ripped Off After Trying To Feed Bear At Zoo

Dispatch: What kind of injuries does the man have?

Caller: I don’t know! He’s being bit by a damn otter! Can you please send someone? And later in the call:

Caller: Ma’am, that little sucker’s got him. I can’t seem to get him off.

The pair eventually managed to get the otter off the man and it retreated into the brush – defeated and broken, but still alive. Denton and Janssen were treated at a local hospital for unspecified injuries and released.

As you can see in the picture below, that otter got a couple good chunks of skin off the poor guy. Because of the threat it posed to humans, the otter had to be terminated. And, to make matters worse, the animal tested positive for rabies – the Sarasota County Health Department has issued a rabies alert.

Don’t know what’s pissing those critters off, but just last month, there was a report of another rabid otter that had attacked a couple of horses.

Audio of the 911 call can be heard here, or you can read the transcript here.

Morrell Denton

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  • kittybird

    Holy hell! Those little guys can be whacked even withOUT rabies. Now why can't we treat our human criminals in the same manner? I mean, this otter didn't even kill the guy and it got a death sentence.

  • kittybird

    Oh, and for 96 years old, that man is HAWT!!! Lol.

  • I bet you that furry little fucker had been planning the attack for weeks – bad little otter!

  • Otter than the bite marks, i hope the man will be o.k (bad pun, I know..but I live with a 10 year old…whaddaya expect?)

  • Dneil

    Omg, this is really and truly a serious issue, and I feel for the old man…really I do. But some how I burst into laughter. WTF is wrong with me? I think it was this: Caller: Ma’am, that little sucker’s got him. I can’t seem to get him off.”

  • This one is my fave….

    I don’t know! He’s being bit by a damn otter!

    …laughed 'till my butt fell off.

  • Ninja0980

    Dem otters can be nasty critters.

  • Scavengerofhumansorrow

    I love how they dispatch was incredulous about what was attacking him. I would have been laughing my ass off. Cujo otters are a serious threat.

  • Jury

    Got Rabies?

  • AlwaysInFlyoverCountry


    the animal tested positive for rabies


  • malq

    Jaded is Buttless!

  • defenestratethis

    Yeah I figured the little guy had rabies. Hope the old man fares well, I dont know how they treat rabies nowadays, but it used to be pretty tortuous…

  • malq

    Initially, I thought this was guy raping an otter,. We have guys featured here raping everything, but a porcupine and an otter.
    Ugh, I heard rabies shots suck. they go on forever and you have to inject them seep into the abdomen or some shit.

  • One of the only creatures I can think of that would still be otterly adorable – even while in the process of eating your face off.

  • Initially, I thought this was guy raping an otter,. We have guys featured here raping everything, but a porcupine and an otter.

    It's bound to happen, you know. Otters are hot!

  • melb1970

    Damn to think a rodent did that!!!!! Wow- hope he heals up quickly.
    An otter- I'd have never dreamed of an otter attacking.
    Momma groundhogs can be particularly vicious as well when they have babies close by

  • defenestratethis

    Nothin worse than a pissed off, furry, little woodland creature. Reminds me of the mongooses we have in Hawaii….you dont EVER wanna mess with a mongoose.

  • Jury

    Yeah, I went through that early in life, and it was painful. I believe the treatment is still the same. Many sessions and lots of shots….. He's older, so I am sure he is used to being pricked.

  • Ninja0980

    I remember one time at a zoo in Kansas.. I caught the tale end of a story about how the keeper lost her finger to one of the zoo's otters. Otters are cute, cuddly, and vicious.

  • Scavengerofhumansorrow

    Apparently they are also part of a terror cell, as another was going after the horses.

  • Abroad

    Otters are not rodents.

    All you have to do to know that is look at their teeth……..

  • uniquemommy1984

    LOL Don't feel bad I giggled too. I just hope the old man comes out of this okay.

  • I hope the old man is going to be okay…rabies has a high fatality rate despite the series of shots they give someone who has been bitten. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/rabies/DS00484

  • Wildheart

    Even the otters in Florida are crazy! lol

  • wolfcat

    My first thought was rabies. Yikes.