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Julia Murray, 21, called 911 Tuesday morning and told the dispatcher matter-of-factly that she had just drowned her two kids and needed an ambulance. The 911 operator tried to Murray on the phone but after a short pause in the conversation, Murray informed the operator that she had just shot herself. When emergency crews arrived at the home of Murray’s parents where she and her children lived, they found her unconscious. She had a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest and a handgun nearby. In a back bedroom they discovered her two children, 2-year-old Creighton and 4-year-old Ansli, drenched and lying on a bed. Ansli was dead, but Creighton was still breathing. Murray died shortly after being transported to the hospital while Creighton was last listed in stable condition. Murray lived with her mother, who had custody of Murray’s children, and a sister. No motive has been given.

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  • Scavengerofhumansorrow

    Why couldnt she drown herself, then shoot the kids?

  • Abroad

    Quite. I wish they would learn to start with the most important person.

  • Fantastic_MT

    She didn't have custody for a good reason I'm sure. The same reason should have kept her from being left alone with them.

  • NoWhining
  • Peaches4You

    Hope the little one doesn't have any brain damage from being almost drowned.

  • Scavengerofhumansorrow

    Yep, she sure is number one… For another bullet.

  • bluesky

    Sounds like a Diane Downs rerun except she didn't try to cover it up!

  • RememberingMurray.com

    The youngest of the two kids, Creighton, who is 2 years old, went home from the hospital today and is doing great!

  • Thanks

  • uniquemommy1984

    Should of just taken her own life, if life was that rough and let her family raise her children. I really hate stories like this. R.I.P. Ansli, even though we didn't know you, we will know you will be missed.

  • defenestratethis

    Oh, Im so glad. Thank you.

  • polomint38

    Hopefully Creighton being only 2yo will not have vivid memories of this.
    But when growing up he will ask questions about his mummy. How do you answer?

  • Boringusername

    Jeez, it's all about the girl power this week isn't it?

  • pysihisbetter

    dumb witch. should have just called 911 said u are about to kill yourself, and your kids would be left alone… then shot yourself in the head.

  • MadeaBecBec

    The entire 911 tape is here: http://www.firstcoastnews.com/video/default.asp
    You can hear the gun shot! Then her dying.
    I don't get the decision to bury them together!

    Photos of Ansli are here: http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/topstories/n

    So sorry, Ansli, you deserved a fair chance! Save a place for the rest of us!

  • anika

    Thats great news!

  • anika

    Traumatic situations like this wont be remembered by the 2 yr old consciously but these memories will still be their etched in the subconcious mind laying dormant til something is triggered. Later on in life these trumatic memories could affect the subconcious mind and manifest as unexplained fears/phobias etc. Our subconscious minds remember EVERYTHING but our conscious minds rely on what we see, hear, smell etc. everything we are conciously aware of in our waking state.

  • Jack

    Situations like this lead to some expressing rage while others by sorrow. The senselessness of it all is overwhelming. It is easy to rant and hate when you can't understand something but does it accomplish anything? Does it really make you feel better?

    I suggest you visit http://www.rememberingmurray.com/ , read the comments of people who knew them and try to imagine what it would be like to be a friend or family member, who has fond, loving memories of the children and the mother. It is easy to judge when you can't understand. Mental illness is hell and to helplessly watch someone you love caught in the grip of it is horrible beyond description.

    I am not trying to excuse the mother's actions but only trying to point out that this is even more terrible and heart wrenching than those caught in their anger seem to think.