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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 21-year-old female left a Burger King drive-through and became sick after taking a bit out of her sandwich. She went back to the store to complain, but began having seizures and was rushed to the hospital. At the same restaurant, Ernest McHenry had just sat down to eat his Burger King fish sandwich when he found a blue pill wedged in the bun when he removed it to add some salt and pepper. He immediately showed everyone what he had found. The pill turned out to be hydrocodone. Police would later arrest Woody Duclos, a Burger King employee, and charge him with poisoning food with intent to kill or injure a person. They would also arrest his co-worker, Bryant Jones, for selling him the drugs. Police believe Duclos poisoned the food because he was pissed about a recent suspension for misconduct.

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Woody Duclos and Bryant Jones

You can watch some video here, and see Diane Cho give an re-enactment of the man finding the pill in his sandwich while putting salt and pepper on it. It’s enthralling. Burger King released this statement:

“Food safety is non-negotiable at BURGER KING® restaurants. This franchise restaurant, which is independently owned and operated, has terminated the two employees involved and is working with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office on this investigation.”

Man, I have soooo many stories about fast food and the things employees do to the food, but whatever. I still eat it. I know for a fact that if you eat fast food, or any food you do not prepare yourself, your odds of eating someone else’s saliva, pubic hair or semen have increased dramatically.

So come on, share your fast food horror stories! I’ll start. I knew a group of guys who used to collectively spit their tobacco spit into a vat of tomato sauce used to make the pizzas at a pizza buffet establishment.

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  • AlwaysInFlyoverCountry

    I wound up with a ptomaine burger once from a chain. One bite and I almost puked. Fucking thing was <und>rotten</und>. 20 minutes later I was shitting myself. Cost me a day of work.


  • sarabei

    This makes the staple I found in my pizza once seem tame!

  • Dakota Valkyrie

    I automatically assume my food is poisoned. That way, if I survive (or don't get sick), I'm happy. This is the last I will read of this thread. Life is so much better when you are oblivious.

  • Jury


  • Scavengerofhumansorrow

    Huge, knotted clump of hair in mashed potatoes. i still gag when i think about that.

  • Deety

    I’m a little confused- how many Hydrocodone did the guy find in his fish burger? Because slipping someone ONE Vicodin doesn’t really count as ‘poisoning’ in my book. Plus, black-market Vicodin isn’t cheap- it seems odd that they would use it to poison someone.

    And what was in the lady’s burger that could cause sickness and seizures within minutes of taking one bite?!? That certainly doesn’t sound like Vicodin…

  • Abroad

    I was once served rotten salad in a Café Rouge. I sent it back. It was brown and slimey and should not have been served to paying customers.

    The person I was out eating with her was younger and less brave about complaining. She ate hers and spent the weekend throwing up.

  • Wildheart

    I just gagged reading about it. Why oh why do I inevitably read this site while I'm eating lunch??

  • Mojo Jojo

    hmmmm…I found a live stink bug in my salad at an all organic restaurant once, but they claimed it just proved their food was organic.

  • Scavengerofhumansorrow

    It was like black, stringy and wet hair. And you read this site cuz your testing your stomach's limits.

  • To poison someone simply means to give them a substance that can have a negative affect on their health. Since Mr. Duclos is a burger-flipper and not a doctor, then one can safely assume he had no clue if Mr. McHenry, or the 21-year-old with the reported seizure, were allergic to the painkiller he slipped into their food.

    Also, the act was performed by a disgruntled employee who obviously was not trying to make random Burger King customers feel more relaxed, the charge of poisoning is an accurate one as he intended to harm whoever ate the food – even had it been a small child.

  • Wildheart

    Apparently it's cast iron baby cuz I'm here every day and haven't puked yet….or it could just be that I, too, am “jaded.” 🙂

    My story is not nearly as good as yours, but I found a dead roach (one of the little nasty ones) in my soda at a Vietnamese restaurant once. The guy simply brought me a new soda – didn't apologize, offer to comp my drink or anything. Probably used the same glass too….

  • Wildheart

    No pesticides here! lol

  • Soobs

    Why? WHY did I choose to read this, when I KNEW what I'd find? EEEWWWW. I'm thankful that I read it today, as it will help with the fasting I'll be doing.

    Gross, I really do prefer to be oblivious, in this particular area. Damn, more cooking for me.

  • Pandy

    I found a cigarette butt in the leftovers of a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle once. It was my 3 year olds lunch. Campbell's sent me coupons for more soup.

  • HeavenlyDementia

    these guys had no idea what kind of medicine allergies these people may have..or if they are already ON medication. For some people ONE Vicodin could cause a counteraction that could cause death, I'm sure.

  • uniquemommy1984

    Ewwwwwwww, I once had a long black hair embedded in a grilled stuff burrito from Taco Bell and I could basically pick up my burrito by the hair and dangle it around, the guy who was running the register was saying it was my hair but the hair was black and I have blond hair, I mean really wtf? LOL Then there was another time at Taco Bell that I was eating a grill stuff burrito and was almost done with it and notice the fucker had mold on it. I was not a happy camper about it either. Luckily I didn't get sick from it.

  • So Angry Now

    I had been eating at a Taco Bell in Ohio for several weeks (I was selling giftware at a kiosk in the Mall next to it) when my family was watching the local news during dinner. Lo and behold, they had security video of a guy adding his own special sauce to the meat at that very Taco Bell. They had suspected he'd been doing it for weeks. AND THEY LET HIM KEEP WORKING THERE THE WHOLE TIME. Dinnertime wasn't so perky after that.

  • Scavengerofhumansorrow

    Its that extra mile that makes them the fourth meal server of choice. New Motto: Put It Away.

  • defenestratethis

    Thats what I was thinking..maybe she was highly allergic to vicodin and/or opiates in general. Ive got a freind who goes into grandmal seizures when given opiates of any kind. 'Back in the day', I would have recognized that vicodin as a gift from a mysterious I once bought some Delmonte fruit cups which turned out to be fermented. After quickly ingesting them in about 15 minutes I went back for more, sadly, those were normal

  • ChesterMcDuffy

    Hey………….. that guy got a free vicodin. What the hell is he complaining about? I wish my local burger king employees would slip me some drugs.

    They should start including different burger/drug combos:

    Whopper with ecstacy
    Original chicken with GHB sauce

  • shaybytheway

    It really pisses me off when fastfood employees fuck with the food. But thank you Mr. Duclos for helping me stick to this new diet. I will now skip the two city blocks of potential tampered with restaurants I encounter every day near my home.

  • boyzmom33

    was it the same Taco Bell?? I'd probably re-think going there after awhile…….

  • i hate


  • *URP* You owe me an ice cream, and a new keyboard!

  • Southern Lady

    You're not a very popular person, are you?

  • I have so many! Once my mother took a bite out of an eclair at a Chinese restaurant and it was FILLED with mold. Once i opened the lid on my Surge at a McDonald and there was a tiny worm swimming in it. One I bit a twist tie in my sandwich at Arby's. I'm sure I ate a pube at Wendy's, though I never saw it, I was horking it out of the back of my throat all day, and I just plucked it out without looking, too gross. I saw a guy hock a loogie on this twat of a chick's burger at McDonald's when I worked there. I saw people deep fry a rancid rag. And we would get nuggets of the floor to serve certain people. Also, at Waffle House, the batter was so bad that a trucker I knew literally had to poop so bad that he stuck his naked butt over the guard rail of the Interstate and then wiped with his socks and underwear, and left them on the road. And once when we ate there (high) I kept smelling something gross and realized it was the table. When I told the chick our table stunk like a rancid rag, she said, “Really?” and put our silverware and coffee cups down on it. I had to DEMAND she clean it with a clean one!! And I had bad chicken once from the grocery store that stunk so bad 2 days later that I could smell it from my trunk when I went to take it back. (It looked fine and smelled fine when I bought it.)

  • And everybody hates you.

  • TwiztidAngel

    damn why couldnt i been the lucky one to get a hydrocodone burger? XD j/k

  • TwiztidAngel

    omg…and the grilled stufft steak burrito is my fave! 🙁

  • wishfulsinful

    I simultaneously laughed, gagged and sharted so hard at all of this!!!!! The visuals for the trucker story were the BEST!!!

  • melb1970

    Working at Burger King and can afford to waste expensive dope???? Hell I can't imagine why this employee would ever have been disciplined with the kind of attitude he's sporting.
    I had lunch at Mickey D's today is it necessary to spoil the glory of a fast food lunch with stories like this? Lol

  • defenestratethis

    In Seattle (my hometown) one of the Taco Bell employees continued to work despite the fact that he had Hepatitis C…several customers were infected, so I dont know what the fuck he was doing to the food.

  • i think this is good site, they are good working!

  • mizwalker

    an acquaintance in high school worked at McD's and told me that every night after the manager went down to the office to do the daily paperwork, the little fuckers would piss in the pickle buckets. the only bright side i could find is that urine is (allegedly) sterile.

    another little fucker i worked with at a convenience store back in the day told me that he had hocked lugies in the tea dispenser cuz he hated the manager and knew that she drank it all day. luckily for her, i worked the shift after him and dumped the shit out and disinfected the container. unluckily for me, i can't stand the sight of other people's spit (makes me gag and almost ruins rocco siffredi flicks for me. i said “almost”.), and that first night on the job, there was a huge mass of smoker's phlegm floating in the container, covered in mold. so yeah, i had to clean up my own barf too. the dumbasses i worked with -including the manager- had just been refilling the damn thing, never once had the container been cleaned as is required. needless to say, i never drank the fucking tea.
    and finally…i once hit up Taco John's….got home and bit into my softshell…and a 3 inch long dagger-shaped shard of plexiglass was hiding inside. they claimed they had no idea how it had come to be in my food, but there was no possible way it could have ended up there by accident. they offered me free food for a month. uhhhhh, no thanks, dicks.

  • Utican

    I used to order Dominos online at least once a week. At some point, about a year back, I realized that this coupon code I had been entering for $2 off my usual order wasn't working properly… the order form said it was deducting the $2, but when I did the math, I realized it wasn't taking off any money.

    So I complained to Dominos, got no response after 45 days, so I called corporate to complain again. I had used this coupon a bunch of times over several months, so I had been ripped off for between $20 and $40 and I wanted the money back.

    The Utica NY franchise owner finally responded to me and said that the error was on his part, and instead of giving me back the $20-40 I was owed, he mailed me a coupon for a free large pizza and 2L Coke, minus delivery fees. I was getting fucked again, but whatever, I'll take what I can get.

    The coupon came and a couple weeks later, I used it. I called, placed my order, and of course had to tell them about the coupon. The employees know that these coupons are given out to people to complain.

    My order came and the driver gave me a dirty look despite my $4 tip. I had eaten half the pizza when I bit into a slice only to find a god damn handful of hot peppers hidden under the cheese. What really grossed me out was thinking that if these assholes had the balls to hide hot peppers under my cheese, what else was in there that I had eaten? Probably some cum, boogers, definitely some spit… ugh. I called the manager and told him I wasn't looking to get another free pizza on account of I'll never eat pizza from the Utica, NY Dominos again, but I wanted to tell him about what happened.

    He said that “right before my pizza was made” they made a pizza with hot peppers, and they must have accidentally dropped some on mine. Sounds legit… a handful, under the cheese, by accident. I was more pissed off by his excuse making than being ripped off or having my food tampered with. Some people should not be allowed to prepare food for the public.

    I felt semi-vindicated, a few months after this, one of their employees got busted on some kind of pedophile charges. His last name was Coffin, but that's all I remember.

  • Angie Bush82

    why cant anyone put a vicodin or norco in my whopper????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bullshit!!!!!!

  • Burdog309

    i worked at a restaurant where is was raining maggots on the customers. a rat had died in the ceiling…

  • I got quite far and am quite proud…then read the word “horking ” and it made me hork 🙁

  • the world trade center site burger king sold me a black chicken sandwich on purpose.  i think the employees intend to harm me.  i am angry and scare.  the black meat rap inside the bun hard to notice before eat it.

  • S W

    Wow. As I am doing research on this ‘food’ company to see if mine was just an isolated case of food poisoning, I am shocked that this is, apparently, just their way of doing business! I was served a raw hamburger (not just once but TWICE during the same visit) and, consequently, got sick from eating this (my only meal of the day (out of commission for days) 🙁 I was told by the Store Manager that he would forward the information to his insurance company and they would be contacting me….days have passed and still no contact from the insurance company. So sad. I have the saved contaminated burger patties in my freezer; I have a microrecording of both the Manager on duty stating that she ‘turned the oven down’ prior to cooking my burgers because their ovens weren’t working right; I have the Store Manager recorded as stating that his store is liable and asking what he could do for me and that they ‘fixed the problem’ so that this would not happen again and make it good for me’; I have lab results stating that the food is contaminated and food poisoning is what I experienced; I have agreed to work with the Store Manager to simply recover what I lost those days I was out sick b/c of their negligence and he agreed and referred me to wait for the insurance company to contact me but yet, I have not heard from the insurance company. At this point, I am going to have to go to an attorney and sue for more, file public health complaints and other complaints and work overtime to make sure the public is aware of the dangers of eating at Burgerking and how badly they treat their customers after causing them harm!! Enough is enough.

  • Sabrina

    That’s what I was thinking! Why can’t I ever find opiates in my cheeseburgers?!! That would be the best day ever! Who gives away free vicodin like that?! ????????