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Missing Teen Dies After Being Found Sitting In Snow

February 16, 2010 at 12:40 pm by  

COPLEY, Ohio – Pretty sure this will be drug related, but still kind of creepy to think about. 18-year-old Ashley Quarterman was last seen leaving an EconoLodge Friday night or early Saturday morning after visiting with several groups of young people celebrating Valentine’s Day. When she never returned home, the family notified police. Police began a search and found Ashley behind a vacant building a half-mile from the hotel. She was found sitting in the snow, frozen and brain dead. She was taken to the hospital, but died from the extended exposure. An autopsy showed no signs of physical trauma, but the mother wants to know what happened that night and who let her wander off. You know what this story reminds me of? The story of Michael Wamsley and Janelle Hornickel. They were the couple that did meth then got lost in a snow storm, left their vehicle and then froze to death while talking to 911 and hallucinating.

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  • 62julietandvoid

    “found sitting in the snow, frozen and brain dead”

    Wow, so sad

  • weejodie

    What a waste of a life.

  • absynthe

    strange story would like to have more details.

  • So Angry Now

    This reminds me of the story of Taylor Meyer who was underage at a party, really drunk, at an abandoned airport. Her friends told her the wrong direction home “to be funny.” They found her dead in a swamp two days later.

    This is a terrible tragedy, but I think mom is going to have a hard time finding someone to hold accountable.

  • angela

    Poor girl…

  • mommabearmossotti

    Here is her MySpace account:

  • parttimeangel

    According to the below news report and the memorial group on Facebook, it may not have been drug related. It seems that she had driven her friends to the hotel that night. However, when she was ready to go, the young ladies that had come with her were not and took her keys, cell phone, and car. They even drove to meet her mom the next morning in her car. So there may be more than meets the eye!

  • What gives you the impression that it was drug related?….Her skin color. You may not intentionally think blacks are always involved with drugs, but you do! Had this been a white girl you would be “sure” it was drug related. Don't you think it's possible for a bunch of black teens to hang out without dealing with drugs? Society has caused you to subconsciously associate blackness with badness. I know your response will be “it's not about race” but had this been a white girl YOU WOULD NOT JUST ASSUME IT HAD TO DO WITH DRUGS.

  • dr.awkward

    Actually, any time I hear of ANY teenager sitting in the snow long enough to freeze to death, I assume there was probably drinking or drugs involved. Because if they weren't drunk or high, why the fuck would they sit in the damn snow? She was hardly stranded in the middle of the woods or something, even if there was no immediate shelter she was only a half mile from the hotel. A rational person, even a teen, would probably go back to the hotel despite whatever reason she left, over plopping down in some snow to wait for who-knows-what.
    This situation just screamed diminished capacity to me, and obviously I wasn't alone. So no, I don't think it had jack shit to do with skin color. Then again, seems a little like you were just looking for something to bitch about, so perhaps I'm wasting my words.

  • Seriously? Do you really go through life thinking this way and accusing everyone of racism whenever you can? A fully healthy 18yr old sat down in the freezing snow until she died. I HOPE she was on drugs or alcohol, because otherwise she either 1) Is extremely stupid, OR 2)commited suicide.

    Despite all your hopes and dreams, this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with a dumb decision. Go pull a race card elsewhere, please.

  • rayshaun

    Maybe the author thought it was drug related because she was sitting behind a random building a half a mile from the party. I know when I'm sober and in a blizzard, I don't seek a warmth or maybe walk back to the party I came from. Instead I hide behind a building, sit down, don't realize how cold it is, and freeze to death! Please don't throw your snap judgements around without thoroughly thinking it through. To assume the author is not black is racist. What, Black people can't write news articles? To assume that someone thinks drugs were involved because you think they are racist is also an example of you being a racist. Stop being ignorant and irresponsible… it's not becoming of the smart, proud Black Woman I know you can be!

  • Cynbenet is pretty strange. She got into it with our forum members as well. I didn't see this comment of hers or I would have pointed out the fact that she obviously did not read the article. An article where I was stated I was reminded of TWO WHITE KIDS who were on drugs and froze to death in the snow.

    Now let me think…why would this story of a girl being found after a party frozen in the snow remind me of two kids on drugs who left a party and were later found frozen in the snow?

  • BTW, it was determined that she was indeed drunk. She ran off because her friends did not want her to drive. No charges will be filed and the case has been closed.

    Police Chief Michael Mier said toxicology results have determined that Quarterman, a senior at Buchtel High School, was drunk when officers found her.

    Authorities said Quarterman and three friends had been at the Econolodge Motel, 70 Rothrock Road, the previous evening for a party.

    Mier said in a four-page statement that Quarterman and her friends had an argument outside of the hotel over whether she was too drunk to drive her car.

    Mier said Quarterman ran off and her friends attempted to pursue her, both on foot and in her car.

    Authorities say Quarterman's friends eventually left the hotel with her car and cell phone and went home.

    The next morning, authorities say, Quarterman's family became concerned and called Copley police.

    Authorities went to the motel and found the woman about four-tenths of a mile away freezing in the snow.

    ''This was a very unfortunate situation,'' Mier said in a statement. ''Although Ashley might have used poor judgment in running away through deep snow, and her friends used poor judgment in not seeking immediate assistance — there is no indication of criminal behavior related to Ashley's death.''

    Mier said detectives interviewed about 20 people.

    Their investigation determined that Quarterman had been sitting in the snow for about eight hours.

  • You don’t necessarily know that. I could go on to say that it’s funny that you’d say that, being black’n all that shit, but that would be ~racist~ of me, wouldn’t it?

    Racism works both ways.
    Anyway, I highly doubt anyone in their right mind would sit in the snow long enough to freeze to death on purpose.

    And I think it shows poor judgment on your part to come in here spouting “RACIST” at people when someone’s life has been lost.

    And, according to the toxicology report. Yes, she was DRUNK. Her friends were being responsible where ~she~ was not. Way to go society, huh?

  • gloria brown

    okay i know ASHLEY personally and she doesnt do drugs….
    drugs never even popped up in my mind when i heard what happen someone did something to her then left her out there to die and i believe her so-called friends knows something… she would of never left on foot espcailly since she lives more then an hour away if she was to walk….sOmeone knows the real stor andis not saying anything or doing anything about instead your online talking about weather or not she had took drugs which would of never happened maybe you should open your mind up more and realize drugs are no longer the bigproblem like they use to be Someone took this girls life did that ever go through your heador is drugs the only solution for death in this world now? Nothing to do with drugs not at all………