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NEWBURYPORT, Mass. – More cyber-bullying shenanigans, this time from Newburyport High School in Massachusetts. Three students have been accused of creating a fake Facebook page using another student’s name and picture. They would then use that account to make disparaging remarks about other students in the school. The victim had no idea anything was amiss until he began to get taunted over the remarks he was unaware that he had even made. I guess they want to put out a strong message on this type of behavior, so police charged the trio with identity theft. Two of the kids are co-operating, but one of student’s parents have hired a lawyer. “What the young people need to understand at this point is that anything you say on Facebook or on the Internet, there’s no way to get it back. Why you may think that you’re behind the scenes, and nobody is going to find you, in fact, they are going to find you, and there’s repercussions for your actions,” said Chief Thomas Howard of the Newburyport Police Department.

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  • Eracsurfer

    Yeah…lawyer up…Way to teach the kids to take responsibility for their actions.

    Anyone wanna lay money that the one that got the lawyer is the one that came up with the brilliant scheme?

  • Wildheart

    Identity theft? Interesting charge….might just work. At least they're not trying to give them the death penalty over it.