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Milford, MA – Nehemiah Gonzalez, 18, is in an ass-load of trouble after admitting to authorities that he forced a 5-year-old boy in his care to perform oral sex on him. Nehemiah, the child’s babysitter, is looking at 10 to life if convicted on the charge of rape by force. The victim in the case told investigators that Nehemiah forced him to touch his genitals and then perform oral sex. “I told him it was yucky but he said no, it’s not yucky,” the boy said. Authorities refuse to divulge how long the abuse lasted. After admitting to the abuse, Nehemiah was booked on charges of rape, indecent assault and battery on a child under age 12. Bail has been set at $50,000 cash only. If he does make bail, he will be placed on house arrest and fitted with GPS. He will be ordered to steer clear of the alleged victim and any other child under the age of 16. And he won’t be updating his Myspace either – no computer access allowed.

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  • marcusindc

    Should be interesting to see how bubba treats him in jail.

  • Jury

    OMG! Is that a picture of his family on his MySpace page? (How humiliating)

    He needs to update his page to be:
    Orientation: Gay
    Children: One 5 yr old, and looking.

  • Misskittychaos

    What a loser! Can't get someone his own age so he abuses babies? I hope he gets his abuse right back in jail!

  • If you read through the comments at the source link, you will find that Nehemiah is a good boy who loves Jesus. Also, one commenter leads people to believe that he was molested at some point in his life – I'm guessing that would be his excuse for abusing another?

  • Peaches4You

    Well Jesus don't love him back. He frowns on sticking your dick in 5 year olds mouths.

  • Tits McGee


  • Dakota Valkyrie

    Status update on his MySpace says: “? Nehemiah ? i love my gf lol” I guess that little “lol” really is a big one. He posted simply “? Nehemiah ? i love my girlfriend” before that. I guess he was trying to convince himself.

  • Scavengerofhumansorrow

    He looks like a child diddler. And im pretty sure those eyebrows took him about an hour to style.

  • Update


    He only spent a year in jail. And is now back at home where he babysits more children and goes to church. He claimed that he lied to police stating that he only was pressured and scared into saying he admited to the crime.