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Victor, N.Y. — On January 15th, a Victor Central School District school resource officer received a complaint about a 12-year-old boy who may have raped a girl under the age of 11. After conducting an investigation, it was determined that three girls under the age of 11 may have been victims. Now the 12-year-old boy has been charged with three counts of first-degree rape, three counts of first-degree sexual abuse and additional sex crimes. “The information we have from the Sheriff’s Department indicates that these alleged crimes did not occur on the Victor Central School campus,” Victor Superintendent Dawn Santiago-Marullo wrote in an e-mail. She said the district is cooperating with the investigation. The boy, whose name has not been released, was arraigned and released to his parents. He was also issued orders of protection prohibiting him from having contact with the alleged victims and is to return to court on Feb. 19 to answer the charges. The family has also hired a lawyer and are trying to get a gag order in place. After the jump, watch as an “expert” enlightens everyone with the statement that there is “something else going on here.”

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  • 19+ comments on a dog mauling story that doesn't even mention if there was blood or where it was, but no commentary on a 12-year-old rapist? Oh Flying Spaghetti Monster, we are SLIPPING. 😛

    This story will lead to a couple of discussion that go past the initial shock of a 12-year-old having sex. One scenario will be if the sex was “consensual” between the children. I put that in quotations because by law, a girl under the age of 11 cannot actually consent to sex. But you know what I mean. Then there is the scenario of these girls not being 10, and being like, 5-years-old or something. Then that goes into even more nauseating territory.

  • nutmuffin

    A 12 year old would be what…6th grade? So it could be a pre-k student all the way up to 6th? Maybe even family members? ewww

  • AlwaysInFlyoverCountry

    I noted the link to the source — rather, the absence of one — on the dog mauling story and figured this was merely a ploy to get folks to the front page. I was glad to do my part.

    As far as the purported 12-year-old rapist, if he did it then he had to have learned that behavior from somewhere. And since that had already been covered in the video I didn't see any point in going back over it. In short, I need more details before I jump.

    It's early days yet, Morbid; I'm sure TSWHTF soon enough.


  • Scavengerofhumansorrow

    Beat his ass with a chain. My job is done.

  • I_was_Gidget_first

    WTF?! Sad to say, but if this kid is raping little girls at the age of 12, they need to just lock him up and be done with it. He is going to be of no use to society.

  • AlwaysInFlyoverCountry

    I would like to know where he learned it — and to see if there is a possibility of preventing the creation of any more 12-year-old rapists.


  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Sorry, Morbid–I'm just trying to wrap my brain around the idea of a 12-year-old doing something like this ONCE, much less three times. When I was 12, I had a crush on a boy, but my best friend and I were too busy focusing on school, playing Nintendo at home, and pretending we were the Mario Brothers at recess.

  • defenestratethis

    A serial rapist at twelve…fucking unreal. This makes me want to google sociopathic children. Ive heard there are kids who are past the point of 'no return'. Wonder where he learned this, and I wonder what the age was of the youngest rapist on record…this is crazy ass shit.

  • lisaznola

    I am thinking Jesse Pomeroy arrested in 1874….
    sexual torture of seven boys, the sadistic murder of a four-year-old boy, the murder of a young girl who was found buried in his mother's cellar…….
    Or maybe:
    Mary Flora Bell, who wanted to “hurt” someone; so she killed 2 other children with Norma Bell, (no relation) and it is believed they played with the bodies.
    Then there is Willie Bosket who inspired a law that allowed dangerous juveniles as young as thirteen to be tried in adult courts.

    Terrifying, but not at all new and unfortunately not at all uncommon.


  • Well no one was killed here, and it still hasn't been reported on if the sex was consensual or not. Not the legal consensual, but you know…the minors were willing participants.

  • Abroad

    You think that is a possibility, Morbid?

  • Absolutely. When I was growing up, girls as young as 12 were sexually active.

  • Abroad

    Yes, but we already know these are younger than 11, – and they could be significantly younger….. Also, while I might believe he could have found one very precocious young girl to have a “consensual” sexual relationship with, three sort of sets my alarm bells off.

  • uniquemommy1984

    Well, it seems like they are getting younger and younger but I'm sure there is more to the story. Sad though that a child that young would commit the act of rape and even if it was consensual, where the hell are these kids parents???

  • defenestratethis

    Thanks lisaznola..very informative. Shit..didnt know kids killed kids way back then. Fascinating.

  • When I was growing up i knew a girl who was sexually abused as a toddler, and let a a family of 5 boys aged 5 to 14 run a “train” on her when she was 8 or 9. This would have been considered rape. It wasn't, just 6 messed up kids that were abused by adults.

  • Cap'n J

    Wow, supposedly responsible adults suggesting a 12 y/o be beaten with a chain. I am not sure that that statement in and of itself isn't a crime. Could we at least wait for the kid to have a trial? A lot of the time, these crazy, extreme child abuse cases are BS.

    Remember the day care child abuse cases of the 1980s? People accused of raping hundreds of kids hundreds of times, based on a vague drawing or something, done by a 5 year old.

    Our system of laws cannot function with the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

  • JGo555

    I hope this kid didn't actually do this & they all said this so that it's a teacher or something cause if he DID start this early, this age is when the sexual connections in the brain are made & if they're wired already he's screwed cause he is already broken.

    He will either become a paedophile or serial rapist .

  • Queenpunkr

    Any updates on this one?