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BELLPORT, N.Y. – On Jan. 15, school bus driver Norman Besemer, 61, was driving students home from Frank P. Long Intermediate School when several students on the bus began acting up. In between stops, Besemer allegedly taped one 10-year-old’s mouth shut. After finding out about the incident, officials at the South Country School District in Bellport fired Besemer. He has now been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. “I don’t know if the child said anything to him,” South Country schools superintendent Raymond Walsh said.  “And I don’t care.  This was an assault on a child.” Has it gotten to this point with kids on the bus? When I was a kid, I rode the bus to school for three years. There wasn’t much acting up on them as our bus drivers looked like they just got out of prison and\or would threaten to kick your ass if you didn’t sit down and shut up.

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Grandmother, Mother And Stepfather Arrested For Horrific Abuse Of Three Children
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  • Smiley

    I can understand *wanting* to do something like that….but to actually follow through is pretty damn stupid. He deserves whatever is coming to him.

  • Honestly? I see firing the guy. Putting his hands on the kid was completely unwarranted. But criminal charges? For a piece of tape?

  • Yeah, and it wasn't even duct tape…

  • Dmaximus

    BFD! So, the bus driver put tape on the brat's fucking mouth. How does this endanger the welfare of the child? I hope this little angel is able to recover, doesn't have nightmares the rest of his life, and receives all of the attention and counseling he certainly deserves… little bastard!

    My bus driver carried a paddle and a can of mace. That's all us kids needed to know. AND she did use the paddle… right there on the bus, right up front, where everyone could see. Then, reported you to the principal and your parents. I deserved every swat I ever got. And I couldn't tell you how many times I had my mouth taped shut. Boofuckinghoo.

  • Lizard

    I wish I were a zillionaire so I could start a private bus company and offer my services to school districts for free. Then I would pay Morbid a ridiculous amount of money to drive one of the buses. There'd be cameras on the buses, too, so that later I could watch him taping some brat's mouth shut and laugh my ass off.

    Then I'd give him a bonus.

  • Lizard

    Besemer is a less attractive Tommy Lee Jones, btw.

  • tundratot

    Oh, for christ's sake! So, the question is, what could he have done? What had he already done before this occurred? Put the kid off the bus? Refuse to transport the kid again? Reported to the parents? Who's to say he could, after all they're probably not home, or that they would care or believe him? Get the bus company to do something? What would the bus company do?

    A little tape across the mouth. I say the worst that should happen to this guy is a temporary furlough. Even police don't get fired immediately over a brutality incident–which this is not.

  • UnSerene

    I'm tempted to agree with Dmaximus. Children these days can get away with soooo much, and if a person in a position of authority tries to discipline them the child just cries abuse.If the parents won't do it and the school cannot, who will? It must be frustrating to work in schools these days constantly being disrespected by spoiled, undisciplined brats and not being able to do a damn thing about it.
    I can think of more than one time in my school years when myself or fellow students deserves a good taping. As a side not I'm only 8 years out of high school, so it wasn't that long ago.

  • mdevil_us

    is it just me or does this guy look like Danny Aiello?

  • defenestratethis


  • defenestratethis

    You couldnt pay me enough to drive a school bus transporting middle school students. Kids are completely insane at that age, and when riding the bus are prone to even more outrageous behavior than in the classroom, cuz they know security, teachers, counselors, and the principal (as ineffectual as they may be) aint around. The favorite saying of wayward kids at that age is, “You cant touch me, my parents will sue!!” (how many times did I hear THAT one?! ) Ya just gotta learn to inflict punishment without any possibility of getting caught. 🙂

  • Truth

    The pussification of America continues.

    And of coarse had the story been a bit different with the child getting in trouble for disrupting the driver he would have either way wound up grounded to his room where he has a computer, mini fridge, cable box, and xbox 360.

  • dr.awkward

    Yes! I couldn't quiiiiite put my finger on it, but you hit the nail on the head. He looks almost EXACTLY like Danny Aiello. (Whose name I really don't like to spell. It just doesn't look right… too many vowels!)

  • DXS

    Wow – really? Endangering the welfare of a child? Give me a break. Parent's tell you kids to behave. Police – go get the rapists, murderers and thieves.

  • oceangirly92

    I cant blame him. dealing with 2 kids daily is enough for me. the kid was probably be a little jerk and deserved it

  • oceangirly92

    who cares the kid was probably being a jerk and deserved to be kicked off the bus as well