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OMAHA, Neb – A 15-year-old boy told a school counselor that his 41-year-old mother would make him have sex with her nightly when he lived with her in Omaha. The alleged abuse happened in 2008 and 2009 when the boy was in 7th and 8th grade. The boy told police his mother was addicted to prescription drugs at the time of the sexual assaults. His mother was arrested Monday and charged with first-degree sexual assault. She made an initial appearance Wednesday in Douglas County Court and her bond was set at $30,000. The boy’s father told Omaha television station WOWT this week that he had previously had a feeling something was wrong, but didn’t learn about the alleged abuse until a few weeks ago. He said his son is receiving counseling. Some video after the jump.

A cookie to whoever guesses what horror movie the image I used came from.

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  • valannb22


  • shaybytheway

    A candidate for a leech plug in her vajayjay…

    Female pedophiles completely freak me out. Moms who screw their son's are freaks of nature.

  • Cookie is in the mail

  • lol @ the Youtube screen grab. The newscaster looks like she is about to throw up.

  • msolsen05

    WTF!!! Poor kid is going to be messed up for a loooooonnnggg time. Who in their right mind would do that shit?

  • angela

    This leaves me speechless…I have a 16yr old son and can't even think about something like that…

  • MadeaBecBec

    I am right there with her, I gagged when I read this…..And I am pretty sure that's been the fifteen year olds reaction on a nightly basis, ewwwww! Poor kid, I hope he overcomes this and can be happy and carefree, again…….

  • Kelli


  • tray-bay-bay

    Either she's going to throw up or she works at the PrettyBeauty Nail Salon from MadTV. LOL

  • I lol'ed too when i saw it! Very appropriate moment to capture for this story. As a mother of 3 boys I say she should be shot for whatever evils are in her head. That is so wrong on so many levels…

  • Wildheart

    The creepiest thing about that movie was the mother-son hook up.

  • PJ420

    She rook rike a man!

  • tricia381

    how sad. how can any adult to that to their child? I know of a mother who did this to her son, who in turn did it to his younger sister. she's actually my best friend and I totally believe her because at the time this happened the mother was a hard core tweeker. she's cleaned herself up but wont admit to the physical or sexual abuse or the nelect I saw on a first hand basis. its sad because to heal they just want her to admit it and she wont. we've been friends for 15 plus years so I've seen a lot that has happened in this family. My life wasnt any better but atleast my mom never sexually abused her kids.

  • Phil

    Psycho II ! I watch waaay too many movies!!!

  • Phil

    Psych II? I watch waaay too many movies!

  • I think I know how she feels. My mom did all kinds of messed up things when we were kids. But she says we are liars and believe lies that her “jealous” spread. Duh, I was there! It's me!! Just admit it so I don't half hate you, it's emotionally draining!

  • tricia381

    my mom says the same thing. I've told my bf the things that have happened in my childhood and he believes me but didnt understand the extent of it until she stayed with us for a month and got to witness her crazy behaviour. she's even told him that she wasnt the best mom to us kids but that it wasnt as bad as we say, that we just made up most of the stuff to make her look bad. And now she lies and makes things up to make me seem like a bad mother. thing is, I dont beat my kids if they eat the last of the cookies, I dont make them ask for food, I dont beat them like she did to us (I dont beat them at all). I have never abandoned my kids for weeks at a time to go party and I dont make them take care of each other.
    One time on a road trip from Ga to Ca she picked up a random stranger and brought him back to our motel room and fucked him with her three little girls (we were 5,6, and 8 and knew exactly what was going on) in the bed right next to them. I've never done that! Well, we do get adult time when the kids are sleeping in their own room and the baby in her crib in our room, but we've never done it with all three wide awake in bed next to us. There has to be limits. I would never put them in danger like that. That guy could have been some perv and killed her to get at us, you know.

  • defenestratethis

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..thats really bad. Really gross. Really deviant. I'm sure glad the kid told. I bet a lot of kids don't , especially boys. Took a lot of guts on his part, considering what he risked with regard to his social status at school. I sure hope he doesnt get any negative flack from other kids…you know how cruel teenagers can be.

  • steed63


  • Rivalrys

    Sleepwalkers by Stephen King is the movie your image is from….now gimme a cookie!!!

  • Tennessee Budd

    Who screw their son's what?

  • Watch more, you were wrong. 😛

  • You were too late. valannb22 got it yesterday. But I do have some stale candy corn I have mailed you.

  • Scavengerofhumansorrow

    >_> <_< SLEEPWALKERS! 0.0

  • Come on all you self-righteous folks. You know the real question on everyone's mind is was she a MILF or not? If she was hot, lucky kid! He'll be more experienced with women than his virgin friends. If mom was heinous, then feel sorry for the boy. His life is ruined. I want to see a picture of mom.

  • MILF or not, I couldn't have sex with my mom. My sister? Possibly. If there was alcohol and a freewheeling vibe in the air. Big tits would also be a plus.

    But as we have seen in most child sex abuse stories here, I will bet you money that this woman is horrendous looking. Possibly in the Meg Mucklebones category.

  • DigitalPrince

    That image is from a movie called Sleepwalkers, a Stephen King film.

  • katrina1980

    this is so fucking umoral and pathetic. people like this does not deserve to be a parent.she doesn't even deserve to be this child's mother. as a mother or 2 two girls it saddens me to hear this, what a mother is caple of doing to he own child that she gave birth to. this makes vomit. this woman needs to put a gainst a wall and let who ever wanted to do what ever they wished to do aslong as in the end she was dead. hell for that matter i'll do it myself. just like my 5 yr old nephews mother that left him with a child molester last year (she left him there willingly knowing her new husband's uncle was a convicted child molester) i want to do the same to her. people like that doesn't deserve to ever have child or for that matter walk on this earth with us

  • Xavier

    Only female pedophiles freak you out? ANY type of pedophile freaks me out.

  • I once peed my pants in the kitchen while my mom blew the Army recruiter in the living room. She told me to stay in the kitchen. I held myself for an hour and felt a clicking before I peed. I have bladder problems to this day, 23 years later.

  • tricia381

    wow, an hour long blow job?? she must really be horrible at it or just like dick in her mouth. lol jus kiddin, Im sure there was a little conversation, maybe some boob fondling before the actual deed.

    but damn, to hold your pee for an hour sucks, I've done it before. then when you get to pee its better than an orgasm. it feels so good lol.

  • ekr

    its from sleepwalkers.

  • annika2

    the movie was sleepwalkers or something

  • It's fairly easy these days to record anything, including sex scenes, with the help of a mobile phone, then to exchange the material through Bluetooth or by simply publishing them on the net.

  • Clprime1

    That is hot! :):):)

  • ewwwww! you are SO WRONG for that comment! I have a 16 yr old son and have had 18 yr old guys try and hit on me and it always makes me wanna hurl, the fact that they are so close in age to my son is enough to make me sick, cant imagine what that poor boy must have and still going through. so sad. How any mother could even think of something of this nature makes my stomach turn

  • I'm 45 years old and have a 20 year old son. Aside from the fact that anyone who would mentally scar their child for life like this needs to have their sexual organs removed and sewn to their head, I really can't fathom wanting to have sex with the person you once carried inside you. That's just so far beyond the scope of comprehension that I think I would be more able to breathe the atmosphere on Jupiter than to conceive of such an act.
    Furthermore, I can't fathom having sex with a 20-year-old guy who I wasn't related to, simply because of the vast gap in maturity. 20 year old guys are on a very different plane than 45 year old women. So although it's not illegal, just…why? But this kid wasn't even 20. He was 15. Now there's a huge ick factor–for anybody who even passes for normal.
    I don't get women who molest their underage students. But I really, really, REALLY don't get anyone who could molest their own child. Just…ugh!

  • What the hell is wrong with you, you cretin? It's his MOTHER! That is not lucky, that is molestation. My father was a handsome man in his time, and I would have been scarred for life if he had molested me. If you're wanting to have sex with your mother, it's time to have a chat with the shrink. Freak!

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    I used to want to marry my dad but that was when I was very, VERY little. Sex never even came to mind because I was so little that I didn't even know what sex was, thus why I couldn't understand why I couldn't marry my dad.

    Something happened though. I grew up and the thought of anyone either marrying or having sex with a parent became vile and disgusting.

    Childhood fantasies and misunderstandings should stay in childhood. What happens to an adult that doesn't get that?

  • Kwumey

    And this pedos IDENTITY is being protected why? Most male pedos have their faces plastered all over along with their name etc.. hmmmm

  • Kwumey

    And this pedos IDENTITY is being protected why? Most male pedos have their faces plastered all over along with their name etc.. hmmmm

  • Lilloric

    we see a lot more women doing this shit now days.i can not fathom how any one can look at a kid and say to themselves i gotta make that mine let alone a mother who carried the child in her belly for nine months thinking it and acting on goes to a whole new level of sickness

  • Lilloric

    we see a lot more women doing this shit now days.i can not fathom how any one can look at a kid and say to themselves i gotta make that mine let alone a mother who carried the child in her belly for nine months thinking it and acting on goes to a whole new level of sickness

  • Lilloric

    we see a lot more women doing this shit now days.i can not fathom how any one can look at a kid and say to themselves i gotta make that mine let alone a mother who carried the child in her belly for nine months thinking it and acting on goes to a whole new level of sickness

  • Anonymous

    When pedos’ identity isn’t released, it’s always to protect the victim, not the pedo. If you were her teenage son, would you want everyone to know? Hell nah.

  • Sue

    the headline made me say “ew”, but then i immediately clicked to read. what has your site done to me?

  • SLIM

    I suspect my wife of doing the same thing with her teenage son. He is 16yrs old, 15 when we met, but i just caught on to her nightly routine. She said he always kisses her with an open mouth and that he and her sees each other naked and it is not a problem. Then at nights after she shower she always goes to his room in her see through or short outfits with no undees and always closes our bedroom door leaving me in it and goes to his. I notice everytime she returns from his room she goes straight back in the bathroom and flushes it in about 5 – 10 seconds. One day I waited for her to return to the bedroomand trap her at the door beforwe she could go to the bath room and I touch her private part and she was absolutely wet. I asked her why is she wet returning from her son’s room and she replied ” I was thinking about you while I was talking to him”. I never believed her and notice she still try and find ways to get them to be alone, like waiting for me to go in the shower and she is off to his room. Just seems strange to me. But what can I do other than tell her what I think happens and we argued over it but I left it alone to move forward, Because they will continue every time i am away, and for a 16 yrs old. I find it funny that he does not like to do anything but spend time with his mom. like literary waiting for her car to pull up and wait in his room for her to come in and they whisper if I am home and then get loud if i am walking by the room. VERY FUNNY ACTS

  • CALL THE POLICE!!!! That is f’d up!

  • I think I waited I long time before anything happened, then got desperate to pee after it had begun. BTW, I was brought back to this page after someone commented you one of my other comments, further up the page 😉

    And yes, peeing after holding it for a long time is GOOD, unless it is down your legs…

  • Lizard

    Dude, this is the Dreamin’ Demon, not the fucking Penthouse Forums. The whole bit about you trapping her at the door and touching her privates to find her wet is just fucked up, as is the fact that you’d sign up with some forum to tell the tale.

    Any sane person would call the cops and get the fuck out of there. Be sane. But if you can’t, stay the fuck away from here, because that means you’re as sick as she his. God have mercy on her son’s soul.

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    Tippy toe up to the room when you know they’re alone… and kablam ! bust in with a video camera …. are you slow ?

  • The_Yeti_Knows

    Send video