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Erica Luce Had A Bad Feeling And A Dead Baby

January 25, 2010 at 11:55 am by  

Springfield, MA – Police and paramedics were called to the Clarion Hotel Sunday morning to provide medical assistance to a child in need – information on what exactly was wrong with the child isn’t being released. The 6-week-old baby was taken to Baystate Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy is planned for later today. The child’s mother, Erica Luce, (Myspace) claims that she woke up at about 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning with a “bad feeling.” According to her, that’s when she found her infant son, Ethan, naked on the floor, covered in cold water, lying next to an air conditioner that was turned on full blast. And how did he end up in that predicament? Erica believes that someone broke into her room earlier that morning, while she was visiting with a friend in an adjacent room, and murdered her son. Wait….what? According to Erica, she left Ethan and his 3-year-old sibling alone in the room after they had fallen asleep at about 12:30. She popped over to her friend’s room for a chat and claims that she checked on the children every 15 minutes until she fell asleep. Did she fall asleep in her own room or the room next door? Your guess is as good as mine. She also mentioned that the 3-year-old child was sitting up awake in bed when she found Ethan on the floor. I have a feeling there is some vital information being left out of Erica’s account. No arrests have been made as of yet and police are neither confirming nor denying Erica’s story. Video after the jump.


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  • HotReadingMama

    The elusive baby stripping air conditioner man strikes again!

  • thequeenofsorrow

    Fat faking bitch. I hope her older child stays safe and away from this monster

  • MissKerosene

    This ranks as one of the stupidest guess stories as to what Mum thinks happened. I mean really someone broke into your bedsit and the first thing they thought was (Hey this hotel is filled with people. I bet there are people right next door too.I think I will kill that baby sitting there even though there is a 3 year old only inches away who is very likely to scream like a banshee at the sight of me because I am a stranger. And before I leave after my evil deed, I will cover the baby in water and put the AC on. Job Done. Oh the average life of a random baby murderer.)

    Umm yeh I am sure this is what happened. She convinced me from the first fake tear.

  • MadeaBecBec

    According to all the myspace drama, baby daddy had already moved on to another before Ethan was born, his new woman is making threats according to status updates, new woman was gonna beat somebodys face in on Jan.12, mmmmm, maybe new woman did and now she is gonna be named as a suspect?????

    So sorry, Ethan, that you born in to such turmoil and paid the price, Rest easy in Gods arms!

  • Scavengerofhumansorrow

    It was aliens. And the bad feeling was them seeing her face and being totally scared the fuck out of their minds.

  • jennie1974

    I'm feeling the baby died in the bath the day before and she turned on the a/c to make the time of death appear later…

  • jennie1974

    oh, and we used to live near there. Springfield, MA is the foulest most forlorn hopeless place you could ever happen upon. and that motel is in West Springfield right across the river. despite the appearance, you wouldn't want to put your inlaws there for the night. A few years a ago a naked 20 y.o. woman spring- thawed in the snow banks of their parking lot.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    If my child's father's new pet vagina was threatening me, I wouldn't leave my child anywhere unattended, because I'd be too worried that she would hurt my baby to get to me.

    It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Babies are great at showing that they are uncomfortable. If a baby is too hot, too cold, too hungry, too dirty, or too tired, it will air its grievances quite loudly for all to hear. That being said, how does a 6-week old baby end up naked and wet in front of a running air conditioner without the mother seeing or hearing that something is amiss? Did the three year old wait until she was asleep, try to give his or her baby brother a bath, and drag him in front of the air conditioner to dry off? Was the mom so blasted that when she fell asleep, she didn't see anything out of the ordinary before she did so? If the baby was murdered by someone other than the mother or the toddler, why didn't the three year old scream for help?

    No matter what the truth is, I doubt Ms. Luce is sharing everything she knows, and the effect of not being fully honest will taint her reputation for the rest of her life.

  • popeyeray

    Wait…WTF?! She should be buried neck deep in dirt, then have honey poured on hear head. First let some red ants eat and bite the honey of hear head. Then bring in some killer bees to finish her off.

  • Oh hell naw..

    “A few years a ago a naked 20 y.o. woman spring- thawed in the snow banks of their parking lot.”

    Jesus Christ.

  • TwiztidAngel

    yea…ummm…right…lyin bitch!

    also…on her myspace…she has ultrasound pix for a baby named nevaeh deanna….and in her about me it says
    ” I am going to be having a beautiful son on December 21, 2009 God willing. Her name is Nevaeh Deanna Luce. I can't wait I am so excited.”


  • granny-g

    It says that she said the baby was murdered…….She just does not want to say by whom.
    She should have BABY KILLER tatooed on her forhead.
    Hey I know what happened.
    1 the baby fell onto a couch (after stripping himself, because his mom dressed him funny)
    2 he fell to the floor (but the carpet was extra bouncy)
    3 he bounced into the bath tub (the water was so cold he lept out flying across the room)
    4 he was wet so he turned on the ac because his piggy Mommy used all the towels.
    Yep this had to be what happened.
    If you have no one to PROPERLY care for your children YOU DO NOT LEAVE THEM.
    There are millions of childless couples who would give anything to be “stuck with a baby and
    not be able to go out”
    Rest in peace little angel

  • msheathen

    Me too.

  • fatass

    c'mon what is wrong with this picture! this monster called a “mother” is so full of shit it isnt even funny! whats next? oh i know it is after pregancy syndome! put this bitch in jail and let her get the shit kicked out of her! hold the drama bitch because you arent fooling anyone with those fake tears….

  • Dneil

    Hey everyone. My name is Erica Ashley Luce madien name Caton. I am 21 years old. My birthday is September 18, 1987. I have a beautiful son named Sean Scott Luce, Jr who is three. I am going to be having a beautiful son on December 21, 2009 God willing. Her name is Nevaeh Deanna Luce. I can't wait I am so excited. I have been with the same man for over four years now and married for one and a half years. We got married on Valentiens Day of 2008. It was so beautiful. Believe it or not I am even more inlove with him today than I was when I first met him. Yes he can be a pain in my ass and drive me crazy but, thats what men are good at and I love him any way. My IM is hit me up =”

    ummm, it looks to me she thought the baby was going to be a girl. She later changed it to say SON, but never changed the name. Also, in her pictures are ultrasound pictures…again, everyone talks as if it is a girl.

    Could this be a case where she…. ummm, yeah…. because it was a boy and not a girl?

    Anybody got any takes on this. Look at her myspace and let me know.

  • defenestratethis

    Her demeanor and body language, especially that of her eyes, bear an uncanny resemblence to that of Susan Smith when she agreed to be interviewed on a famous morning TV news show.

  • defenestratethis

    LOL!! Damn him anyway, when will they ever catch that bastard??

  • TwiztidAngel

    i was thinkin the same thing…scroll down to see my post

  • just5minutes

    This bitch can't even fake cry correctly. I mean…let's have some real emotions. I can squeeze out better tears when I get pulled over.

  • namedevilbitch

    she is one psycho bitch. the stories don't add up and she deserves to go to jail. no need for investigation, no one is that stupid to believe that story. she doesnt even know who the father is and never wanted a son according to her my space. u r doing time bitch. you are one screwed up sick woman (ANIMAL) U NEED TO GO TO HELL. baby killer

  • Josh

    I bet she got drunk, passed out and rolled her fat ass on the baby smothering it. Then when she woke up she realized her rolls had commited murder and freaked out splashing the baby with water in hopes of waking it. Worthless fucking bitch.

  • logicalminds

    The Iceman Cometh…and goeth….and this fat bitch was just visiting next door?

    Oh yeah….lives in the hotel….what freak. Glad the other child was taken from her,
    hope they arrest this creep…she can't even fake tears right

  • Captain Howdy

    This is a horrible story, but I had to laugh at your comment. The mental image of the baby leaping across the room due to the cold water in the bathtub made me lol.

  • concernedparty

    the only reason this comment was made because my 15 year old brother was being harassed by said women and her mother… AND IF ANYONE THINKS I WOULD EVER HARM A BABY OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T KNOW A SINGLE THINK ABOUT ME! some people just need to grow up and take responsibility for their actions ( IE leaving a infant alone in the first place… its called neglect)

  • crystalsantiagohatesbabykiller

    I am Not defending this sycho bitch but there are many people On welfare trying to support there kids that get put in a hotel because they are homeless and are trying to get housing from welfare but this crazy high drunken bitch deserves death never mind fast and painless she needs to go through a death no other can handle that poor baby deserved to be born and atleast takin care of by a family worth his love RIP Baby Boy

  • podaboutthis

    just read that they ruled the 3 yr old was responsible for Ethans death — I hope she is punished, if she hadn't left them alone, that would have never happened and now this little boys life will forever be tainted with the knowledge he killed his brother…. crazy

  • jennie1974

    Brother responsible for infant's death
    Watch the raw video of the news conference
    Updated: Friday, 29 Jan 2010, 3:48 PM EST
    Published : Friday, 29 Jan 2010, 11:09 AM EST

    Elysia Rodriguez
    Jennifer Colby
    Hampden County District Attorney William Bennett said the 3 year-old brother is to blame for the death of the 6 week-old infant found dead in a West Springfield hotel room last weekend.

    Bennett said when the 3 year-old was questioned by police, he admitted to injuring his baby brother.

    During a news conference Friday morning, DA Bennett said an autopsy found the infant died from multiple trauma — including several fractures to the skull.

    The infant died Sunday morning at the Clarion Hotel on Riverdale Street.

    In an exclusive interview with 22News, the mother, Erica Luce said she woke up at 3 a.m. and found her infant son covered in cold water, lying naked next to the air conditioner on full blast. She told 22News that she believed a stranger snuck into her room overnight while she was next door visiting a friend. Bennett said the mother's claims that there was an intruder in the room were unsubstantiated.

    During that interview, Luce said her son could not possibly be responsible for the death: “My son, my 3-year-old would never ever do something like that. A 3-year-old doesn't have that type of strength to crush a baby's skull. There's no way.”

    Bennett said although Erica Luce has not yet been charged, but she will eventually be charged with child negligence, among other charges.

    The 3 year-old remains in state custody.

  • TwiztidAngel

    she damn well should be held responsible…i mean who taught her older son that kind of violence?? if she says tv then shame on her again…he should b watchin sesame street at age 3…i think he saw her hit him or the baby and thought thats how they should be treated…baby is cryin and he only does what he was taught…violence….poor babies

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I'm not sure I believe it. Kids that age can be coached pretty well…and while I can see the baby having a skull fracture from falling off of the bed, it doesn't explain the multiple fractures (infants that age still have pretty flexible bones, including skull bones, so it's my understanding that fracturing them takes a LOT of effort) or the reason why Ethan was “found” naked and wet in front of a running AC. I'm beginning to share the suspicion jennie1974 posted the other day: Ethan was wet down and placed in front of a running AC to refrigerate his body and make it harder for the medical examiner to determine exactly when he died.

    Even if the mother or one of her buddies isn't responsible, I'll bet she wasn't checking those babies every 15 minutes like she claimed. There ought to be video surveillance footage, if not keycard swipe records (if they use a keycard system). I know three-year-olds can be jealous and accidents do happen, but no matter who is ultimately responsible for the baby's death, it most likely wouldn't have happened if the mother hadn't left them alone (or she couldn't blame the toddler, at least).

    ETA: The webpage with the original article has some worrisome comments. Apparently, Ms. Luce used to have a status up that she wanted to hogtie her children and throw them in a closet. It's long gone now, of course.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    BTW, here's the link to her facebook, courtesy of some users on the news story page:

  • mommyto3luckyme

    More details here:

    Article says she left the baby unstrapped in a car seat on her bed for 3 hrs while she was next door in motel room with gang members when she came back room was in disarray.

    She left a 3 year old and 6 wk old alone for 3 hrs!

    It says there were multiple assaults.

    Also says she was staying at the hotel as part of the town's homeless program.

  • weejodie

    Ok…..I have watched that video a couple of times and read and re-read the story and I have only one thing to say. What a crock of shite. She cannot honestly believe anyone will take her seriously. I can't even begin to imagine what in fact did go on in that room but she is guilty as sin. Her whole demeanour is just wrong. Something about her gives me the chills……..

  • supernutz

    i don't believe her. at all.

  • MadeaBecBec

    I said that because I believe that may be where Erica was going to steer the blame, you know, get burdensome baby and new vagjayjay out of the way and Big Daddy will welcome her home with open arms (way long arms) and all that…………..

    Now, we find Big brother was responsible for babys injuries, but it's ultimately on Erica, neglectful POS………

  • superpissedmommy

    The 3 yr old did it? WTF?? When my last son was born his brothers were 3 and 1. I used to bath them together, and one day my precious 1 year old thought to lend a helping hand dumping a small cup of water on the baby's face….. guess what I did, grab my 3 week old baby out of the tub laying his tummy against my arm and explained, calmer than I thought possible, to his brother that drowning was not right! (Unless it was my ex! HA!) At this point my 3 year old was bawling that he didn't want his baby brother to die – yep, he may be over dramatic 😉 – but point was he was CONCERNED. So let s say this innocent little 3 year old decided to help out and bath baby Ethan, I am sure there was NO malicious intent there what so ever to harm the child.
    And this stupid bitch, thinks she can get away with this how???? I would never leave my babies alone in a hotel room for 5 seconds! What if the key card didn't work suddenly when I returned with ice, what if the baby choked on a booger, what if the blanket covered the baby's face ….. you know, all those ridiculoous things parents freak out about but that are so real to us we would never take the chance that a rougue booger might choke our infant in his sleep!!!! Lock her up, sterilize her with a hot pipe, then let her be in a room with real parents for 15 minutes. Job done, no more wasting tax payers dollars to house and feed her obviously starving ass.

  • Eracsurfer

    Welcome… I just wanted say, I like the way you think.

    May I suggest that they use a RUSTY hot pipe?

  • superpissedmommy

    I think rusty would be more than fair…. you're very generous 😉

  • mizwalker

    i'm betting that this is how the whole thing went down….
    baby messes his diaper. 3 yr old decides to step up and take care of the baby since irresponsible stupid bitch mommy is not around. 3 yr old thinks baby needs a bath, so he tries to get baby in the tub, and more than likely drops baby on his head. possibly drops him again or bonks baby's nog a couple of times trying to get him back out of the tub. 3 yr old can't find a towel when he gets baby out so he lays him underneath the a/c thinking that he'll 'blow-dry' baby. has no clue that the bonks to baby's nog are anything serious. iresposible stupid bitch mommy finally shows up very shortly after the scene goes down (judging by the fact that the baby was still wet), KNOWS the 3 yr old has accidentally killed the baby, and makes up a story (including her fantasy check-ins) to try and cover for herself, knowing she's looking at neglect charges. PLUS she knows she's gonna lose her welfare check, what with one baby dead and the other child most assuredly going to end up in state custody. damn i'm a genius.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Judging by how my 4-year-old niece acts around my daughter, that's not outside the realm of possibility. Good call!

  • mizwalker

    thank ya-thank ya! and yup, i feel ya….my oldest boy was 3 when i had my younger son. as much as i knew he loved his baby brother, i was aware that it wasn't the brightest idea to leave them alone in the same room together for fear that my toddler would try to pick up baby-boy and drop him, or accidentally bonk the soft spot (was soooo paranoid about that!).

    still, i'm heartsick for both the little guys, and dumb bitch mommy needs a serious ass-kickin for allowing the situation to transpire in the first place.

  • ShanaCat

    The coronor's report says the 3 year old admitted to inflicting the injuries? Wow. I know he was almost 4 years old and weighed 40 pounds, so that is a lot bigger than an 8 or 9 pound baby, but damn! I would never have expected that outcome. Regardless, mom is still responsible. She should never have left the kids by themselves. A fragile 6 week old that needs to be fed every 2 hours or so and a toddler/pre-schooler who could have easily wandered out into the hallway or let a stranger into the room. How incredibly irresponsible! I hope at the very least she is charged with neglect or contributing to the death of her child.

  • your an idiot!

    I happen to live in a very good part of Springfield! I know right from wrong and would never leave my children unattented! The place has nothing to do with it. There are bad parents in every city/state/country!

  • update 7/14/2010

    Luce pleads not guilty to manslaughter
    Infant son found dead in Clarion Hotel room
    Updated: Wednesday, 14 Jul 2010, 2:02 PM EDT
    Published : Wednesday, 14 Jul 2010, 11:32 AM EDT

    Anthony DiLorenzo
    Jennifer Colby
    SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The mother charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of her six week-old son faced the judge on Wednesday.

    Erica Luce pleaded not guilty to the charges in Hampden County Superior Court.

    The judge released her on her own personal recognizance, under the conditions that she has supervised DSS visits with her 3 year-old son and she participates in the Respite program.

    Luce was indicted on charges of involuntary manslaughter after her infant son was found dead in the room at the Clarion Hotel in West Springfield on January 24.

    The Hampden County District Attorney's Office later determined that Luce's 3 year-old son fatally injured his brother while their mother was out of the room.

    Luce and her children had been staying at the hotel as part of a low income housing program.

    Luce's next appearance in court will be in September.

  • << update, this stupid bitch got off with 5 years PROBATION!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure she’s a crappy mom, but I think a lot of the venom in these comments has to do with her poverty, not her actions.

    She left the kids alone, but she was in a room next door. If this was a room next door in a house, instead of a hotel, no one would think it odd that she was not in the same room with her kids in the middle of the night. Most parents leave their children unattended in a room at night, while they watch TV in the next room over. And it certainly appears that she had nothing to do with the baby’s injuries, her toddler did it.

    This article does state that family members had told her not to leave the baby alone with the toddler, which is where I take issue with her. But that wasn’t mentioned in the original article, so none of these comments are related to that.

  • Stephanie

    whats so fucking funny ? This is my nephew your laughing about here ass whole.

  • Stephanie

    ok listen im the 2 baby boys aunt okay she thought she was having a girl so stop running your cock suckers gonna kill a fucking baby due to its gender are you stupid or something why would you even think that people man so stupid and judgmental im not saying what happen was right but no one knows the story but her so stop jumping to shit if you dont know shit thank you

  • kcjosh

    Are you seriously angrily replying to people on a story from 3 years ago? I don’t know why I’m getting notified but you are never going to win any arguments on this. That girl was a fucking idiot and her actions caused the death of a small child. Now seriously fuck off and go somewhere else.