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Timothy Victoria Multi-Tasks

January 8, 2010 at 3:57 am by  

Houston, TX – Not much info on this one yet, but on January 4th, officers were dispatched to a home on a report of a triple stabbing. At the scene, a 27-year-old woman was found stabbed to death, her 4-year-old daughter was critically wounded, and 29-year-old Timothy Victoria (Myspace) was found to be suffering from a small stab wound to the stomach. When the child was taken to the hospital, it was discovered that not only had she been stabbed, she’d been sexually assaulted. Though seriously injured, the child was able to shed some light on the incident. According to detectives, the woman was stabbed to death by Timothy, her boyfriend, after she walked in and caught him sexually assaulting her daughter. Timothy initially claimed to be a victim, but investigators believe his minor stab wound was self inflicted. He is now being charged with capital murder. The little girl is hospitalized in critical condition, but is expected to survive.

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  • VelvetGlove

    Oh boy, that's seriously fucked up.

  • Fantastic_MT

    What a fucked up bastard. Poor kid now has to live with the fact that mommy got murdered trying to protect her…of course, I will never understand why a parent would leave a small child alone with an unrelated male. Unfortunately though, relatives and women are just as fucking sick.

  • MeAhna

    I just don't see how people can be attracted to children that way….makes me sick to my stomach. Poor little girl, this is just terrible.

  • MadeaBecBec

    Just die, hard, Timothy Victoria! You perverted Punk!
    This from his myspace: I guess you can say I've lived a interesting life.I been through alot of crazy stuff.I've always wanted to live wild.I definitely have a different out look in life, now.I'm 27 and I just want to enjoy life..I'm easy to get along with.Very out going and I like to experience new things.Going on trips and hanging out in different places is what sets me free.Other things I do like,are Fitness,eating good, and drinking on the weekends.I like tatoos and fighting.I have about 6 tats and will probably get more… WORK WORK & WORK I'm goal oriented with the agressiveness to capture success.I see what I want,and I go for it. I work alot but I still find time to hang out and socialize .I believe if you work hard now,you'll be able to have all the fun in the world when your ready to call it(quits) Life is too short to keep messing around… Im smart,but a hard learner.I seem to have to learn things the hard way. I've grown up and I'm ready to see where this road takes me.I'm about challenge & challenging.You know who you are and what I mean about this.Bring it and show me what you got. So this is just a % of me,if your interested in getting to know 99% more of me then write. NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY

    I hope Bubba brings it!!

  • Sin

    His poor poor GF, he has pictures posted of himself along with the GF and her daughter. I found the halloween pics where the GF was dressed as a corpse very erie

  • John

    Another smooth talking slimebag dates mom to do kid. I hate this sort of stuff i wish somone would start a progam to teach young girls and hell even the older ones, how to see the guys for what they are a little better.

  • Bothered

    This mother did not leave her child alone with this POS, she was murdered protecting the child

  • Anna_B

    I think she ought to be given a posthumous medal for it, too. Damn, what an awful time for that child, but at least to know your mother didn't leave you to it…

    I hope that bastard dies a thousand deaths, and that little girl grows up knowing she was worthy of her mother's selflessness. I pray she never entertains the thought that her mother died in vain.

  • “.I like tatoos and fighting.I have about 6 tats and will probably get more…” Yeah, probably! Some ugly fed up jail tats.

  • My daughter has that exact costume…eerie.

  • I don't have any tatoos but planing one to have in my chest.

    Victoria Serviced Offices

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)


  • Captzaraki

    wow sounds like he wrote that shit off a fortune cookie or sumthing…..or maybe he thinks hes a pro shit talker