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St. George Island, FL- 71-year old Marianne Bordt and her husband were vacationing with their 5-year old grandson, Camden Hiers, in Florida on Monday when the bitch did the unthinkable. After her husband went to the store, she drowned Camden in the bathtub. Bordt then tried to drown herself by wading into the Gulf of Mexico wearing heavy clothes, but, unfortunately, the crazy bitch was unsuccessful. When her husband, Heinz, came back from shopping, he found his wife returning from the beach soaking wet from the neck down and dressed in a red jacket and long underwear. When Mr. Bordt went into the house, he found his grandson lying in the bathtub with his face in the water. He pulled Camden out of the bathtub and placed him on the living room floor. Bordt told her husband that she killed the boy because she did not want him to grow up in a divorced home.

So…you fucking held him beneath the water until his small body ceased to struggle and watched as the air bubbles from his mouth gurgled upward to the surface draining him of life?! I don’t know what kind of fucking cracked crystal ball you used to think he was bound for a hard life with divorced parents, but mine tells me that, very possibly, the boy’s last thoughts were of his mother, his father, his grandfather, and wanting to know why his grandmother was hurting him and would not let him up to breathe. I really hope your next vacation is a permanent one in Hell, bitch! It was Heinz who made sure Marianne went to the authorities. At first, Marianne tried to run away, but her husband caught her and forced her into the back of their car. He then immediately drove to a local fire station where he turned her ass in.

Boy, 5, Crushed To Death Inside Atlanta Rotating Restaurant

Marianne Bordt now resides in the Franklin County Jail where she is under a suicide watch. She has been charged with first-degree murder without bond. First-degree murder convictions in Florida are punishable by either death or life in prison without parole. The Germany Consulate was also contacted because the Bordts are both German nationals. Camden’s parents had joint custody of him after they divorced in 2006, but he lived mostly with his mother, Karen Hiers,  in Roswell, Georgia. Karen Hiers is the Bordt’s daughter. Camden’s father, David Hiers, lived nearby. May you forever RIP little man.

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  • My heart just broke….

  • boseinearheadphones
  • Avenger

    She's going to hell. She's about to spend eternity having her face held underwater until she dies, then she'll do it again, and again, and again, and….

  • granny-g

    May your life hold nothing but horror you evil bitch.
    My prayers to this childs family that survive him.
    You are no grandmother. You are less than human waste.

  • Skeptical

    Wow! Just wow! There is no way I could even consider doing something like that to my grandchild! I hope they fry the bitch!

  • Angry

    I work for Camden Hiers father, He is a wonderful and caring person. His whole life was wrapped around Camden. I can not believe that the grand mother could kill her own grandchild. Camden was a happy 5 year old always full of laughter and she took that away from his dad. I hope the grandmother always remember Camden face when he died by trusting her, because I seen the faces of Camden family and friends right after they received the news of what happened. That will be faces that I always will remember of them realizing that his only son was murdered.

  • Teacher Amy

    I have worked with camdon for over a year. He was a very sweet little boy with a big brightsmile. He loved his mommy and daddy very much. He would always talk about spending time with his family at sporting events and on weekends. Camden you will be missed. We love you !!!

  • Surreal

    I hate the stories that involve the death of children the same age as my own. You can't help but picture your own child in that situation. I say we put this bitch in the same cell as that guy who raped his own grandmother; she's probably his type.

  • Abroad

    So sorry for your loss as well, Teacher Amy.

  • jason

    my deepest thoughts go out to the family, this has truly impacted my life. I am one of the officers that responded to this tragic incident.

  • Smiley

    Who the hell is she to play “God” for that child and his parents? If every kid from a broken home in America was murdered, we'd have pretty much no next generation. I feel so sorry for his parents, I'm sure this blindsighted them.

  • ethel

    thank god the womans husband turned her in

  • non

    Oh my God! It's one of the Golden Girls! The one who's the ugliest of the three. Hey, let me at her, I'll drown the fukn battle axe. CUNT!

  • Christine

    When did killing kids whenever you have a bad day become a trend? When will we do something that says as a nation, “We won't stand for this!!!!!” – Ugh. RIP little one. I pray it was quick and painless.

  • spank me I'm Canadian

    First time commenter here.

    I hope this woman does not survive until her court date. I hope one of the other women in jail chokes the shit out of her and then stomps on her head until she dies. I'm not even American, it's not like my tax dollars would be used to pay for her jail stay, but she's a piece of shit and I want her gone.

    That is all.

  • John

    Parents killing children,step-parents killing children,Boy and girlfriends killing children,grandparents killing children, and children killing all of the above. How do you stop it all this crap?

  • This is why I don't hardly let my kids out of my sight. People are nuts.

  • meanbitch

    OMG! That poor little boy…that is so sad…that stupid evil bitch. That's really all I can say..fucking bitch…

  • The only thing this crazy loon saved her grandson from was living with a stinkin' crazy Grandmother.