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Clearwater, FLSamantha Broadhead, 11, and her boyfriend, 15-year-old Jack Ault, are in a heap ‘o trouble, Demonites. The pair allegedly plotted to kill Samantha’s mother with fire. It is being reported that early Tuesday morning, the day before Nancy Broadhead’s 48th birthday, Samantha and Jack poured gasoline on Nancy’s bed and floor as she slept. After setting the fire, the two fled in Nancy’s car. At about 1:00 a.m., Nancy was awakened by a smoke alarm. She was able to escape the home, but sustained serious burns and suffered from smoke inhalation. The house is now uninhabitable. According to police spokeswoman Beth Watts, a preliminary investigation shows the motive to be “your typical teenage angst.” Watts went on to say that tension escalated “when the mom confronted the daughter about stealing some of her cigarettes.” Teenage angst? Nah – I’ve seen teenage angst and that ain’t fucking it. Samantha later returned to the scene and agreed to be taken in for questioning – her partner in crime was picked up at a friend’s house. Both kids are going to be charged with attempted murder and arson – Jack will be looking at an extra charge of grand theft. Jack was taken to juvie and Samantha is being detained under the Baker Act. But, that’s not the end of this crazy little love story….

Seems Jack has been causing trouble for years – his very first arrest, for battery, was at the ripe old age of 8. He was arrested a total of five times just this year, the charges ranging from domestic battery to probation violations to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Nice kid, huh? And the victim, Nancy Broadhead, has had her share of trouble as well. A spokesperson for DCF stated that there is an “extensive family history” of cases involving both Samantha and Jack, but no open cases. It is being reported that the police have been called to the home at least 7 times in the past year on domestic disturbance complaints. Nancy has been arrested several times and convicted of child neglect, DUI, indecent exposure, and resisting an officer. In 2005, she faced charges of child abuse and battery, but the charges were dropped. Heh…dysfunction at it’s finest. I think there’s a couple of gene pools out there that could have used some serious chlorination a long, long time ago.


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  • Christi

    I am having such a hard time believing this. My little sister is 11, she still plays with dolls and the littlest pet shop, no interest in boys or fire. I guess maybe that’s because my parents provide her with all the love and attention that she needs (and home school.) Things like this make me thankful that I came from the family that I did…I am going to call my Mom now…

  • Anna B.

    If Mom was abusing her and got the charges dropped, I could see it.. Especially with a violent ‘boyfriend’ who is all too glad to help her see the “easy solution”.

  • Kdogg

    And the cycle continues. I’m taking a wild guess Jack’s homelife wasn’t Ozzie and Harriet either.
    And yes Nancy is the victim here.. but people ask what would make an 11 year old girl do this? Mom’s arrest record gives a pretty good indication.

  • Darsa

    ELEVEN??? Holy crap, that’s just crazy.

  • Had Jack not yet seen trial for the aggravated assault charge? If he had and is already out, that’s just unacceptable.

  • gypsy_soul

    It is being reported that the police have been called to the home at least 7 times in the past year on domestic disturbance complaints. Nancy has been arrested several times and convicted of child neglect, DUI, indecent exposure, and resisting an officer.

    Makes you wonder what exactly was happening to that little girl. Who the hell lets their 11 year old date a 15 year old boy anyway? At 11 I was too old to play with Barbies but young enough to still think boys had “cooties”

  • backlash

    I started to WTF? this story, then remembered it happened in Florida. Now it makes sense.

  • missycaro


  • Pipmeister

    So, like, shouldn’t you at least be a teenager to have teenage angst?

  • Deety

    So, like, shouldn’t you at least be a teenager to have teenage angst?

    That was my first thought. And to me, teen angst involves black nail polish, shitty music, and using a safety pin to scratch an anarchy symbol onto your body.

    From the linked article:

    She was charged in July 2002 with driving under the influence of alcohol with her then 4-year-old daughter in the car. Her blood-alcohol level was reported as higher than 0.25 percent. Florida law presumes impairment at 0.08.

    The child abuse complaint states that Broadhead was intoxicated and “began beating her child repeatedly with her hands.” When Broadhead’s live-in boyfriend tried to stop her, he was also struck, the complaint states.

    Court records state that Nancy Broadhead took Brent to a Ku Klux Klan rally in Arcadia in 1989 when she was dating a Klan officer.

    I really didn’t think I would end up feeling bad for the eleven year old who lit her mom on fire. But I kinda do…

  • Csg99

    yall dnt fucking know jack i do he aint a bad fucking kid he is misunderstood i look out for him for 2 years and kept his ass outta trouble he is not dumb enough to fucking set someones mom on fire he is fucking innocent and i know this for fack i know when that kid lies and where he is most of the time i know he was at his frineds that night and was not with samantha she is a fucking 11 year old whore have any of yall seen a picture of her he didnt know she was 11 and she is the trouble maker not him yall need to fucking stop talking shit bout kids you dont know get ur fucking facts straight cops dnt know what rly happend its all wat they think happened. jack is a good kid and doesnt deserve this and what samantha just get baker acted thats fucking bull shit she should be serving his sentance in the correctional facility not him

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    Your grasp of the English language just astounds me.

    “samantha she is a fucking 11 year old whore “

    Well, that's so sweet of you to say.

  • Sugarglider1

    You sound like a Grade A Idiot (or should I say Grade F, which is probably what your grades in school were, too). Jack was FIRST ARRESTED at AGE 8. If you think that's what a good kid is, you're a retard.

    So, if anyone was corrupting anyone here, it was Jack doing the corrupting. He is a teenager. She is a child. And how did he not know she wasn't in high school? Huh? Of course he knew how old she was. Fuck off.