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ICP Chick VS Emo Chick = Lame

December 14, 2009 at 10:02 am by  

Newark, Ohio – Back in September emo chick, Alexis Xanders, and her emo boyfriend were walking home from school while being followed by about 10 other classmates. One of these classmates is a 15-year-old girl who is on the school wrestling team, an ICP fan, and who has had a longstanding beef with Xanders since the 5th grade. After making a comment about not liking Insane Clown Posse, things escalated to what you will witness in the video you can watch after the jump, but really there isn’t much to it. A bunch of shit talking from the one girl while being goaded on by some of the crowd before Xanders gets popped in the face and her boyfriend…hugs her. The point of it all is that the video was posted on Youtube recently, and because of that charges have been filed against the 15-year-old girl who punched Xanders, and she has been removed from the wrestling team, agreed not to participate in the school’s homecoming celebrations and eventually just withdrew from the school. She was charged as a juvenile with individual counts of assault, menacing and unlawful restraint. Prosecutors are looking into charging other people from the video for inciting the fight.

Now I understand that emo is just goth for pussies, but Jesus Christ, man…if my girlfriend got punched in the face right in front of me – girl or no girl – that ICP fan would have been carrying her teeth home in her pocket.

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  • backlash

    if my girlfriend got punched in the face right in front of me – girl or no girl – that ICP fan would have been carrying her teeth home in her pocket.

    Maybe you’re just not as “in touch” with your feelings as he is.

  • angela

    I though the black shirt was the boyfriend or a guy friend along with that girl…that was female? THe face was blurred, but the body language and the clothes all pointed to “it” being a male…

  • http://www.dreamindemon.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=12 Athena

    if my girlfriend got punched in the face right in front of me – girl or no girl – that ICP fan would have been carrying her teeth home in her pocket.

    Really? There are three circumstances under which I expect a significant other to jump in – if I get hit by a man, if I look like I’m sustaining serious injury or I’m being jumped by more than one person. Outside of that, any intervention just makes me look bad. Luckily, that rule’s never had to be tested, because I can certainly understand the urge.

  • sarabei

    That is about the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Kids today are complete idiots. This girl (I don’t have sound so I don’t know what was said) was apparently just trying to walk away from the situation. And FILMING shit like this…ignorant…just ignorant.

  • backlash

    I don’t have a problem with the ICP girl wanting to fight emo girl. That’s going to happen in life. Emo girl took the punch, and didn’t flinch, so good for her. She didn’t run away, but she obviously didn’t want to fight. My problem is with all of the little shitheads following and egging the whole thing on. Those motherfuckers should all be forced to do an atomic situp with Rosie O’Donnell after she runs a mile.

  • http://www.dreamindemon.com Morbid



  • BoringUsername

    You’re kidding right? I am pretty sure getting blood on a woman when she is stabbing you to death is a class A felony, like I told my girl. If a dude gets in your face I got your back but a chick? She is just going to have to take a beating. NO woman is worth 10 years of bubba love.

  • http://www.dreamindemon.com Morbid

    You’re kidding right?

    No. Not a jury out there gonna convict me for trying to stop a female member of a wrestling team from continuing to assault my girlfriend who is not fighting back. The fact that she is an ICP fan may even get me some reward money.

  • Castille

    The fact that she is an ICP fan may even get me some reward money.

    I’d send you a card for it while you sat in jail anyway 😉

  • http://www.dreamindemon.com Morbid

    Damn, Castille, where the hell have you been?

  • msolsen05

    ICP chick (boy) needs to have some seriouse counceling of some sort. Its scarey how now and days kids seem to thrive on making others miserable and filming it. Btw, who cares if the girl was emo, she is just a kid who didnt want to fight. Hopefully any charges given or forthcoming will stick and ICP chick will have all the time in the world to think about it while in juvi.

  • http://myspace.com/tricia381 Tricia

    It looked like “he” hit her twice. Faces were blurred so I could be wrong. I agree with Morbid, tho. This dude is like twice her size…width wise, and she (victim) was trying to walk away. Whatever happened to using your words? They dont teach that anymore? And like this girl really cared about the schools homecoming activities. Take away something she likes…or force her to take a shower as punishment.
    BTW, I love emo girls backpack. Keroppi started my love of frogs back as a kid.

  • Okeebc

    Who raises these animals? This pisses me off. What is even sadder is if I had happened to be a passerby who witnesses the assault, stop and lay a hand on the perp….I go to jail.

    My daughter was being bullied for a short time, along with a few other girls, by this new girl in school who happened to be a bull dyke cowgirl complete with boots and buckle. It didnt last long as someone beat the dog shit out of her with a shovel leaving her brain damaged. I do not condone vigilante action but on the other hand I think it might be a deterrent.

  • http://rosalinda420.wordpress.com RosaLinda420

    who gives a fuck…
    emo sucks and so does icp,
    just let the angry losers fight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anna-Hall-Grillot/100000054600337 Anna Hall Grillot

    “if my girlfriend got punched in the face right in front of me – girl or no girl – that ICP fan would have been carrying her teeth home in her pocket.”

    Will you go out with me? JK, happily married, but I find that romantic. BTW, I was a head-banger/juvenile delinquent and fought my own fights, but would have loved to sit a couple out and have someone else fight for me.