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Samantha Kuberski, 6, Found Strangulated

December 5, 2009 at 1:48 pm by  

McMinnville, Oregon – Very little information on this one right now, but according to authorities, on December 2nd, police were called to the home where Samantha Kuberski lives with her parents and three siblings on a report of an unresponsive child. It has been reported that Samantha was found unconscious with a child’s corduroy belt and blanket wrapped around her neck – she never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead at the hospital. She was just five days shy of celebrating her 7th birthday. Though Samantha’s mother was home at the time, along with her siblings, ages 11, 8, and 5, nobody in the home could say how Samantha ended up entangled in the items. Samantha’s father arrived home at the same time she was being loaded into the ambulance. Her parents were interviewed and ‘age-appropriate’ interviews are being done with the other children in the home. As always, we will update as more information becomes available.


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  • NoWhining

    Something about mom is making me suspicious.

    Anyway, here are their MySpaces…


  • petrina

    well, mom is exceedingly concerned that everything in her world appear perfect, that is apparent from her myspace. Who takes 8 pictures of a plate of zucchini smothered in yuck sauce?

    and if you look at dad’s myspace, it looks like he hasnt been on there since 2008, then mom comes on in nov 09 and says that she should update it for him. then there is a comment from a chick who seems to have just been contacted by the myspace. maybe mom was creepin around lookin for a gf? also, about that time, there is a comment on mom’s myspace, allegedly from dad, telling her she did a great job decorating the tree. i wonder if she wrote that to herself?

    doesnt make her the strangler, but weird.

  • Jus Shaking My Head

    My bets are on the mom.

  • Jus Shaking My Head

    Just a thought, if Dad’s myspace states he makes less than $30,000 a year and they have a family of 6, how can she have all she has?

  • hellbettie

    What? Wait, maybe I’m missing something. Why does the mother look suspicious because of her myspace? God damn, don’t be on anybody’s jury anytime soon. Holy shit!

    I’m assuming the parents went and made their myspaces private, I’ll look around for a cache of it, but using their myspaces is just kinda lame. OMG mom looks like she is trying to attain perfection, she did it. I mean, that’s kinda laughable. 🙂

    I think kids are goofy creatures that do things and don’t realize the outcome of what they do. My best best bet on this one, is the child was playing “the choking game” by herself. Bout the age for it. She probably heard about it at school and tried it out, using the blanket to hide the belt in case anybody came in and caught her doing it. All it takes is one time not regaining consiousness, or slipping and choking yourself to off yourself. I say, accident.

    I do not see anything about the parents that makes me think anything bad about them. Except why are they taking a pic of a shitting dog? Poor thing.

  • sugarglider

    I’m gonna be cynical and go with the 11 year old.

  • Coyote

    I was thinking along the lines of the choking game gone wrong. I do believe one of the other kids knows what happened.

  • defenestratethis

    I’m thinking it was a kids game gone horribly wrong.

  • Uvgottabkiddin

    My best best bet on this one, is the child was playing “the choking game” by herself. Bout the age for it.

    You’re off by a few years… the average age for the “choking” game is 12-14. It would be rare for a 6 year old to try it. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I’m just saying that the odds are not with the “choking game”

  • Uvgottabkiddin

    my last quote I learned in child psychology, the below info was from googling it.

    The average ages are 11-16, 87 percent of fatalities are boys.. and 90 percent happen when an adult is home… Ugh that’s sad. Again I’m not saying that this was not a case of the choking game, just not likely.

  • ladylake

    How bizarre is this thought? Suicide.

  • meme91

    look i dont know the parents very well but i know that kellie would never hurt one of her children… she is a loveing mother just like her mother (which i happen to know very well) this is a tragedy, and they are all grieving… no one knows if it was an accident or not so dont assume anything… it just makes you all look stupid… sad but true

  • roxeegirl

    Kellie Kuberski was listed as an aunt in this baby’s obituary…
    Read the disgusting story!

    PEORIA — Benjamin Allen Reeve Sargent, 5 months, of Peoria passed away Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008, at his residence in Peoria.
    Benjamin was born Aug. 27, 2007, to James E. Sargent and Tracy Del Hermann of Peoria.
    Benjamin is survived by his loving parents; a sister, Natalie-Grace Hermann of Peoria; grandparents, Thomas Eugene (Rosemary Irene) Sargent of Marquette Heights, Ill., and Wendell Allen (Connie Lou) Bohna of Topeka, Ill.; great-grandparents, James Murrell of Washington, Ill., Del (Marian) Bruderer of Tremont, Utah, and Cozette Bohna of Beaverton, Ore.; uncles, John Oliver Bohna of Topeka, Ill., and Joseph Conrad Bohna of Peoria; aunts, Kellie Christine Kuberski of McMinnville, Ore., Jennie Rose Eilene Bohna of Topeka, Ill., and Julie Ann Bohna of Topeka, Ill.; and great-aunts, Brenda Murrell of Washington, Ill., Ruth Damm of Washington, Ill., and Linda (Dr. Daniel) Hoffman of Mount Vernon, Ill.
    Services will be at 1 p.m. Monday, Feb. 18, 2008, at Davison-Fulton Woodland Chapel in Peoria, with Pastor Rod Willy presiding. Visitation will be one hour prior to services on Monday. Interment will be in Parkview Cemetery in Peoria.
    Memorials may be made to the family.

    On February 12, 2008, Peoria Police responded to a call at 3012 W. Proctor Street in Peoria. Found dead and strapped in a car seat that had been placed in a crib was 5-month-old Benjamin Sargent. The defendants are his parents. Benjamin was wearing a blue snow suit. It was zipped up. The temperature in the room was near 80 degrees. Benjamin’s eyes were open, his hands were clenched in a fist-like position and, although dead, his eyes were staring straight ahead. Police investigation and medical and pathtological examination would reveal that Benjamin had been strapped into this car seat and had not left it in eight days. All waste and urine had collected beneath him and his buttocks, legs and back were eaten into by the resulting poison. Some waste left in Benjamin’s colon resulted in constipation because it could not be pushed out of his body due to starvation.

    James Sargent was present at the house and, when interviewed on that day, and again on February 18, his answers to questions confirmed for police that Benjamin had been returned to the residence on February 4, 2008, by a grandmother and he was in the same car seat, wearing the same snow suit, and confined in the same manner as when he was found dead eight days later. A person who ‘stayed’ with others in the garage of the defendants told police that he was the one who observed Benjamin in the car seat, and on the living room floor, and that it was he who found this odd and so, he placed the child (while in the car seat) in a baby crib in a bedroom. The house was kept in an outrageous condition with nothing in its place, food left out and spoiled, and belongings scattered everywhere. Clothing, articles, spoilage, and debris were stacked everywhere around the house.

    James Sargent told police he “thought” he had maybe moved Benjamin once or twice during the eight-day period but, upon further questioning, he conceded that he may not have been moved at all. The person from the garage tells police that Benjamin was found just as he had left him eight days earlier. The ‘mother’ was in Iowa, where she had gone to see a male boyfriend she found over the internet. She told police that caring for her baby Benjamin was not her duty and that it was James’ responsibility. Before heading to Iowa on the day before Benjamin was found dead, Tracy Hermann said she looked at the baby in the crib and presumed he was sleeping so she said she stuck a bottle between the baby and the side of the car seat so that when he woke up he could grab it and feed himself if he was hungry. In case the court missed it earlier, Benjamin Sargent was five months old. Tracy Hermann also has a daughter, almost 3, who Tracy Hermann seems to have ‘given away’ to a family member.

    A shelter care hearing on that matter is now pending in the Circuit Court because I am also seeking to remove her permanently and forever from any contact with Tracy Hermann. Preliminary examination of Benjamin Sargent’s body showed that he weighed 10 pounds, suffered from sepsis in the blood and tissue, was without proper liquid and food and that he died from starvation due to neglect by the two defendants who stand before you, Tracey D. Hermann and James E. Sargent.

  • sugarglider

    I remember that case! It’s heartbreaking one. This is the same family?!

  • omgstupidpeople

    the eleven year old is wheel chair bound and handicap you jerk

  • omgstupidpeople

    shut the hell up just because someone puts that shit on myspace doesn't mean that what it is… people can lie or just put whatever cause it has to be filled in… and their right judging someone by their myspace is extremely lame

  • NameUncle

    These are good people that experience a horrible tragedy, now, they are victimized again…by a bunch of mean spirited idiots.If you do not know the facts of the case,then keep your mouths shut. The mother, sisters, father had no involvement in this. It was a tragic, horrible accident committed by a beautiful 6 year old. She will be missed, my prayers are with you…

  • Rockin_Ma

    McMINNVILLE, Ore. – A 6-year-old McMinnville girl's death has been ruled a suicide by the medical examiner.

    Samantha Kuberski was found with a blanket and a child's belt wrapped around her neck in December.

    Police say her mother and three young sisters were home at the time.

    According to McMinnville's News Register, the Deputy State Medical Examiner said a suicide by a 6-year-old is not common but that is the conclusion of the investigation.

  • in2sin

    the mom and the sisters did it for sure guilty guilty guilty

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    My brother tried to off himself that way when he was six. He had been raped, and he didn't tell anyone for over two decades. I just thank God that the rope broke. I wish it had for this poor child, too.

  • The girl, days short of her 7th birthday when she died in December, is thought to be the youngest person ever to commit suicide in Oregon, according to the state Department of Human Services. Police detectives, however, said they believe the death was an accident.

    Both sides largely based their conclusions on interviews conducted with the girl's parents and siblings. Though the records of those interviews remain secret, police and medical examiners discussed what was said.

    Detectives learned Samantha was well-liked, well-adjusted and did well at school. She had not been abused, had not suffered a recent trauma and had expressed no thoughts of suicide until about an hour before the incident, when she threatened to kill herself after being chastised by her mother and sent to her room.

    While her mother and three siblings were in another part of the house, the authorities said, Samantha got inside an unused crib that had no mattress or box spring. She placed a child's belt around her neck and tied it to the upper railing of the crib, hanging herself. The first-grader died at a hospital after the family and paramedics tried to save her.

    Dr. Clifford Nelson, the deputy state medical examiner, ruled the death a suicide, a conclusion police did not support.

    “The disagreement is a little more philosophical than it is material to the case,” McMinnville police Capt. Dennis Marks said prior to the public records request. “It's not that we disagree with the mechanics of what happened. It's the finding that a 6-year-old could form that kind of intent.”

  • tundratot

    More investigation is needed. I agree that six-year-olds do not form this kind of intent without some severe provocation. What happened to that poor child?! And, the very sad story about the baby only confirms in my mind that we have a dysfunctional extended family here. Grandma says enough, dumps baby back in parents' laps. Neither parent will own up to caring for the baby, so won't pick him up because that might indicate responsibility. Baby dies. Little girl forms the idea of killing herself, regardless that her birthday is coming up fast, a day that shines brightly enough in most kids' minds that they are holding out for it. No way she did this in a vacuum. Some serious intervention is needed in this family — all of it.