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OMAHA, Nebraska — After the girlfriend of 28-year-old Sylvester Porchia found him flirting online, she got her revenge and Porchia found himself suffering some humiliation at the hands of a woman scorned. What she did was to take pictures of him after he agreed to be handcuffed to his bed naked. She then left him there, logged into his Facebook account and posted the pics. Porchia wasn’t even aware of what she had done until he had managed to free himself and his friends started calling wanting to know what why the hell he was posting nekkid pics of himself on Facebook. Understandably, Porchia is a bit pissed and after filing a protection order against her, police are investigating possible domestic assault and false imprisonment charges. We talk about double-standards here at D’D all the time, and Porchia brings up another one. No doubt had the roles been reversed and he had posted pics of his naked girlfriend on Facebook as revenge, he would be sitting in jail and women would be calling for his testicles on a fork.

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Michael Jones Accused Of Feeding Son To Pigs After Beating Him To Death
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  • sarabei

    Hee Hee…Testicles on a fork….***snicker***

  • Boughtthefarm

    Yeah but ummm cops are overlooking the obvious….the sumbitch wanted to be tied up threrfore it wasn’t false imprisonment nor domestic violence. Why are they wasting a courts time with this BS?

  • Agreeing to be handcuffed for sex play is not the same as being handcuffed and left that way, especially when it was misleading and the intent was revenge. False imprisonment is adequate. Again, had this story been about a woman being left handcuffed naked to a bed, I doubt you would have even made that comment.

  • Agreed, Morbid. I’m hoping she’s charged and that an appropriate sentence is dispensed. This is a dramatic overreaction to what she found him doing, and frankly, I’m tired of bitches thinking they will get away with things simply because they’re women.

    Oh, and good for this guy for filing a report. 4 out of 5 men in his position would have prefered this stay private.

  • Boughtthefarm

    I think he got what he deserved and to take this BS to the court system is a waste of tax payers $$. He allowed her to tie his dumb ass up and this is what he gets. If the situation were reversed and the same circumstances applied, I wouldn’t have any sympathy for her.

  • I think he got what he deserved and to take this BS to the court system is a waste of tax payers $$. He allowed her to tie his dumb ass up and this is what he gets.

    Wow. So you are saying that someone who consents in being handcuffed to a bed for some sexual play with their mate, deserves to be left there and have their naked pictures posted online. And that the person who left someone defenseless and imprisoned should go off scott free. Gotcha.

  • Boughtthefarm

    I am saying that anybody that agrees to be tied up naked is stupid. I wouldn’t even let my husband do that to me. Unless maybe he used thread so that I could break loose should I need to. What kind of fool does that?? A horny freaking male that just wants to use the poor woman for sex. Not sayin what she did was right either….just a couple of dumb asses. And a waste of taxpayers $$$.

  • I’ve been tied up willingly before, and my intellect is 99th percentile. But, by all means, keep digging your hole deeper. This impressive display of piss poor logic and prejudice is intriguing.

  • Zibarro

    OK… seeing as she left him there to free himself – I get the false imprisonment part. Where does the “domestic assault” come in to play?

    Also, whose Facebook profile did she post them on? Has he ever consented to having his nekkid pics posted before? I think the worst that could happen on that front is she is banned for violation TOS. Nekkidness is a no-no. 🙂

    I digress – how did she assault him?

  • Deety

    If you can’t trust your own husband to tie you up nekkid, who can you trust?

  • unraveled_bear

    Consenting bondage can be kinky as hell. It can also be a rewarding experience in mutual trust between partners. It can be both. It’s also not for everyone, but I’ve enjoyed it and I’m no dummy.

    Not sure about assault, but yes, I buy imprisonment. Flip the genders, and there would be calls for blood. Sure, if he was flirting, he was in the wrong initially. What she did was far, far worse. It was petty, childish, and criminal.

    Personally, I feel it is crucial to the advancement of gender equality that she receive the same treatment a man in the same position would.

  • MadeaBecBec

    And why is her name nowhere in this article? Mug, too?

  • She has not been charged with anything

  • MadeaBecBec

    Ahhhh…. I see, why no mug, but a name, yeah that’s needed here, we’ll find her myspace and facebook and all else, to shame her down! She really did this? Are we sure he didn’t make it up after he was admonished by the Facebook mods for posting explicit pics??