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Upper Darby, Philadelphia – Be warned, the video after the jump is brutal. It shows Rhashad Carlton, 25, and his mother, Bonita, 45, involved in some type of altercation outside of a West Darby bar. While it does not show the events that lead up to the physical assault, it plainly shows Carlton stomping on the face of an unidentified yet clearly unconscious man. Over and over and over again. Ending the stomping with a flurry of punches. No telling how long this may have gone on had a cop not come from the police station across the street and threatened to tase both mother and son. The reason for the assault?  “Mom was disrespected inside the bar,” said Michael J. Chitwood, superintendent of police. He said the victim did not know the attackers. Mother and son were charged with with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct, but attempted homicide charges are expected for Rashad Carlton. Bonita has been released on bail, her son is being held in the Delaware County prison. The victim was taken to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and was treated for blood on the brain, fractures to bones in his neck and face, and numerous cuts to his face.

Pretty rough, huh? Carlton has a past criminal history including aggravated assault. No one in the bar is giving up any info one what actually happened inside, the bartender, who sounds like she came right out of Stephen Seagal movie being questioned about a patron he wants to talk to, said that “nobody here saw nothing that night. I wasn’t here.” What does superintendent of police think about the establishment? Chitwood called the bar “a cesspool and a pit.” You can check here to see some video of Bonita offering an apology that it went as far as it did, but that the victim is not innocent in all of it.

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  • After knocking the 37-year-old victim unconscious, the group of suspooks:
    1.Bonita? Carlton
    2.Rhashad Carlton
    continued to kick and stomp him. When a Good Samaritan tried to break up the fight, he was thrown to the ground and assaulted.
    The reason for the beating? The lowdown, lowlife, sadistic FOLKS felt the victim had ‘dissed’ the FOLKS. And how could he help but to “dis” her? There’s not one iota of respect between the both of them.

  • backlash

    I would expect more from a mother and son who go to bars together, and who are also named Bonita and Rhashad…actually, no, I don’t…

  • Boughtthefarm

    No kidding – I rarely bar hop but when I do it is NEVER with my son. Bunch of freaking savages.

  • orion

    yikes! she’s just scary lookin! i can’t imagine there are a whole lot of people out there rushing to give this woman respect. jr must be handing out daily ass whoopings

  • Coyote

    It takes a tough man like ole Rhashad to continually stomp an unconscious man in the face. I think his prison buddies ought to give him a taste of his own medicine, only be sure he’s fully conscious while they stomp his face over, and over, and over.

  • VelvetGlove

    I see where Rashad gets his rugged good looks. What a couple of lowlifes.

  • pms.247

    Wow, I cannot believe she’s only 45!!! She seriously looks she’s pushing 60 or beyond. Dang! Nasty family genes there.

  • eracsurfer

    Hey Bonita….Why the long face?

  • Zibarro


    Takes a “real man” to stomp the shit out of someone who’s not only down – but – UNCONSCIOUS! Yep, nuthin’ says “I love you mom” like a good ole’ fashioned curb stomping!

    Let’s see, today it was because “momma was dissed” – but tomorrow (after a lawyer steps in) – it’ll be because “I’m addicted to drugs and didn’t know what I was doing”.

    This P.O.S. and his pathetic crybaby momma (not crying for the victim I’m sure) both need to be put away in cages like the animals they are. With daily stompings as a reminder of why they are there.

    Hope this guy recovers fully and with no lasting, lingering effects.

  • CassieMomma

    I’d disrespect that crack headed whore as well. Bunch of low life thugs!

  • Rory28

    …Now THAT is Attempted Murder if i ever did see it!!!

  • Boughtthefarm

    I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the video.

  • mopar

    WOW notice mom only started trying to deter him when the other guy left and she looked that way then bam the officer was there. She saw the popo comin is the only reason but she’ll swear different instead of telling the truth that’s how honorable she is.

  • Uvgottabkiddin

    What could he have done to deserve that?? Maybe he tried to saddle momma and feed her a carrot? Neigh!

  • michelle


    Hey Bonita….Why the long face?


  • Anonymous

    Only BAD people hang out and work in bars and nightclubs.