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John Michalik Is A Crazy Ass Cracker!

November 4, 2009 at 1:38 pm by  

Atlanta, Georgia – When John Michalik observed a group of Atlanta Department of Public Works employees doing a bit of Jack and Shit while blocking a road – he pulled out his camera and began filming them. The workers were not pleased by being on camera and one of them let Michalik know it with threats and racial slurs. “You keep putting that camera in my face, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll take that motherfucking camera and whoop your ass,” yelled a DPW employee on the tape. What was the worker doing? reading a tabloid that he displayed to the camera saying he was, “Reading about y’alls crazy ass white folks.” While his fellow employees tried to calm the their fellow worker down, he wasn’t finished. He called John Michalik a “crazy ass cracker” and before driving off he stated, “I’m ’bout to get this motherfucking hammer and beat the fucking hell out of him.

My problem is not how it is being handled as I think they are going about it correctly. The article has DPW stating they do not tolerate this type of behavior and that both sides will sit down at a meeting at City Hall on Wednesday morning. Make a public statement condemning the actions of the employee and then simply fire the guy. His conduct was completely unwarranted and ultimately unbecoming a city worker who is paid by the citizens of Atlanta. I’m sure he is easily replaceable. Done.  My problem is that had the races been reversed, there would have undoubtedly been accompanied by a media circus and leaders descendeding on Atlanta calling for the heads of the DPW crew.

The video can be viewed here.


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  • kaosmayhem

    You can just bet if he does lose his job, it will be the fault of the white man and not his own actions. In these times we all are lucky to be employed, but not this douchebag.

  • But… but… The University of Delaware told me black people can’t be racist. I’m so confused!

  • E Diddy

    Lulz, black folks are so damn funny, except for all the rapin, robbin, and murderin stuff. Other than that, they’re a riot!

  • ScribbleMuse

    I dunno. I get sick of hearing race, race, race. Everything’s a hate crime, and everything is motivated by race. IMO, it’s not always racially motivated, even when race IS brought up. In emotion and stupidity, people usually refer to each other by physical characteristics–i.e. if the guy was fat you can bet “fat” comments would be thrown up. A person is black, white, Asian, Hispanic, it’s the first thing we see. Sometimes a comment is just a comment, and that’s it.

    I understand what you’re saying, but at the same time, isn’t it a little unfair to be throwing race into the issue as a problem by saying IF the races were reversed? For what it’s worth, I agree with you but I just really wish that somehow race would just stop being the unassailable factor, and part of the hate crime focus too–I hate like hell that people can be attacked JUST because they’re gay or black or white or anything in between, but I hate worse that a case of a so-called hate-crime is prosecuted more severely and is more widely hated than a crime where a baby is beaten to death by their parents.

  • backlash

    See what kind of shit happens when you give whitey a camera?

  • IMO, it’s not always racially motivated, even when race IS brought up

    That was my entire point. I was merely poking at the community leaders who use cases like this (when races are reversed) to further their careers by whipping up a media frenzy. I don’t think this guy should be fired for calling the guy a cracker. I think he should be fired for the threats.

  • Wildheart

    University of Delaware

    Thanks for posting that link Athena, I had never heard of this oh-so-informative (not) “Diversity Training” by the University of Delaware. I did, however, run across the “You can’t call ME a racist….I’m BLACK!” line of reasoning quite a bit when I lived in New Orleans. I don’t give a good goddamn what “race” you belong to, when you disrespect and hate someone because of the color of their skin, I’ve got news for you…..YOU are a racist! That’s exactly what this DPW worker did….and hopefully he will get what he deserves. Not to mention he should be fired for blatantly fucking off at work. We all do it (I’m doing it right now :)), but if you’re gonna rub people’s faces in it, you’re gonna have trouble.

  • n1babydoll

    Kinda reminds me of the video Chris Rock did. The one where he says it’s ok if fat people make funny of skinny people but it’s not ok if skinny people make fun of fat people! Since blacks were treated so badly a hundred years ago, they think that they have the right to be racist today!

  • Uvgottabkiddin

    See what kind of shit happens when you give whitey a camera?

    backlash, you are socially unacceptable, but I heart you! hahahaaaa

  • CassieMomma

    Too funny he was filmed not working. How many times have you driven in a construction zone and wondered what the hell are they doing?

  • MadeaBecBec

    City officials responded and apologized to Michalik, put the Asstards lazy ass on unpaid leave, while they investigate. Michalik wants a personal apology from the Crackerjack.
    More video

  • lovemybabe927

    The whole point of freedom of speech is to say what you think or feel. Whether it be motivated by race or anger. If your pissed and you call someone a cracker or a nigger it should still be freedom of speech. We are all still entitled to be, for those who choose, prejudice. Although its a sad thing in many cases. Hate crimes are just BS. But he shouldn’t have done it while at work. It’s one thing to make yourself seem like a jackass but to have your words reflected on who you work for is something entirely different. No matter where you work, or who you work for, you have to keep your composure. If I was his boss he would be gone as soon as I found out what happened.

  • tutkill

    what was that old joke about 3 city workers holding a shovel watching one person dig the hole? Now its 3 city workers reading a tabloid in the middle of the street and all of them are digging their own hole on camera.

  • tutkill


    I am so sorry. Really I am sorry- I don’t act that way…

    yeah it looked like he was a virgin at that cussing crazy act

  • AWWW HELL! If Michalik had been Native American(like me,) the City of Atlanta probably would have charged him with interfering with a city worker from performing his duties…

  • defenestratethis

    I live in an a place where us whiteys make up only 21% of the population, and its truly been an excercise in humility. Personally I dont like it when the word racism is prefaced with the term ‘reverse’..feel like it belittles the definition, somehow. White folks aint the only ones brought up to make faulty assumptions and to hate, the impact of which is equally damaging for both the racist and the racee’. In this case though, I think the guy was just mad at being caught for slacking off on the job.