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Clayton County, Georgia A couple of teachers have found themselves in a bit of hot water.  I guess it’s not such a good idea to post a love letter to your boyfriend’s Facebook when he works in the same building as you…along with his girlfriend. But that’s what happened at Rex Mill Middle School. Ebony sent her man a letter, it was intercepted by Chaka, and all hell broke loose in the hallway Monday during school. They yelled, smacks were thrown about, and the 7th and 8th graders in that school got a quick lesson from their family and consumer science teacher on the fine art of expressing one’s self. The school authorities were not enthused and once the officers were brought in, the brawling teachers were promptly arrested.

What was the letter that set Cobb off? “I am in love with you. I am tired of being your every blue moon[expletive].” I just love fill in the expletives! It stretches my imagination. Cobb, who claims she’s pregnant with Mr. Prince Charming’s baby is reported to have posted a rather “tumultuous” message as well. Monday – hallway – it was ON.

The fight spilled into a classroom and as Cobb stormed off she claimed she was going to post that letter on the blackboard. Oh no she didn’t. And you know…if these two educators were going to go at it, they might as well go for broke. They didn’t disappoint. Cobb was pulled into a classroom by the assistant principal, filled with students, in hopes it would calm her ass down. Didn’t work. Cobb, a language arts teacher, was schooling those kids correctly and Smith came back in to the classroom swinging. This is what the children remembered when interviewed by the police: “[Expletive], you don’t want none of this” and “get the [expletive] off me”. I know they’re teachers but I’m guessing the fill-in word here would be “fuck” each and every time. It just flows nicely.

Ebony Smith was charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct. Chaka Kahn Cobb was charged with disorderly conduct. Both women were released on their own recognizance.

Don’t you know some of those students tried to go home practicing their new vocabulary. “But Mom, our teacher taught us that today in class”.


No Golden Apple Award for Chaka Cobb and Ebony Smith
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  • Jaded

    Chaka Kahn Cobb


  • SeanP

    LOL! My wife is a teacher, and I sub a lot to supplement my income so I’m around a lot of teachers. I just can’t imagine professional educators acting this way…but I guess love makes you do insane things. I hope both these women realize this man obviously isn’t worth fighting over if he’s going to play them both this way. Unfortunately, there is a child involved…not to mention all the kids who witnessed adults behaving in such a juvenile manner.

  • backlash

    I feel for you, Chaka.

  • TheImperialCerealKiller
  • backlash

    Thanks CerealKiller. Somehow, I expected them to be much, ummm, heavier.

  • thinkgoat

    Whoa, I was expecting them to be cute little blonde girls…

  • CassieMomma

    See now why couldn’t of this happened while I was in school?

  • mommacrazy30

    I feel for you, Chaka


  • E Diddy

    I love black chicks named Ebony. They are always so freaking hot. I wish that there were pictures.

  • MadeaBecBec

    Chakas Facebook pic is her showing off her preggers:
    Ebonys Facebook :
    Jethro Tull:
    Well the dawn was coming,
    Heard him ringing on my bell.
    He said, “My name’s the teacher,
    That is what I call myself.
    And I have a lesson
    That I must impart to you….


  • tutkill

    Chakas facebook pic was sooo taken at school. LOL

  • Boughtthefarm

    This post is too funny thinkgoat! What a hillbilly thing to do!

  • Coyote

    And people wonder why kids today have no morals.

  • maureen

    I’m jealous. There was an ongoing rumor that the band teacher was doing the orchestra teacher even though he was married to the English teacher. Would’ve been amusing if they would’ve fought.

  • nellymed

    How professional.

  • coffee achiever

    This is the same school system (Clayton Co.) that lost their accreditation in 2008.

    At this point, I’m surprised the teachers are even bothering to show up.

  • Uvgottabkiddin

    I feel for you, Chaka.

    I heart you backlash!

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