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DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla – On Tuesday, 15-year-old Michael Brewer had skipped school and was visiting a friend outside the Lime Tree Apartments complex. As he sat by the pool, he was approached by five other teens who began yelling that he was a snitch and to “pour it on him“.

When Brewer tried to walk away from the group, police said 15-year-old Denver Jarvis splashed him with a jar of rubbing alcohol and Jesus Mendez, 15, used a lighter to set him on fire. Brewer ended up jumping in the pool to extinguish the flames, but the damage had been done.

He suffered second degree burns over up to 80 percent of his body and was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital. All of this stemming from a dispute over $40.

It is being reported that Brewer owed 15-year-old Matthew Bent $40 dollars for a video game. For repayment, Bent tried to steal Brewer’s father’s bicycle on Sunday night.

Off my front porch– walked right on to my front porch,” recalled Michael Brewer Sr. “We pressed charges and had the kid arrested,” said Valerie Brewer, the victim’s mother.

Bent was arrested, taken to a detention center and released to his parents on Monday, police said. Steven Shelton and Matthew Bent, both 15, and 13-year-old Jeremy Jarvis all face charges of aggravated battery. Jesus Mendez, who police said actually flicked the lighter, faces charges of attempted second degree murder.

Brewer’s sister Malissa Durkee said she knows the teens who attacked her brother. “I’ve seen all of those kids,” Durkee said. “I’ve met all of those kids that did that and it just tears me up to know that they would hurt my brother like that.

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CBS 4 News was able to get one of the accused’s parents to talk to them about the incident. Patricia Hollis’s son is one of the teens accused in the attack. A police report says that her son helped surround Brewer:

HOLLIS: “I feel so sorry for (Michael Brewer), I really do. And it’s sad. It really is.
CBS4: “As far as your son’s involvement?
HOLLIS: “That’s sad too. For him to even be in an atmosphere like that.”
CBS4: “Did he have anything to do with it?
HOLLIS: “As far as I know, no he didn’t. Wrong place at the wrong time.”

One hell of a price to pay over a video game. I hope they make examples out of all five of the teens charged. We handled things a bit differently when I was these kids’ ages.

One kid I had an issue with for some dumb reason or another, asked if he could have a glass of water after a game of football in my front yard. Sure, no problem. I went inside and grabbed a large plastic cup and then went into the bathroom and dunked the cup into the toilet.

Whoever had used the toilet last did not give it a courtesy flush as their were still bits of toilet paper floating around. Well now they were floating around inside the plastic cup as I added some ice cubes to it. That’s the kind of revenge I like – watching a kid I dislike unknowingly drink toilet water with bits of used toilet paper swirling around in it – not setting his ass on fire.

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Update: You can click hear to listen to the 911 calls. But let me tell you, it is heartbreaking and I would advise you NOT to listen to them. You hear Michael in agony screaming for someone to help him. It is extremely disturbing and absolutely enraged me beyond the point of being mentally healthy.

If I was this kids’ father, I would kill every one of those motherfucking kids. I know that is a knee-jerk reaction and would solve absolutely nothing – but my kid is around Michael’s age and if I were to hear this shit, I would go insane. But not before I did something really stupid to four kids.

It is not known if this kid is even going to survive. Doctors fear his organs are going to start failing. There are little signs that Michael Brewer’s condition is improving, his mother said Thursday: He responds to her voice. He makes motions with his hands. He likes it when his mom rubs his feet.

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  • Coyote

    Thanks for bringing this to the front Morbid. As I stated in the forums, I had a friend severely burned as a young teenager and know the torture a burn victim has to endure. I hope all these kids are charged as adults as all of them have had previous run-ins with the law. They all need a harsh sentence to realize the severity of their actions.

  • backlash

    They all need a harsh sentence


    Whatever happened to the days of banging someone’s girlfriend to get back at them?

  • Added some pictures of the accused and some video.

  • Coyote

    Whatever happened to the days of banging someone’s girlfriend to get back at them?

    Life was so much easier and less destructing back then, wasn’t it?

    Those Jarvis boys look malevolent.

  • Aside from the burns, the family says most of his hair and his eyelashes were burned off. New members may not be aware, but I have a good bit of experience in burn injuries. Not because I suffered from them, but a family member did and I spent many months at the Chapel Hill Burn Unit. It was a very sobering experience. I wouldn’t wish some of the shit I saw there on my worst enemy. This kid has a long road ahead of him. Hopefully his youth will work to his advantage.

  • Deety

    IMO, the parents need to be help responsible also. When not one, but two of your children are responsible for setting a peer on fire, you failed as a parent.

    We hold parents civilly responsible, why not criminally as well?

  • sarabei

    That poor kid, I hope he makes a full recovery. Where I work we had a guy get burned and the stories he told about people in the burn unit breaks your heart!!!

  • We hold parents civilly responsible, why not criminally as well?

    Because it can just as easily be the luck of the draw. There are too many examples of kids raised in ideal environments only to turn out to be little shits or worse. While it’s entirely possible that there is some failure on the parents’ part, here, it’s not necessarily so.

    Aside from that, to hold one individual criminally liable for the actions of another is contrary to many basic tenets of criminal justice.

    And, ultimately, what would it help? It would be no deterrence, and it could hamper the financial restitution that victims can recover from the parents of criminal minors.

  • Wildheart

    God they all look so young! How can you be so cruel and hateful at such a young age? And is that kid’s name really “Denver Colorado” Jarvis? Wonder where his parents were when they conceived him?? LOL!

  • defenestratethis

    That little fucker in the center looks like the Head Sociopath of his crew…

  • ohno

    I love how Patricia Hollis describes her son’s involvement as “being in the wrong place at the time time.” I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the argument about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A girl beaten so badly she was put into a coma, the perp said “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Two twin boys set a dog on fire, their mother tells the news reporter, my boys were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. WTF NO! Kids scare me :[ Pint size sociopaths

  • TheMorningStar
  • TheMorningStar

  • TheMorningStar

    I cant get the pics to embed 🙁 anyway

    Jesus Mandez

    Steven Shelton

  • I fixed it for you. Front page comments use HTML. A lot of people try to use [IMG]image path[/IMG] tags to post images when you should be using “img src=” code

  • angelinfl

    I live in South Florida. It is very scary. I look around at the youth and teens and they seem angry, disrespectful and full of themselves. I do not think they have had consistant positive parenting. I do not think they have the basis for respect for other members of society even respect for members of their own family.

    I remember the old adage and its now more than 2 generations probably 3 that .. Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child.

    I remember when behavior is school was monitored and it wasn’t the boyscout knife crap of a first grader. If you spoke out of turn or were rude you were sent to the Principal’s office and he paddled your behind. Wasn’t society politer during those days.

    I’m all for old fashioned child rearing methods. I’m all for respect. It takes a village to raise a child but even the parent is not able to do it the old fashioned way.

    Consistant parenting is very important as a hedge against society…. but your kid can be the best behaved, most polite kid out there…. he is going against other kids like the ones who burned this poor teen.

    I just hate society these days. I’m not like the people I see out there. I have values and I care about other people. I think people are also not aware of what is going on around them.

    That is a whole nother topic.

    I’ve rambled enough…. you have my thoughts…

  • backlash

    I just hate society these days.

    I think we all feel that way in some form or another. We all deal with it differently, because we can’t identify or change all that is wrong with society. I take the easy way out and make fun of it, even though it scares me that my daughter will have to deal with all of the creepy bastards out there who might set her on fire over a video game. It’s unfortunate but this is the world we live in, and there’s nothing we can do to change it. (Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Texas, and you can shoot people).

  • I have added the 911 calls to the article. It is some of the most disturbing shit you will listen to, so you have been warned. I have also added video of his mother and the doctor treating him. If this kid makes it, it will be a medical miracle.

  • Kdogg

    They need to be locked up for life. Some kids, even though who kill, can be redeemed. But looking at their faces… I don’t see that here. I see nothing but empty souless eyes. And the tapes…. most horrible thing I’ve heard in a long time. They all need to be charged with far worse crimes then they are now, and need to be locked up for life.

  • Deety

    They all need to be charged with far worse crimes then they are now, and need to be locked up for life.

    I was thinking more along the lines of execution, myself. If you can intentionally set someone on fire (over $40, nonetheless!), I don’t think there’s any potential for redemption.

  • mammasweets

    I listened…and I feel so fucking sick.

  • Veronica

    If the kid dies, they should all be charged as adults with murder. They are 15, old enough to know that lighting someone on fire can and probably will kill them. As it is, they should ALL be charged with attempted murder. Why only the little shit who actually lit the match? If the 13-year-old was charged as a juvie, I wouldn’t be completely against that, but the others? Adult court for all of you. Honestly, when you have something this heinous and calculated, I think 14 or 15 is probably an appropriate minimum age for being charged as an adult.

    I am not going to listen to the 911 calls, because if I do I’ll probably be overcome with the desire to beat these mean little shits’ heads into the wall until they are unconscious or even dead.

    I agree with Morbid, I want to see these little assholes made examples of.

  • mommytoalittleman

    I shouldn’t have listened to the 911 tape! Too much to handle! These animals need to be put away forever. Shit!! Those cries are just too much. If that was my kid, all those little motherfuckers would be dead by my hand. They are not human!!

  • solange822001

    This is local news for me. Unbelievable the whole thing is. I dont even know what to say

  • solange822001

    I dont think Im going to listen to the 911 tapes. I cant handle it

  • solange822001

    By the way, its being reported that the two of the kids LAUGHED about the incident when being questioned. Its all fun and games till reality hits and they realize they will be locked up for quite a while… Only THEN do the emotions show… Too little, too late

  • mommacrazy30

    i listened to the 911. that was rough. the fact that these evil little fuckers laughed about it makes me want to set them on fire.

  • twinsmom

    I totally agree in that Matthew Bent looks straight up fucking evil! It is the look in his eyes. They are charging Jesus with attempted 2nd degree murder but what about the Bent kid?! I sure hope they get charged as adults. I have a niece that was burned over 70% of her body and is still having reconstructive surgeries. The fire was 7 years ago. I feel for Michael Brewer and his family. They have a long road ahead.

  • luckyscorpion

    This disassociative behavior in so many teens disturbs me greatly. I think we as parents, families, teachers ect..MUST share some of the responsibility for what, too many of our children are becoming, SOCIOPATHS!

  • Coyote

    Does anyone know of any website that keeps up to date on Michael’s condition? If any close friend or family member stops by here, we’d appreciate any kind of info. We’re all pulling for him here.

  • Uvgottabkiddin

    Like the doctor said most burn victims get sick well after the burns happen, infection sets in etc. a lot of victims live months then die. I listened to the tapes. That poor kid. Why couldn’t he have passed out? That probably sounds stupid but the screaming is the worst thing I have ever heard BY FAR… My God the screaming will haunt me for a long time. I am praying for him.

  • Uvgottabkiddin

    The kid that was the ring leader must have sat back and watched, didn’t want to get in more trouble I guess… and the little fucktards that did matthew’s dirty work? how stupid are they??? matthews going to walk away with a stolen bike charge and the other dim wits with attempted murder or whatever.

    BTW I heard on tv that the reason Michael skipped school was because he didn’t want to deal with the kids.

  • Darsa

    I’m pretty sure I’d be feeling homicidal if that was my kid in the hospital. I can’t listen to the 911 tapes. I just… can’t.

    My prayers are with this boy.

  • Don’t know if anyone picked up on it, bu these cowards did this from behind. Michael was walking away from them when they did this. It is evident in the 911 calls as well, as Michael didn’t know what was thrown on him or who had even done it. If he lives, he will be deformed forever. I am hoping that since they said that his eyelashes were singed, that his face was not burned off.

  • backlash

    I am hoping that since they said that his eyelashes were singed, that his face was not burned off.

    His faced was burned, but not as bad as the rest of his body. Don’t think there’s anyway of telling what that means. As much as I despise these little fuckers, I wouldn’t wish Michael’s pain on them.


  • WryBread

    The 911 call is too terrible. Poor boy must have been looking at his body and wondering what had happened. It is so sad that he will endure agony and may still die in the end.

    I wish these “kids” could be made to work in a burn center.

    But I wish even more that they could all be killed. Not years in prison, death to them as a warning to other sociopaths and to prevent their wretched genes from infecting the gene pool.

  • Special2bme

    FORT LAUDERDALE – A Broward circuit judge today appointed a psychologist to evaluate a 15-year-old boy accused of pouring rubbing alcohol on a Deerfield Beach teen who was then set on fire.

    Circuit Judge Elijah Williams chose Dr. Lori Butts to perform a confidential psychological evaluation of Denver Colorado Jarvis, who is charged with aggravated assault.


    Williams appointed Dr. Michael Brannon to evaluate Jarvis to see if the boy is competent to stand trial.

    Brannon also is evaluating Jarvis’ younger brother, Jeremy. The results of that test are due in court Wednesday.

    During the hearing, Jeremy Jarvis stood in a dark green jail jumpsuit and conferred with his attorney.

    One of the accused boys, Jesus Mendez, 15, also faces an attempted murder charge for allegedly lighting the fire, injuring himself in the process.


  • Coyote

    I was glad to read this.

    A 15-year-old boy underwent surgery Monday, one week after police said a group of teenagers set him on fire at a Deerfield Beach apartment complex.

    Michael Brewer suffered second- and third-degree burns over 65 percent of his body. Police said five teenagers doused him in rubbing alcohol and set him on fire.

    On Monday, Brewer underwent the first of many expected skin graft operations at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Doctors had planned to do the skin grafts on his legs only, but he was doing so well, they did part of his torso, as well, Local 10’s Roger Lohse reported.

    Doctors said they expect Brewer to remain in the hospital for five or six months, after which he will need about a year of physical therapy.


  • Veronica

    I am thrilled to hear this. I know he’s going to be in a lot of pain, but if they’re talking about physical therapy, that means they really think he’s going to make it. These little psycho fuckers are lucky in that regard, but they should still be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law — attempted murder, as adults, all of them. Which probably won’t happen, but anything less just isn’t justice for Michael IMHO.

  • Veronica

    I know he’s going to be scarred, but I really hope it’s minimal on his face. I want him to be able to be completely comfortable being out and about and just living his life without being self-conscious.

    Also, I just read that they attacked him because he did the right thing and alerted an adult that the little delinquents had stolen someone’s bicycle. That pisses me off even more.

  • Veronica

    I really want to send a donation, but the article doesn’t say to whom or where to send the check. They really need to set up a PayPal account for the Michael Brewer Foundation. I wish I knew how to get in touch with someone to make that suggestion, I think it might make for more donations.

  • You can make a donation to help Brewer and his family by sending a check or making a deposit at any Bank of America branch.

    Make the check payable to the Michael Brewer Foundation, and note the account number 898035752616 in the memo portion of the check.

  • dreamstorm1220

    My thoughts exactly Veronica, as soon as I read that he would be in the hospital for up to six months. Thats gonna be a huge bill.
    It’s a damned shame this family is facing that burdan. These kids families should make some kind of effort to contribute at least. (Like that would ever happen)
    Thanks for the info Morbid.

  • abcdefghi

    its so sad i was really good friends with the boy that lite the kid on fire when he lived by me but he had recently moved and ended up like this i’d never thought he would do such a thing our whole town herd about him and word spread around schools what he had did and we just can’t believe it i would’ve never thought he’s so heartless to do such a thing

  • abcdefghi

    i can only wish michael and his family the best and pray that god is with them in this time they need him the most

  • Coyote

    Update on Michael Brewer

    He lies in a bed on a balloon-type mattress, to reduce pressure on his burned body. He is covered with bandages; a ventilator breathes for Michael Brewer because he can’t do it for himself.

    He’s hooked up to the marvels of modern medicine that are trying to give the 15-year-old burn victim a chance to be a kid once again.

    Sixty-five percent of his body is covered with second- and third-degree burns.

    Brewer is heavily sedated, and the ventilator does not allow him to speak. His open wounds are covered by bandages, which are changed daily. It’s a four-hour process.

    He has not been able to speak with police since his desperate fight for life began October 12, when police say five teenage friends, including a 13-year-old, doused Brewer with rubbing alcohol and set him on fire.

    Namias explained how Brewer’s organs are not functioning the way they should be, but that is expected at this early stage of recovery.

    “He’s still on the ventilator and advanced modes of mechanical ventilation. We are breathing for him. His contribution to the breathing is trivial,” Namias said.

    Namias also explained that in burn cases, words must be chosen carefully when talking about patients and their condition because so much is at risk and so much can change quickly.

    “When you say he’s doing OK, in this situation it means he’s alive and responding to treatments,” Namias said. “We’re still dealing with the respiratory failure. We’re dealing with infection now and the need to supply the massive amount of nutrition that this person needs to survive.”

    On Monday, the five teens who are accused of taking part in the attack appeared separately before judges in Broward County, Florida.

    State prosecutors were granted additional time to build their case. Formal charges are expected later this month. For now, all five teens are being held in custody.

    Four of the boys, all 15 years old, could be charged as adults. The 13-year-old also could be charged as an adult but under Florida law only if Brewer dies.

    Michael Brewer’s parents, Valerie and Michael Brewer Sr., issued a written statement through the hospital last week. They are not granting interviews.

    “The recovery process will be baby steps, but eventually he will be whole again,” they wrote.

    But their son’s injuries enter the realm of medicine and science that has no guarantee.

    “There’s no evolutionary mechanism to survive a 65 percent burn,” Namias said.

    “Surviving is a miracle of modern medicine and about the technology and the things we do. This is not like a gunshot and you come out of the [operating room], and say everything’s going to be OK,” he added.

    “We never give up, and we never predict it. … Our expectation is survival.”


  • Coyote

    Three of them were charged as adults.

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida (CNN) — Three teens who allegedly set a 15-year-old friend ablaze were charged Monday as adults, and with attempted murder, prosecutors said.

    The state attorney’s office in Broward County, Florida, identified the three youths as Denver Jarvis and Matthew Bent, age 15, and Jesus Mendez, age 16. They are charged with one count each of attempted murder in the second degree in the October attack.

    Two other boys also were taken into custody in the incident but prosecutors did not file charges against them, said Maria Schneider, assistant state attorney in charge of the county’s juvenile unit. She emphasized that the investigation is continuing.

    “This is a very active, ongoing investigation,” Schneider said. “As additional information becomes available, then we have the option to revisit our filing decision.”

    The two — ages 13 and 15 — were charged earlier in juvenile court with aggravated battery.

    The three charged Monday as adults likely will be arraigned next week, according to prosecutors, who said the other two teens were being released from custody.

    The Jarvis family has gotten death threats, according to the family, and an attorney for the 13-year-old — who was released from juvenile custody Monday night — said “he’ll be headed out of the area.”

    “He’s not going to be going home. He’ll be staying with relatives out of the area,” attorney Stephen Melnick told CNN.

    Dr. Namias said in an interview that burns of the magnitude suffered by Brewer are hard for most people to imagine.

    “What I tell families when we meet in the family room at the start — I have to explain to them this is really a big deal, this is not just a little skin condition,” he told CNN.

    “His life and your family’s life have now changed forever.”

    Namias says that Brewer has two things on his side — his youth, and the fact that his hands and face are not burned, which can be physically and emotionally scarring.

    “Our expectation is survival, and we would be devastated if he didn’t. But I don’t think that we would be surprised if he didn’t,” Namias said.


  • Coyote

    On Tuesday, doctors removed the life-support system that had breathed for Michael since he was hospitalized. He’s still critical and he has a long way to go, but he is breathing on his own now, which is a good sign.

  • Oh, man. In the little recent posts viewer on the front page, all it says is, “On Tuesday, doctors removed the life-support system that had breathed for Michael since he was…”

    I thought you were going to say they’re letting him die. I was like, “What?!? No! He was doing so well!”


  • MadeaBecBec

    Michael talked with Detectives on Monday November 23 (very good sign) from his hospital bed.

    It was the first time Brewer had spoken with the police since the attack, which left him with burns on over 65 percent of his body.

    “He gave a complete statement that should prove very helpful,” Broward Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Leljedal told the Sun-Sentinel.

    Brewer was moved out of intensive care just last week, though he still faces months of rehabilitation in the hospital. A press conference has been called on Wednesday to update Brewer’s progress.

    Generous supporters of the Brewer family continue to come forward to lend emotional and financial support. A fundraiser this past Saturday featuring members of the Miami Dolphins raised over $50,000 for the teen. And at last night’s Panthers game, the team raffled off signed equiptment, tickets and even a Zamboni ride to benefit Brewer.

    A photo of Michael in the hospital with more of the story here
    The photo shows his face, too! Not alot of damage to his face, although in the pic he looks haggard, but I suppose that’s to be expected with as much pain that he is probably in….
    Continue to heal, Michael, We’re praying for you!

  • Coyote

    Good news! Michael had his first skin graft done on Monday, and he’s now listed in stable condition.

  • Coyote

    Michael was discharged from the hospital today, and his mother and doctors are scheduled to speak to reporters tomorrow. A source close to the family said that Brewer’s family is headed to an undisclosed location.

    The hospital released some photographs of Brewer taken this morning in the hospital’s rehabilitation unit. In the pictures, his burns are clearly visible. You can see the pictures at the link provided. Although he’s come so far, he has so much farther to go.


  • Uvgottabkiddin

    thanks for the update, I think of him a lot. It’s going to be a long hard road for him.

  • While it’s little silver lining, it looks as though his head was left relatively untouched, and that’s great.

  • Coyote

    I just read that Michael has been readmitted to the hospital because of trouble breathing. He’s back in the ICU in serious condition. He’s been doing well, but everyone knew it would be a long road to recovery for him. I am glad he got to spend the holidays out of the hospital and with his family.

  • BlindJustice

    “-Click hear to listen to the 911 calls.- But let me tell you, it is heartbreaking and I would advise you NOT to listen to them. You hear Michael in agony screaming for someone to help him. It is extremely disturbing and absolutely enraged me beyond the point of being mentally healthy. If I was this kids’ father, I would kill every one of those motherfucking kids. I know that is a knee-jerk reaction and would solve absolutely nothing – but my kid is around Michael’s age and if I were to hear this shit, I would go insane. But not before I did something really stupid to four kids.”

    To say something like this is CRAZY, oh im sorry “mentally insane” you are worse than the kids themselves for evin having a thought like that these kids obvously didnt expect the events that happend to accur. To go as far as to say you would do something “stupid to the four kids” well its Three not four and id hate to say it so blank but more than half the * you have on this page is incorrect, i know ALL of the kids invlolved, yes the 10+ kids and they are all friends, and that day was just reaccuring bad events that lead to the situation, they didnt just (Decide to burn micheal over $40 owed over a video game) well its not over that, that just happend to be part of the situation and asfar as the whole “$40 video game” its bull* its over $40 on something else, i could pick through your page's storey but anything further than this isnt worth my time. Also to hurt someone elses children because their children (evin if they killed your child) Hurt your child, purposley going on a Man-Hunt for teenagers as a grown man is INSANE. i really hope you read this post and get the help you need

  • I really hope you read your post and get the GED you need.

  • HotReadingMama

    Wat do you evin mene bi these Morbid?

  • Eracsurfer

    Unfortunately…that idiot is sitting there trying to figure out what a ged is, why you capitalized it, and why they need one.

  • LeaveMeBe

    My head hurts from trying to read that post and my jaw hurts from laughing at Morbid's comment.

    Who the hell is “Evin”?

  • lay lay

    damn stop being harsh on my bf (denver) damn it

  • MadeaBecBec

    I have it figured out! There is a dormant gene floating around in trolls that creates an odor that only people with the malevolent gene are attracted to, so when those vile persons are arrested and charged with their evil deeds, then, well, the above is an example of their idiotic displays!
    Whew! Took me a minute, but, glad I studied during my education, actually still getting educated, right here on the D'D…..

  • Butterflieslovlilacs

    I don’t care what the age. Kids know right from wrong. Thats if there parents did there job and raised them properly. Allot of parents these days let there kids run free and have no idea where they are and what they are doing. I have 4 boys and I always knew where they were or who they were with. If I thought they were hanging with the wrong kids I put a stop to it. And let me tell you I have done it more than once. If you do the crime you pay the time. Just as it should be.

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