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Joseph Beatty Likes His Girlfriend A Little Cold

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Quincy, Massachusetts – “City of Legends”and “Birthplace of the American Dream” are just a couple examples of nicknames for this historic community in the Southeastern part of the state. The city is divided up into many different established neighborhoods with individual histories and characteristics. Scrolling through the names and descriptions of these sections, one clearly gets a great sense of pride and community spirit. No where could I find the area that might house the uber rich or the extremely impoverished. I’m pretty sure they’re not closely mixed though. Where do the really twisted fuckers live in Quincy and what do they do to get their jollies off in such a stodgy town? The closest I could come to answering that question was the story of Joseph Beatty and his little experiment with necrophilia.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicOh yeah. I was excited to come across this sick fuck. We’ve got a little bit of everything encompassed here:  domestic violence, strangulation, blood, a knife, attempted suicide, and a body devoid of life that had been screwed.  Joseph Beatty is a plethora of unbelievable news.

Neighbors of his victim, 33 year-old Mary Beaton, state loud arguments were not an uncommon sound emitting from her apartment as it seemed as though she and Joseph must have had a lot to say to each other and subconsciously wanted witnesses. The arguments were loud and sounded violent. And per witness accounts, the neighbor’s fears were realized when Mary Beaton was found dead in her apartment.

Police received a call from Boston Medical Center where Joseph’s sister was sitting at his side as he was recovering from a suicide attempt. Police found and searched his vehicle and they recovered a bloody knife he is believed to have used to harm himself. He also allegedly told the tale of strangling his girlfriend in her apartment, laying her on the bed, removing all of her clothes and screwing her. Nice. Touching. He’s all remorseful now though. And despite his touch of mental issues, he’s really a nice guy and would do anything for anyone. Yes, they’re already saying it. But he’s a thoughtful psycho…after he was all finished, he removed two crucifixes and placed one on each side of her head.

Victor Nash, 18, Accused Of Choking Out His Teacher Before Raping Her

Although the authorities are awaiting autopsy results, Joseph Beatty is being held in conjunction with her death. But he’s so nice. How sad.

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  • Holy. Hell. Great story – great picture!!

  • Dr.Monoculous

    Where do you guys find some of these? This is great! Not the crime, of course, but I mean c’mon – look at the guy’s pic! He looks like that guy in Scanners right before Michael ironsides makes his head explode. They don’t come any creepier…

  • Lazlo

    Sounds like a good Christian man administering “last rites”! O_o

  • captainhowdy

    Gosh, he looks awfully nice!! If you are into incredibly scary, walking undead psychopaths, that is.

  • qtrluna

    He must be The Undertaker’s “nice” twin.

  • I updated the story with a bigger pic because it is AWESOME. Lawyer-babble video added as well.

  • thinkgoat

    That picture IS awesome! I have to wonder, is he reenacting their final sex scene in his head?

  • CassieMomma

    Why do they always fail when they try to murder themselves? Very convenient if you ask me……
    Yeah remorseful my ass!

  • Boughtthefarm

    Exactly CassieMomma! Successful ending someone else’s life but they somehow fail to off themselves. Freaking cowards! Nasty Bastard!

  • Muertaluna

    YIKES! Somebody get the raincoats, he is gonna spew green pea soup any moment now!

  • NateInferis

    That picture looks like the guy just stepped off the set of Fulci’s “The Beyond.”

  • Or the movie Scanners

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

  • He looks like he’s about to blow yellow bubbly chunks!

  • Tassa

    Ha ha ha! I fucking love this pic!

  • Zibarro

    He just wants everyone to see his pathetic attempt at slicing his own throat – what a joke! I’ve had homicidal CATS do more damage to me than THAT! (well, it was just ONE cat – but she damn near killed me!) lol

    His sister had him at the hospital for THAT? At least the family is consistently dysfunctional.

  • joes a good guy