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Cory Vaughn Is Kinda Stoopid

August 10, 2009 at 12:47 am by  

Portland, OR – Break-ups, most of the time, suck ass. Though sometimes a break-up could be considered cause for celebration, there is usually one ‘injured’ party in the situation –  the ass who is the most ass hurt in the whole thing. The ass in this story is Cory Vaughn. Wednesday evening, Cory allegedly got a little rough with his girlfriend’s puppy. When his girlfriend stepped up to protect her critter, Cory turned his anger on her. The girlfriend told authorities that Cory slapped her, pushed her down, and tried to choke her. Cory eventually fled the apartment, and the girlfriend, knowing that Cory had a key to her home and may return to finish the job, left to spend the night with a friend. A short time later, a neighbor called to inform her that her apartment was on fire. Right before she called 911, she scrolled through her text messages and soon discovered who the culprit was and the lengths he would go to to hurt her.

Cory Vaughn

Cory Vaughn

“He he he fire” said one text. “Smoky in here. … Damn, I’m destructive. … Really shouldn’t leave someone who hates YOU alone with stuff. … Don’t worry it’s just stuff. … It’s wet, burned and ripped, but it’s just stuff. … Yeah, fire trucks and police.” Hehhh…talk about incriminating yourself. After she read those messages, she called Cory. He continued his butt hurty rant over the phone. “Hope nothing important is in your bag ’cause your table is on fire. It’s pretty,” he allegedly told her. “The Bible you’ve been using? It’s a little singed.” When fire crews showed up to put out the flames, they found three separate piles of the woman’s belongings that had been torched – one pile on the coffee table, one pile on the kitchen table, and a pile in the bedroom. Luckily, the fire didn’t spread throughout the entire apartment or to her neighbor’s apartments.

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Cory, the little genius, was arrested when he was seen driving past the complex – to survey the damage, no doubt. At first, he denied even having a girlfriend – under questioning, he admitted to being in the apartment, but said the fire was already burning when he got there. Good thing the retard is a texting freak with the inability to keep his pie hole closed. Cory Vaughn, 35, is being held on two counts of first-degree arson, second-degree criminal mischief, strangulation and harassment. Bail has been set at $512,500. Dumbass.


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  • Abroad

    “Stoopid”? More like moronic! Did he expect the police to not talk to the victim of this crime at all?

  • Abroad

    …. and the girlfriend is far better off without him. She will be thanking her lucky stars that she got out of this with nothing worse than a bad scare (choking) and the loss of a few possessions.

  • rdb40k

    Csi’s don’t have to work that hard anymore, just look at a phone’s text history, log onto Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and all the evidence is there. Gotta love trends in technology, the police do.

  • mommy of three

    It looks like he may have left some evidence on his forehead also……………

  • CassieMomma

    Csi’s don’t have to work that hard anymore, just look at a phone’s text history, log onto Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and all the evidence is there. Gotta love trends in technology, the police do.

    I agree, people just don’t get it…..It’s not like a note you wrote, but then burned or something. It’s there forever! I do love it when they’re stupid!

  • Zibarro

    Did someone drop him on his head? (Recently, not at birth – that part is obvious…lol) What IS going on with the top of ‘Clueless Cory’s” head??

  • MadeaBecBec

    Zibarro: That’s some kind of tat, albeit an ugly one, obviously not professional, looks as if Bubbalove #1 put it there! Or it could be a piece of a logo that flew out of the fire and struck Asshat *snicker*
    Honestly, when you blow up the pic, it has c t t with what looks like an attempt of a lamb or sheep! Who knows what the meaning is???

  • mominAZ

    Um…anyone know if the puppy got out safely? Was the puppy with her at her mom’s house? Geez, I hope so!