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Gregory Cook Slayed Three

August 4, 2009 at 1:08 am by  

Elgin, OR- Not much information so far, but police were looking for a man responsible for the slayings of three people in eastern Oregon. On Monday, they arrested 42-year old Gregory Cook, aka Gregory Mitts, and believe he was the man behind the murders of 28-year-old Jeremiah Johnston, 50-year-old Frank Scaramuzzi and 51-year-old Shannon McKillop. The investigation began last month when the severed hand of McKillop was found in a pond on the property of the Boise Cascade Timber Company. McKillop’s nephew said his aunt lived a troubled life and died a horrific death. “The brutality of the whole thing, no one can really wrap their brain around it,” said Robert Krader. “Regardless of the life you’ve led, no one deserves to die like that, to be killed in that manner she was — body dismembered and body thrown away like trash.” The homicide case expanded to three bodies on Saturday when the human remains of Scaramuzzi and Johnston were found in a secluded area north of Elgin.

Police believe Johnston and Scaramuzzi were killed separately, but very close to the same time and location. All three victims were acquaintances of Cook and were last seen together at the same place in mid-July. Cook, a self-employed house painter, confessed to a Seattle television reporter and apologized to the families. He also admitted to the reporter that he was using methamphetamine at the time. Cook has been charged with murder for his involvement in the three deaths and police do not believe there are any additional victims.


Gregory Cook Slayed Three
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  • Coyote

    Meth is bad for more that one reason. Kids, just say no!

  • CassieMomma

    Meth is bad for more that one reason. Kids, just say no!

    I agree stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mominAZ

    Wow! How awful! Does anyone know if any of the victims’ families had reported them missing at all?

  • MadeaBecBec

    A video of Gregory Alvin Cook saying he did it here:

    Photos of the victims in the video,too. King 5

  • FlamingFox

    The daughter of one of three eastern Oregon homicide victims said Monday the triple killing was likely drug-related and her mother barely knew the suspect.

    Nicole Sloan, McKillop’s daughter, said her family’s lives changed forever when Cook killed her mother.

    “I don’t think you can make sense out of something like that happening to your family,” Sloan said. “No one deserves what happened to her.”

    Over the weekend, police found the bodies of Scaramuzzi and Johnston in the same area. They, too, were victims of homicide, investigators said.

    On Monday, detectives arrested Cook on aggravated murder charges. Sloan said illegal drugs were likely factors in the deaths.

    “From what I understand, it was about money being owed,” Sloan said. “They hadn’t known this Greg to be around a whole lot, so I’m assuming he was new to the circle.”

    Sloan said Scaramuzzi and her mother had been dating for about six years. While they may have had drug problems, Sloan said the pair were still caring people.

    “They were a great couple. They were just fine and happy and great to be around,” she said.


  • nicolesloan

    they may be gone but will not be is restless without mom…ive received 2 lenghthy letters from Gregory Alvin Cook.He went into great detail with me on what he did to my mother(Shannon Mckillop) Frankie,And Jeremiah the day he murdered all three.Its even more heinous than Id ever wouldve thought.His conversations about God W/them ,and asking for them to say The Lords Prayer before shooting.And telling my mom to pray that God would change his heart not to kill her.This man is a sick Fuck!!!! thanx Nicole Marie Sloan

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