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North Augusta, South Carolina – I’m sure everyone is aware of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Because it is odorless and colorless, it’s extremely hard to detect. Those of us that live in older homes with older furnaces know how important it is to have a CO detector. If it weren’t for some moments of clarity, my youngest daughter and I would not be here today – that’s how quickly carbon monoxide can affect you…without knowing. And this is why some people opt to use CO poisoning as a means to commit suicide. I’m not sure how I’d handle sitting in a running car knowing that the end to my worries are coming soon, knowing I was going to die in “X” number of minutes. And I don’t think Melissa Sawyer’s children were real hip on the idea of dying that way either.

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Melissa Sawyers

Being described at wit’s end, Melissa loaded up her two daughters, ages 7 and 11, ran a hose from the tailpipe into her car and took a little spin around the city. She eventually ended up in front of one of her girlfriends homes while explaining to her young daughters her plan of dying together. What the fuck is up with parents sharing gruesome information like that with their children? And I mean, children that old can sure the hell grasp the idea of exactly what the hell she means.

Per the incident report, Melissa told her children, “They were going to heaven together and it would not hurt. They would just go to sleep and wake up in heaven together.” Comforting, isn’t it? You’re sitting in a car with your looney assed mom and you’re trying to figure out if this is a bad dream or the absolute worse form of reality in your young life.

A couple of houses down, a neighbor heard blood curdling screams and called 911. This same neighbor approached the car and saw the children in there, opened the doors as the little girls fled, screaming that their mother was trying to kill them. When police arrived, they found electrical tape around the exhaust pipe and the garden hose in the front yard. Thank goodness for nosy neighbors once again.

The children were checked out and are doing well. Physically. And are being cared for by their father. In a statement, Jeremy Sawyers said, “I don’t agree with what she did, but there’s nothing to change the fact that she did it. Thank God that she wasn’t successful and she needs help. I still love her and I’m going to do what I can to get her that help and get her better. Not for me, but for her kids and for herself.” Me? I’d want to kill her.

Melissa Sawyers is charged with two counts of attempting or administering poison with the intent to kill. If found guilty, that conviction carries a sentence of up to 40 years.

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  • Lazlo

    I have never been able to fathom why these psychos insist upon taking their children with them. Do they really believe that they are all going to just wake up in heaven? If so, this is one of the cruelest jokes religion has played on the human race.

  • Lazlo, That’s not the way it would work. It’s pretty clear that the victims would go to Heaven, while their murderer would get an express pass straight to Hell. I really dislike the way some people portray ignorance as a truth, and mothers like that only perpetuate the ideas that the great lies are living fact.

  • malq

    In reality all three would be recycled back to dirt in which to grow food to raise humans and other wonderful things.

    She probably couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the kids and selfishly decided to take them out as well. A probable explanation when it didn’t work would of course be the heaven theory. It sounds better.
    Also, getting the kids to buy that beforehand makes it so much easier.

    i don’t know about car fumes. It seems like that would be choking. That’s not pure carbon monoxide.

  • sarabei

    I love my spouse with all my heart and soul, but you kids are above what YOU feel and want. Had my spouse tried to kill my babies, while I would still love him, he sure as HELL would never get near my babies again, and I would never have anything further to do with him. My concern would be for my kids.

  • boilly

    Hey, Melissa Sawyers, why the long face? Neigh!!! What a dope. While you may have been at your wits end Ms. Sawyers, your children were not. Next time aim that bullet right between your own eyes and leave the damn kids out of it. Somehow she managed to get that blue eyeliner on even being at her wits end. I am amazed at her pathetic attempt for attention at the expense of her children.

  • sunshine012

    If you want to kill yourself “just do it”. Leave the innocent alone. Take out a life insuance policy, wait after the probationary peroid and the family is financially ok.

  • mominAZ

    I hope she gets the full 40 years!! Selfish bitch!!

  • mominAZ

    Does anyone else find it strange that she parked in front of her friend’s house to carry this act out? Wonder if there’s something we’re not being told…

  • Jezebel

    I could never forgive my wife for doing something like that If I were married to a psycho like that.
    I hope those kids never get a chance to be alone with her again.

  • ecvmanzo

    Thankfully these girls were able to escape this looney ass woman.

  • CassieMomma

    Irony…..40 years of your life just sitting there about how much you hate it and how you failed at killing yourself. Thankfully the children were unharmed!

  • turtlelover242

    good job..but u need to read ur info lil bit better–it was her daughter 10 and her SON 7—-i know this for a fact b/c she is an x friend of mine.

    i knew one day she would try to commite suicide for yet a 3rd time but never in my life expected her to try and take the kids with her.

  • turtlelover242

    also she pulled n2 her friends garage–not infront of the house

  • turtlelover242

    she was denied bond yesterday. 😉

  • Uvgottabkiddin

    she was denied bond yesterday.

    YAY! I love denied bond! thanks for the update.

    They should put her in a running car in a garage with a tater in the tail pipe and let her wait for bond =P

  • momof2kds

    turtlelover242 well i must first tell you, you also are incorrect with your facts! Her daughter is 11 years old and her son is 8 years old. Also she did not pull into a garage and it was not at her friends house. I also know theses for a fact!!! This just goes to show that you hear one thing and the media runs with it. None of you know the true facts of the situation. And none of you were there to see what horrible things were being done to her! If turtlelover you say you were her ex friend and one day you would know she would attempt suicide than at what point did you think she wouldnt need a friend more than less, Humm. I will agree that when children are involved in any situation people automatically want to jump for the gun. But for myself I can tell you that there were alot of things that were left out of the media. And NOONE was given the correct information.