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Kimberly and Stephen Simmons Went Swimming

July 21, 2009 at 10:23 am by  

ORLANDO, Florida – On Friday, housekeepers at the Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort hotel, found a 2-year-old girl and 4-year-old boy alone in a room in their diaper and underwear. They stuck around with them for a little bit before alerting security. After some time had passed, staff thought a call to the police was in order. Police and staff began trying to locate the couple they came with. They searched around the hotel, even trying to call the number left when the family checked in, but no one answered. Two hours later 49-year-old Stephen Simmons and 41-year-old Kimberly Simmons, the children’s foster parents, were located at the hotel’s pool with their 6-year-old nephew. Here’s the kicker – Kimberly Simmons is a counselor at a Michigan school and told deputies that this isn’t a one-time occurrence.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usShe told deputies she has left the kids alone and unsupervised in the past and didn’t see anything wrong with it, nor did her husband. Deputies also remarked the couple did not seem bothered by leaving the children alone. Kimberly stated that she knew how to “take care of children.”The couple, visiting from Michigan, were and asked to return to their room where they were both arrested and charged with child neglect. The pair were released on Saturday on $2,000 bail each. The two children were taken into DCF custody and will be handed back to Michigan officials.

Family service officials in Michigan did not agree with her. DCF spokeswoman Carrie Hoeppner said family services officials from Michigan arrived on Monday with the intention of taking custody of both children from the couple who have been in custody of the children for almost two years. Disney staff didn’t agree with her either, and issued the couple a letter telling them to that they, and their parenting style, were not welcome on the property. They were asked to leave.

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  • Lynn

    Are they trying to say this was something they were taught in all the foster parenting classes that they were required to take? Asshats.

  • PinkiGreen

    2 and 4? I wouldn’t leave em alone in the next room! Why did they take the oldest and leave the youngest two? Insanity…

  • Jessiesgirl1108

    Awww those poor kids…all alone in the hotel room where they can probably look out their window and see all the other kids out enjoying their time at the resort. And these two pieces of shit go to enjoy themselves at the pool with their nephew. What, were the 2 and 4 year olds too much trouble to take to the pool also…the parents would have actually had to WATCH them while lounging in the pool. Fucking assholes!

  • CassieMomma

    Great set of foster parents there…..yeah she really knows how to take care of kids!

  • crazymomto8

    I have been reading this site for a while now, actually very addicted…this is my first post. These *people* make me SICK! I also live in MI, I am also a proud Foster/Adoptive parent. In the past 8 years I have fostered over 33 children. What the f#*! is in their heads to make them think this is OK??? These children are already in foster care, because their lives have been less than valued. These precious babies relied on them to stay safe, and again they were failed!! I am so pissed about this! I am lacking words for these f-ing idiots! If these babies have been in care for 2 years, it is most likely they are available for adoption. I pray they land in a safe and loving family that cherish them forever!

    Grrrr I feel the need to punch something, f-ing losers!!! Rot in hell!! (damn, I sure wouldn’t want HER to work in my child’s school district!!!)

  • HonkyMagoo

    Dayummm what is that..a fish stuck to the side of his head or what?? Slimeball fucktards, I hope you never get the priviledge of being around kids again, ever.

  • captainhowdy

    I’ll bet she’s a wonderful counselor. I hope she gets fired.

  • irishchick

    I wonder if these kids were left in the room because they aren’t regarded as part of the family – the 6 yr old is their nephew.


  • I cannot speak for these two morons, and without going into too much detail, I have witnessed first hand that act of becoming a foster parent for nothing more than the money it brings in. I am not saying that this is what these two were doing, but to have such little regard for their safety, and to be so dismissive about their actions, leads me to believe they didn’t look at these two kids any differently than some of us look at a household pet.

  • thevoiceofreason

    i also am a foster/adopt mother. it’s “parents” like this that give foster parenting a bad name. i can’t speak for all foster parents, but i personally spend far more on the children than the “per diem” pays. when a child comes into my home they’re regarded as a valued family member and if they cannot return home (as 7 of mine couldn’t) then i adopt them and offer a permanent family. i don’t know what these people were thinking, but if they did this so openly at a public place then how well are the children watched at home? very disturbing.

  • crazymomto8

    ***Morbid said

    I cannot speak for these two morons, and without going into too much detail, I have witnessed first hand that act of becoming a foster parent for nothing more than the money it brings in. ***

    I have heard this theory before, and I do agree that some people get into foster care who are not well equipped to handle what it brings. There are also terrible foster parents out there, who have no reguard for the childrens well being. With that being said, here in Michigan, foster parents are reimbursed VERY little for caring for the children. The base rate is $14.24 a day, which equals $.50 an hour. This money is reimbursement for food, clothing, diapers, hygene products, room and board. I can tell you, that money no where near covers what a child requires to live on. I am not blind to the fact that there are useless people out there who have children look like orphans…but that is not the norm. I just hope that you are not putting all foster parents into one category, because there are some awesome and wonderful people out there who open their homes and hearts to these abused and neglected children.

    I have been reading these stories for a while now, and I can tell by the comments made here from members, that childrens safety is a passion! We need more people in this world who look at the children first, take care of the children first, ask questions later. There are too many piss poor morally, self centered, drug addicted losers having babies that are not loved and safe.

  • startheory

    Yes! I am so glad that Disneyland made them leave and said they’re not welcome. God I love that place! These 2 morons don’t deserve to be foster parents, let alone real parents.

  • Jury

    You know, they kind of look alike. Could they be brother and sister? Or could it just be the same state of shock each one feels.

  • unraveled_bear

    “A beard is not a substitute for a jawline.”

  • Little Pea

    My gosh man, kids at that age could NEED something at a moments notice. Even older kids. What if one of them had cracked their head open, had a lamp fall on them or some other toddler mishap.

    I wonder too how this effects the children’s sense of security. That is so important. I’ll bet those babes would have loved to have been down splashing at the pool. How awfully sad!

  • knotme

    The woman is still wearing her swimsuit, I see. Little kids need sunshine and fun activities too; these people may have supplied the basics in life, but obviously, they had no compassion or sincere dedication to the well-being of these babies. Someone used the word “pets”; yeah, that is all they seem to have in value to these selfish foster parents.

  • crazymomto8

    It just grinds me when foster parents treat *bio* family better than the foster children!!! I get so freakin angry! when we go out as a family (which is quite often) many people feel they have the right to ask questions etc (it is quite obvious with my family, as I am white, 2 kids are black, 2 are white, 3 are black/white, and 1 is hispanic). One of the most frequently asked is *which ones are foster kids?* my reply… *I don’t know, i can’t remember* I do NOT believe in singling out the chldren, we are a family, for as long as we are needed! Again, these *people* make me sick! I hope the woman is sooo shamed in her profession that she loses her job. Assholes!

  • Wonder

    Dayummm what is that..a fish stuck to the side of his head or what??

    rotflmao …. no fucking lie, there is a fish there……

    thanks for that

  • Anonymous

    Hey ya’ll at least they took them with them to Disney & didn’t leave’em in their home until they came back…

  • Anonymous

    Hey ya’ll at least they took them with them to Disney & didn’t leave’em in their home until they came back…

  • Anonymous

    Hey ya’ll at least they took them with them to Disney & didn’t leave’em in their home until they came back…