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New York – As if we didn’t already have some of the most stomach-churning stories on the net, I’m going to totally ruin your day with this one. Whether the story is true or not remains to be seen – the visuals, though, are enough to make you puke up shit you ate last month. Please, meet Axel Sanz-Claus, I’m not kidding, that’s his real name. Claus, a German tourist, claims that he was enjoying a nice steak and spinach dinner at the Bull and Bear Steak House at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel last Friday, when he made a revolting discovery. “I had it in my mouth, chewed it and nearly swallowed it,” said Claus. “This is so disgusting, I’ve felt sick ever since.” It was supposedly a tampon. A used tampon.


Claus states that after he realized what the *gag* item was, he rinsed his mouth out with brandy and ran to the bathroom to puke. The hotel called an ambulance and Claus was transported to the ER. Once at the emergency room, Claus said the doctors cut into the item and determined that it was, indeed, a bloodied tampon. Claus was treated, tested for hepatitis, and released. He must also follow up with an AIDS test in 6 months. He claims that he has been unable to eat or sleep after the traumatizing incident.

The Waldorf-Astoria has released the following statement:

“We are conducting an internal investigation, but have reason to believe that the circumstances surrounding this incident are highly suspicious. At this time we are not at liberty to provide any additional details.”

Raise your hand if you call bullshit on the whole bloody mess. I smell a lawsuit brewing and all I can say is, “Good luck, dude.” Maybe he should have went with something simpler, like a severed finger, or a booger, or something. The whole tampon thing is a little far-fetched, IMO.

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  • I’m not going to test-drive my theory but I think it would be obvious before I popped it into my mouth that it wasn’t meat. I will, however, cut my meat into much smaller pieces from now on.

    Bet it’s a money grubbing hoax.

  • sarabei

    I totally call bullshit on this one…I mean how could you NOT notice a bloodied tampon in your dinner?? ***shudder***

  • Rotten Apple

    Someone please, take a *gag* wet tampon and try to cut it with a steak knife. That is a completely different consistency than steak. It shoul dhave stopped there.

    Now chew some cotton. One bite and you would have spit it out.

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  • Jury

    I’m throwing the B.S. flag.

  • PinkiGreen

    Bullshit. There’s no possible way it was IN the steak. I think I’d notice THAT garnish before popping it in my mouth…

  • CassieMomma

    Okay so say it wasn’t bullshit, how fucking disgusting is that! What if he got AIDS because of it, there are some fucked up people out there. I’m sure we will find out the truth soon enough. Wonder if anyone’s ate at the Waldorf lately?

  • captainhowdy

    WTF? Where would a used tampon possibly have come from, if it ended up there from the kitchen? And if he put it in there himself…what did he do, go through the women’s room trash can and find it?

    Again I say, WTF??????????

  • ecvmanzo

    Yup I agree BULLSHIT.

  • Wildheart

    Definitely bullshit. How could you NOT notice a big piece of cotton in the middle of your steak as you were cutting it?? I don’t know about this guy, but I actually look at my food when I’m cutting and eating it.

  • ecvmanzo

    Who wouldn’t be able to spot a tampon on a piece of steak?? I come from a large family, and I am used looking at my plate before I eat. You would never know when a cousin, sister, or my pain in the ass brother, would throw some plastic spiders, or some equally immature crap like that.

    I wonder if some sort of DNA test would be conducted that would perhaps match someone this guys is with, like dating or possibly a relative. Even an employee of this place,(which I doubt).

  • ReDDs


  • ecvmanzo

    Yeah I thought of that too. But how many of these stories have turned out that they did it to themselves. Too damn many!

    Just here in Southern California, we had a couple allege that they found a finger in one of the chilis they purchased from Wendy’s. Turned out that the finger belonged to a friend of theirs. That turd even went as far as to have the digit in his mouth. So the fact that this guy chewed the tampon doesn’t surprise me one bit. Both the wife and the husband were arrested.It takes all kinds.

  • Jury

    “Just here in Southern California, we had a couple allege that they found a finger in one of the chilis they purchased from Wendy’s. Turned out that the finger belonged to a friend of theirs. That turd even went as far as to have the digit in his mouth. So the fact that this guy chewed the tampon doesn’t surprise me one bit. Both the wife and the husband were arrested.It takes all kinds.”

    I remember that, I was living in San Diego at the time. I think this was national news and it did at the time seem believable, but then it came out like most of the others. To sit down and know your eating a bloody tampon on purpose for a shake-down, is by far the most outreagous yet.

  • ecvmanzo

    Yeah it’s outrageous, but I just can’t stop thinking that who would not see a tampon on a steak. Where would you hide the tampon?

  • Harley_Tech

    You people need to get a life.
    Who are you to judge this man?
    Were you there? no, didn’t think so.
    You can’t believe everything the news prints.
    This is a good man, he would never do anything like this.
    Only God can judge this man.

    Did I miss any of the regular comments?


  • ecvmanzo

    You missed the part where you say that you grew up with him and he would never eat a tampon willingly. The facts are not truths.

  • granny-g

    I believe if I ever met or knew someone that
    would willing eat, chew, or even place near
    their mouth a used tampon. I would still be gagging
    100 years later.

  • happymerry

    okay, now, i may be entering the TMI zone here…..but. i am, how do you say, a woman with a (luckily) very light period. which means i am lucky enough to also only have to use smaller sized items to care for that.

    but trust. it is big enough that i would notice it was on my damn plate as i was eating dinner. also. tampons (even the little ones) are bigger a bite than any normal person would put into their mouth if they have been, erm, used (gag!!!!). and even if they haven’t been used…..it’s still a pretty big bite.

    GROSS. for the love of goodness….if this is bullshit, please get this man to the hospital. not for potential diseases, but for a full psyche eval.

  • MadeaBecBec

    Maybe he didn’t really chew it, just put it in a blender or something (could’ve pulled it out of a dogs mouth, they love ’em) then had it in a napkin or baggy when he went to eat the steak, popped it out on the Waldorfs napkin, wallah, run to bathroom, wretch a little, call 911, after leaving the hospital, call ambulance chaser! Sanz-Claus possibly goes back to Germany with a pocket-full of US coins….

  • mominAZ


  • knotme

    He won’t get away with it! Come on… a tampon? It must have belonged to someone he REALLY loved and didn’t mind the disgust of their female liquids inside his mouth. No doubt about it, this guy has plenty of serious issues besides being a con artist… he’s definitely ‘mental’ PERIOD (pun intended).

  • defenestratethis

    Yeah..remember the syringes in the Pepsi bottles..or the Kentucky Fired Rat..Cat Chow Mein.?? Lol..but this guy, he went ALL OUT for his cause !” Hey man, how’d ya get so rich ?” “Oh..I.uh..ate a tampon..”

  • vxiii

    Here is the weird question, how did he know what a used tampon tastes like?

  • Ice

    I know everyone wants to call bullshit, but he went to a hospital and had it confirmed. There was in fact a tampon in his steak; there’s nothing to dispute there. Also, for those of you saying it would be impossible to miss a tampon amongst juicy, meaty steak, then you’ve never had to use them. After soaking up juices and blood, they have the consistency of rubbery meat and look like uncooked flesh.