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Gloucester Township, NJ Once again, Haitian Voodoo earns a place on the Front Page of the Dreamin’ Demon. A few weeks ago we covered a story of the mother who, while practicing Loa, poured a ring of rum on the floor, lit it, doused her daughter’s head and pushed her through the circle. Researching the various “religious rituals”, it’s extremely hard to take some of it seriously. I mean, how the hell could a mother set her child on fire and think the “gods”, “spirits”, or “whatever” are thinking it’s all cool? Animal sacrifices, or the theory behind them, giving thanks for the life that’s been given for nourishment…the sacred meat is much like the Kosher meat of the Jewish religion (or so I’ve read many times), isn’t so far fetched when explained like that. But the latest, a group of 7 people paying $1500 apiece for a “ritual cleansing” is a bit pricey for a wet head, some herbs, a few cuts, and one death.

Her momma calls him Lucille but he was raised as “David” and by personal testimonials, he was extremely happy with his non-surgical transgendered self. As a matter of fact, a co-founder for CAR, the Center for Artistic Revolution, a non-profit Arkansas organization that works for the fair treatment of lesbians, gays, bi and transgendered young people, says Lucille was completely comfortable with who he was and the trip from Arkansas to New Jersey had nothing to do with any identity problems. Lucille’s mom, in a news video, said her 21 year-old was “looking forward to a weekend retreat of prayer and peace.”

Lucille ended up paying $1500 for a washing of the head ritual called “lave tet”. As far as I can gather, for $1500 your head is washed seven times with different herbs. You’re washed and blessed. All your negative and “undesirable” energy is removed and replaced with washings for “strength, magick, (not a typo) wisdom, peace and more! It seems like the “and more” ends everyone up in a whole world of hurt and trouble. I’m not sure if the geniuses behind this left the ‘cutting of the arms’ out of the party brochures for a reason or if it was merely an oversight. But yeah, lave tet also includes washing the head, shrouding it in a white cloth and placing in on a white sheet. (Don’t worry, the head is still attached, it’s just getting all the attention). After the ritual, a meal is prepared from the sacrificed chickens and the lighting of an oil lamp while the person sleeps alone. The pictures I’ve seen have everyone lying on a separate sheet but many in a room. Who knows? Everything is bastardized anymore.

Lucille went through this ritual in the home of Hector Salva, a Haitian Voodoo Priest (and leader of the “Watch Us Rise Society”), well she and 6 others. The festivities started on Friday to run through Monday but I’m thinking her untimely death may have put more of a negative vibe on this party than herbs could wash away. Lucille was found dead Sunday morning. The authorities are performing a toxicology work-up on her and results aren’t expected for a few weeks – they’re also not screaming “foul play” but certainly not ruling anything out at this point. I do imagine investigators are having a fine time interviewing everyone as the neighbors have been reporting some strange occurrences for a while, and the address was not foreign to police. It’s nice to know the ritual festivities were shared outside – neighbors described rattles, chants in an unidentified language, incense smells so strong they could smell it through the walls of the house, and legs and heads of chickens found in and around a house that burned two down from the priest.

It will be interesting to see what caused Lucille’s untimely death and even more interesting to see if they washed her head one too many times with the wrong combination of herbs. I have no doubt the original templates for these rituals were guided by a need to gain spirituality, but when left to the devices of greed driven individuals and interpretation, shit always seems to happen. The American Museum of Natural History says Vodou (also voodoo) is Haiti‘s mirror. My thinking is they cracked it during transport.

Now I must end this article so I can place my order for the voodoo kits available online. I’m thinking at $500 a pop, I can make some good money being all strange and shit. (I call it eccentric) Any of you all need your head washed?

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