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Charleston, West VirginiaOMFG. Demonites, I have been writing for this site for quite some time now. I have written about some pretty weird people doing some pretty bizarre things. It has gotten to the point where nothing shocks me…not eye-ball munchers, not horse fuckers, not even Destinie Duvall. But the Mallos? These fuckers threw me for a fucking loop. Never have I seen such dysfunction in one oddball family. You see, it all started with the death of Phyllis Phares. The 82-year-old woman was killed in her home on June 14. On June 15, authorities had a suspect in the murder, a 14-year-old boy who lived across the street from Phares. On June 17, the boy was charged with first-degree murder. He is also facing sexual assault charges in an unrelated case. That was just the beginning of the arrests…..

Alexander Doran, Carolyn Mallo, and Trina Mallo

Alexander Doran, Carolyn Mallo, and Trina Mallo

While authorities were questioning the teen on the death of Phares, they happened to notice that the boy was living in a fucking pig sty. When they served a search warrant on the home on June 15, a 6-year-old child was asleep in a bedroom with dozens of knives and cleavers. Seems the Mallo home is unfit for man or beast…and especially unfit for Trina Mallo’s two young children, a 6-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy. Inside the now condemned home, among the thousands of roaches:

  • A large knife with a six- to eight-inch blade was lying on the kitchen floor.
  • Two swords were in the back bedroom, easily accessible to the children. Police also found fixed-blade and lock-blade knives in the home.
  • Shards of glass were on the floor.
  • Outside the house police found a freezer filled with three feet of green, murky water. “It was described by one family member as where they cut up fish,” according to the complaint.
  • Several bottles of prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers were found throughout the home. One was a prescription for the sedative benzodiazepine prescribed to Alexander Mallo. The pills were spilled out onto the floor in the back bedroom.
  • There were large holes in the floor of the room designated as the children’s’ sleeping area. The holes were large enough for the children to fall into, according to the complaint.
  • Two large piles of what was apparently human feces were also in the room, according to the complaint.
  • A large bucket of a black, unknown liquid was on the kitchen floor.
  • Fecal matter was smeared on the toilet in the bathroom. “The sink was not accessible due to the sheer amount of trash, dirty clothes and other debris cluttering the room,” according to the complaint.

On Thursday, June 18, the parents and sister of the teen were arrested. Alexander Doran, 67, who also uses the last name of Mallo, Carolyn Mallo, 55, and Trina Mallo, 27, were all arrested and charged with child neglect causing risk of injury. The children were removed from the home on Monday and a petition has been filed in circuit court to get parental rights revoked. The investigation is continuing and more charges may be filed on some more serious allegations. We’ll get to that in the next paragraph. For those of you not keeping track, that is one family, four arrests, within three days. We ain’t quite finished yet….

Another fine family member, Alexandrio “Mikey” Michael Mallo, 23, was arrested on Tuesday, June 16, and charged with first-degree sexual abuse. On June 10, a report was made that stated Alexandrio had been molesting his 7-year-old nephew, Trina’s son. He also liked to smack the kid in the nuts with a ruler. Nice. You still with me? This would be arrest #5. Wait, what’s this? Another family member under arrest? No. Fucking. Way.

Ferris Mallo and Alexandrio Mallo

Farris Mallo and Alexandrio Mallo

Yes, another trashy Mallo, 29-year-old Farris Eugene Mallo. This Mallo was arrested on Friday, June 19, and charged with three counts each of sexual assault and burglarly. What, pray tell, was he up to? Well, over the last few months, he allegedly broke into the home of his ex-wife, who lives just a couple houses away from the pig sty, on at least three separate occasions, and raped her. And that’s #6. Wow. Just…wow.

Back to the 14-year-old…while some news outlets are releasing his name, until he is actually charged as an adult in the crime, I won’t. He had been charged previously with one count of first-degree sexual abuse and one count of second-degree sexual assault in a case unrelated to Phares’ murder. Holy. Hell. These turds should’ve been flushed a long time ago.

If you would like to see some raw video of the inside of the Mallo home, and I do mean raw, you can check out the video here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.


Trina’s Myspace



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  • Jury

    Anybody got a comb? I bet none of them worked, and yet they look pretty wealthy around the waist. At least now the cycle of inbreading could be broken for the kids that were removed. Yuk!

  • Rotten Apple

    Holy Mary Mother of Gawd! Someone needs to do some genetic testing on these sick fucks. White trash is a gross understatement.

  • Disturbed

    Okay, what is wrong with these neighbors, relatives (The x-daughter in law to be exact) and others who saw the condition of this house and didnt report it? NASTY!

  • captainhowdy

    Holy fuck, that’s some serious inbreeding. This entire area of our fine country looks like a delightful place to live. I’ve been thinking about moving…hmmmm, I wonder how my kids would like sleeping next to knives and piles of shit?

  • I will never understand how some people find it acceptable to shit on the floor and just leave it there like a fucking knick-knack.

  • Harley_Tech

    There may be a slight curve in that family tree, but no fork.


  • FilleVerite

    Fuck.Me.Running…unreal, just unreal…and WHY THE HELL DOES ANYONE in that family have a friggin’ myspace page? I didnt go to it, or watch any video, but saw the link and thought well, there’s a perfect example of dumb America, cant bother to clean the sink out or stock the fridge, but ya got yer laptop and pimped out myspace page right dawg??
    Ok SoJaded, ya drew me in over here, so tell everyone to be kind and dont make me cry before my third or fourth post, lol…

  • Harley_Tech

    Ok SoJaded, ya drew me in over here, so tell everyone to be kind and dont make me cry before my third or fourth post, lol…

    HotMom lands another one. Reel her in K!



  • Welcome, fellow Twitterer FilleVerite!! So glad you could stop by! I certainly hope you hang around for awhile. 🙂

    Believe me, the video of the house is horrid and long. I’m still very, very itchy.

    And, fear not, my friend. The only tears you shed here will be from intense sadness or piss-in-your-pants laughter.

  • FilleVerite

    Thanks much my twittering friend…figure we hot moms should stick together, since the ugly one’s hate us, talk smack and plot behind our backs…
    I’ve been reading the past blogs, and you’re so right–intense sadness, or laughing so hard I might have pissed my pants, luckily I’ve still a bit of self control…for now…
    Good stuff, glad I stopped by…

  • silvahalo

    OK, saw the video of a living heap of shit, a dump-yard if I’m exact, but no home. Nope, no home there.

    The people, xfamily and neighbors should be ashamed for not reporting that children were being forced to live in such vile conditions. Nice. I don’t need neighbors like that….the whole damn lot of inbreed, shitters in that “family” are sick, depraved joke.

    I hope these poor children are cleaned, fed and healed in all ways necessary….so sorry little ones.

  • DarkJuggalo

    Trina mallow is 27? I thought the pictures at the top were all of people in their 50-70’s.

  • biteme

    Child services returns the children to these animals to be molested and close case
    CPS is the biggest money whore in the known world
    CPS is totally incompetent to a criminal degree
    They only care about wealthy neighborhoods where theirs money to be made for lawyers and courts & CPS.
    A wealthy family has to go through hell and spend a fortune in phycologist to prove they’re worthy (fit) of having their children returned
    Poor perverts living in squaller with tortured undernourished children, hey no problem keep them case closed
    Administration for CPS is the whore slut of our country

  • Kdogg

    How do you create a 14 year old like the one mentioned above? Have him born into a family that defines the words White Trash.

  • Holy shit! So… why didn’t they just contact Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and see if Ty Pennington could help them out? I’m sure he’s up to date on all his shots.

  • thevoiceofreason

    my….that’s one handsome family of over achievers.

  • mazzi

    OK – I gotta say something…about that myspace account. Can you IMAGINE some guy running into that and beginning some kind of “social interactions” with the thing behind the screen? Can you just imagine what that poor guy who sent her warm breezy kisses would be thinking after he discovered that his pixelated hottie is really a greasy hoggette? I bet he is in a steaming hot shower with a brillo pad and ajax right about now.

    Come to think of it, who the fuck would touch that nasty scag in real life? Someone did – twice. If I were a guy I would rather die a virgin than stick my thingie into that. I swear I can almost imagine the smell that must swirl around her. How could anyone get close enough to actually DO her? … ewwwwww.

  • DarkJuggalo

    How could anyone get close enough to actually DO her? … ewwwwww.

    29-year-old Farris Eugene Mallo and Alexandrio “Mikey” Michael Mallo, 23 would be my guess.

  • thinkgoat

    That fucking Alexander has on a fire department shirt. I’ve packed my torch and I’m heading to West Virginia!

  • Morticia

    Sexy family.

  • eliz1bef

    This reminds me of H.P. Lovecraft. The Martense Family from The Lurking Fear, except without the respectable history.

    The neighbors all sound a bit tetched, as well, and related to boot, which sadly explains why the cops were never called before this. I’d imagine if the cops turned over most of that neighborhood they’d find similar conditions in at least a few of the houses.

    It had to be the weirdest series of events for officers handling the scene each day. That house was like a perp vending machine.

  • akelda

    this reminds me a little of that XFiles episode called ‘home’, where they had 2 inbred sons and a mom under the bed or some such shit. To call these people “white trash” is an insult to average white trash, but I cannot even think of words to describe what they are. Someone should have reported them way before now though. like that ex wife.

  • eliz1bef


    this reminds me a little of that XFiles episode called ‘home’, where they had 2 inbred sons and a mom under the bed or some such shit.

    Yeah! The one with the freaky potato baby!! Bleh. I’d blocked it out.

  • akelda

    I know! lol I had to block that one out too but once in a while a story like this brings it back to reality.

  • HonkyMagoo

    Well well what do we have here comment number two?? I didn’t think it was accectable to comment on skin color. I guess that only applies when the color isn’t white!

    For the record, I agree with everything written in the story, I just feel the need to point out how hypocritical certain people can be.

  • hullaboo

    There is nothing behind the eyes, nothing. Raping kids, bumpin’ uglies with their family, it’s NOTHING to them. They don’t see it in terms of right and wrong, but what just feels good at the time. IQ of pond scum(or that green, murky water found in the freezer). Doesn’t excuse them, but makes a good recommendation for sterilization. It’s trash, no matter the color.

  • *puke* That video of the house made me butt twitch.

  • malq

    I found this at the comment section to the video

    Posted by: Ridiculous……… on Jun 25, 2009 at 01:39 PM
    I grew up with these people. I went to school with both Trina and Christina an dthis is not surprising. They were raised in filth. They were barely ever in school and they arent’ very literate either. I have always felt bad for
    them adn their situation. Their grandmother did a lot for them adn when she passed away they went from bad to worse. There is a whole list of people who can be blamed but in reality that wont change a single thing. Their poverty has been passed through 4 generations (that I have seen first hand) and no one ever knew cared of their existant until this tragedy. Many state officals have been notified over many years of this family and their living conditions even before the boy was born. I work hard and pay taxes to support poeple in this situation and to pay for the government officals who supposedly inspect and regulate these types of cases. This happens far too often in WV and if we want anything to be done about it we have to get together and speak out.

  • momofthree

    Fair enough, they have lived through generations of poverty and it’s hard to know where to point the finger, seems the 14 year old boy wasn’t someone who had a decent childhood then decided out of the blue to commit a violent crime.

    What I am glad about is that this cycle has finally been broken, these 2 children were removed from the family and hopefully will have a fair shot at life. Even though the boy will need some heavy counseling, and probably the girl too.

  • biteme

    CP FUCKING S fails again over and over
    child services, family services, no money, no publicity they say FUCK YOU!

  • MAjustaMom

    I guess when Trina studied to be a “medical ass” (stated on her myspace) they didn’t teach about hygiene? There are no photos of her, no mention of her kids, but does say she’s engaged – yikes! So some poor, unsuspecting person reads that she’s 27, in college, studying the medical profession and thinks they’ve found a promising young co-ed, imagine their shock and horror now. Those poor babies, I hope they can be saved and all the horrors they have seen in their young lives erased from their memories. Funny how the neighbors have plenty to say now – why not before? There are anonoymous tip lines everywhere – USE THEM!!! I hope the 6 of them stay in jail forever, there goes the family reunion this summer – imagine what their family reunion would be like? Scary……….

  • The fact that this all occurred in West VA is laughably ironic.

  • I know, right? 😛

    H.P. Lovecraft, X-Files… but no Deliverance references? I’m shocked.

  • DarkJuggalo

    no Deliverance references? I’m shocked.

    At least when they go to jail they will know what the deal is when they hear—
    “Squeal for me boy” and ” He got a real pretty mouth…you’re gonna do some praying for me boy and you better pray real good.”

  • kkbvhj

    Ok, I had to join this just to respond to some of these comments. Just so you know I’m not prejudiced, I am NOT a native West Virginian–I’m not here by choic and plan on leaving within the year–but I have been here for 15 years and I can tell you for a fact that it’s the crap-asses like these who find the cameras. Always.

    I know this street; I know these people; I know these neighbors. This is one of the poorest parts of the capitol city (read, it’s damn near the slums of an already poverty-ridden state). The people are filthy, depraved, uncivilized, and just about the absolute opposite of everything good and holy, and THEIR NEIGHBORS COMPLAINED! They called CPS, they called the mayor, they called the police, they called the humane officers (hell, if they’d come for the filth the animals lived in maybe THEY could get the kids out!). And in between attempts to get the kids removed or the house cleaned up–or better yet burned down–the neighbors fed and clothed the kids, including the one accused of murder.

    Those of you who accuse the neighbors of sitting around with their thumbs up their asses, did you happen to read the news reports that indicated that the kids were actually taken away about a year ago due to the deplorable conditions in that house? And that they were subsequently returned to that house? Or that the complaint that had Mikey arrested for molesting the 7-year-old was based on information obtained last November?

    Just to give you a bit of perspective, within just about a block of that house in the last few months there have been two murderers (one from this house), three child molesters (one from this house), and one rapist (from house). Also within a block of this house, there are: 2 autistic children, 1 blind woman, 1 90-year-old man, several individuals with Alzheimer’s, over a dozen elderely couples, at least a dozen elderly singles, and only about two dozen HUD houses or apartments. Of all these, there are no other properties in that area where the grass grows more than 7-10 days without being mowed, and there is no property anywhere in this area that even vaguely resembles the filth at this residence.

    Please, folks, don’t ASSume. I’m sure you have some filthy-assed neighbors too, or some who are bigots, racists, misogynists, homophobes, snobs, etc. Their behaviors don’t have any bearing on who you are, nor does it affect how others see you. Remember that.

  • Zibarro

    ” He got a real pretty mouth…

    I think Trina and family would say it’s “purty” and like she says in her Myspace “birthday pirty”! With “baby pitchers” no less!

    OMFG! I have the creepy crawlies like you could NOT believe! I swear to everything – I had to look away to keep from throwing up (although I did “vurp” in my mouth) when that fucking videographer wouldn’t stop filming the fucking fridge/wall!!! The roach parade was more than I could handle!

    How — HOW do people live like that?? I am in no way a “neat freak” but DAYUM! ONE roach is too many roaches for me! There is no way they weren’t being crawled on day and night… no way.

    Perhaps the son’s committed those crimes so they could go to jail – where it’s “clean”!

    Fuck the daughter-in-law, too. Bitch knew the conditions.. yet said/did nothing.

    And there is an inspector out there with some ‘splanin to do! He PASSED this house 6 months ago! This did NOT happen in 6 months!


    Sick, sick, sick! Hoping for a better life for those kids…

  • Thanks for the info, kkbvhj

  • kkbvhj

    If you pull up the link to the house inspection (there is one, you’ll probably have to dig a little) it seems to have been done by phone. Every single thing in the house passed–including (get THIS!!!)–including THE ELEVATOR!!!! Yeah, in this barely 1 1/2 story house, the so-called inspector managed to give a passing grade to a non-existant elevator. Please excuse the sarcastic tone.

    None of the optional questions were asked (like, duh, how many people live here?) and only minimal explanatory remarks were made (for instance the stove is electric and the a/c is comprised of window units). Isn’t it hilarious that the fridge was listed as needing to be cleaned?? I’m sure most of our fridges could use a new Arm & Hammer or a quick swipe with a damp cloth…this one needed a roach motel with en suite acid bath!

    I think that inspector needs retraining. Or a new job.

  • That house gave me fucking nightmares. I am OCD about cleaning my house and the thought of bugs in my kitchen makes my ass twitch.

  • Moonlight

    WHY THE HELL DOES ANYONE in that family have a friggin’ myspace page?

    She must use a public computer… Man, did you look at Trina’s MySpace page! What a hoot! Especially the pictures of “james amderson’s 27 birthday pirty” Oh look… He got a metal detector! And “baby pitchers”!

    I wonder if that’s her fiance?

  • Especially the pictures of “james amderson’s 27 birthday pirty”

    I know, right? I was cracking the hell up looking at those ‘pitchers.’ Poor James Anderson.

  • Castille

    I know, right? I was cracking the hell up looking at those ‘pitchers.’ Poor James Anderson.

    Did you catch the goatse parody photo that she attributed to her ‘nice?’ Too funny.

    @kkbv – apparently it takes having one of the kids begin killing the neighbors before the local authorities offer a serious response, eh?

  • Me running with my fingers in my ears…Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ….O… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and me hands covering me Eyes… OH my eyes are watering.. Holy Deliverance……..
    Their going to have to burn the house down ..and then what??

    OH SNAP ..can you imagine be a Bunk Mate in Prison with one of them…
    Gag gag ..omg I just dry heaved.

  • thehesbomb

    Some nice “pitures” of the filth they lived in:


  • sarabei

    You know, you don’t have to be rich or fancy to be CLEAN and NEAT. My GOD what is WRONG with fucktards like this? HOW…WHY…would anyone choose to live this way? Let alone bring a CHILD into that mess?? I agree..flush the turds!!!!

  • lagrima

    This is digusting!!!! Let’s just move the adults out to a landfill, they will be right @ home. I am glad that the children @ least have a fighting chance. As for Alexandrio who looks like his hair has never seen a comb! Ugh
    Sen him my way and I will find some switches, rulers, rubber bands, nails and a hammer and I will have a good ole time. Inflicting pain on this a**hole

  • knotme

    Athena ~ H.P. Lovecraft, X-Files… but no Deliverance references? I’m shocked.

    I swear, it was the first thing that came to mind at the sight of this bunch. Can you even imagine how awful they smell?

    Trina’s My Space is a hoot! I wonder if that cute guy will want to call her now? I bet those two fellas on her Comments are a lot wiser now…snicker.

  • Trina Mallo pleaded guilty to one count of child neglect, and in return, the second count was dropped. She’ll serve between 1 and 5 years in prison, including the time she’s already served.

    The trial for her parents, Carolyn and Alexander Mallo, was delayed until March 29, 2010.

    On Monday, the judge ordered a mental evaluation for Alexander after his attorney said he was talking with dead people last week. The attorney said he was talking to his grandfather and a childhood friend.


  • Dakota Valkyrie

    While the Mallo matriarch may be a free woman in a few weeks, her husband, Alexander Doran, must wait until June to learn his fate.
    They each pleaded guilty to a charge of child neglect resulting in the injury of their young grandson, who was sexually abused at the hands of one of their sons – Alexandrio “Mikey” Mallo, 23.

    Mikey Mallo was sentenced and freed last year and has been living with family members.

    Assistant prosecutor Maryclaire Akers said both Carolyn and Alexander knew the boy was being sexually abused and did nothing to protect him.

    Mikey Mallo pleaded guilty in November to two misdemeanor sexual abuse charges and was sentenced to 180 days in jail. Because of the time he already had served at South Central Regional Jail, he was released within weeks of his sentencing.

    Another son, Farris Mallo, 30, pleaded guilty to multiple charges ranging from burglary to sexual assault, and will serve between 12 and 40 years in prison.

    As part of her plea agreement with the county prosecutor's office, Carolyn Mallo was sentenced to serve 10 months in a regional jail. With the 287 days already served, she would be eligible for release around April 13, according to her lawyer, Matthew Victor.

    “I would hope that she can rebuild her life in perhaps different surroundings and that our society with its unlimited resources can help her on her transition to normalcy,” Victor said.

    Alexander Doran's sentencing hearing was scheduled for June 24.

    Carolyn, Farris and Trina Mallo, along with Doran, still are being held at South Central Regional Jail.


  • Nita


  • Carla B

    OMG I watched Evil Kin the other night on ID channel, talk about gross ugh, these people weren’t just disgusting, they are ugly too! Reminded me of back home when a family was in a rented house their water got turned off, so what did they do, well for starters the woman of the house worked at the local bakery, so she had access to 5 gallon buckets. Well, they had a fire in the house and what did they find after they put the fire out: buckets full of shit and piss. Needless to say, gross again, but I’ve never seen anything as bad as this family, one thing they never said was who the father was of Trina’s kids. I have a good idea except those children actually were cute.

  • Dawn Riggs

    Make the mountain people from deliverance look like The Brady Bunch.Guess never seen soap and water.What I can not understand why didnt family and children services look into this?Also heard it a hud home only for 2 people and children.Why didnt hud come and check?For that much trash had to be there a long time,Hud would see or smell it if they visit.Maybe ignore it and not doing there job

  • annebeth66

    I live in Charleston and this case still upsets the entire city. These inbred fools had the neighborhood scared of them and because they were odd, but the kids appeared well fed, no one called CPS. The person that owned the house had received complaints from the neighbors, drove by the house and noticed the trash. They contacted HUD who told them that they would go and check the house out, but since the owner had the house under a HUD contract, that they themselves could not go to the home. As if the owner might intimidate the tenants. Well HUD lied their butts off, calling the owner and telling them, that although the house was messy, it was in good shape and the only 3 people were staying there. The tenant Trina Mallo was instructed to clean it up and all was well. After the murder HUD admitted that they NEVER went out to the house to check the condition and number of people living there. They trotted out some government nut who assured the public that they would make sure HUD was doing their job, that the family had been evicted and the HUD would repair the damage done to the home. If HUD had done their job, Trina would have been evicted and Thomas Mallo never would have been across the street from Mrs. Phares.

  • Nick Trygg

    That Bitch is 27!! TWENTY SEVEN!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!

  • blackspeak

    Sick and demented inbred white folks…

  • Lorraine Nation

    I tried the link but it didn’t show me anything but a pic of the house outside

  • Leon Foonman

    All were Romney supporters…

  • Stephanie Chu

    I feel like throwing up looking at those disheveled and dirty people.