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Louis Bosco Is A Peeping Pervert

June 19, 2009 at 6:10 am by  

East Patchogue, NYI’m going to share a little secret with you, fellow Demonites and Denizens. Aside from my fear of moths, brocolli, and attic dwellers, I have an extreme fear of pervy landlords and/or handymen who have access to my home. Is he really fixing my leaky sink? Or is he drilling a hole in my bathroom ceiling so he can insert a camera right above my toilet? I’m tellin’ ya, shit like this keeps me up at night. Ok, not really. But after reading stories like this, I scour my home, searching for new holes and unexplained blinking lights. Speaking of pervy landlords, please meet Louis Bosco…

Louis Bosco

Louis Bosco

Robert and Debbie Haydrucka rent an apartment from Louis. They live in that home with their 8-year-old son and their 16-year-old daughter. Louis lives in a camper behind the home. On Wednesday, the couple’s children noticed some blinking lights in the ceiling and went to notify Louis. As the two were walking past Louis’ camper, they glanced in the window and saw a video playing on a computer monitor showing the inside of the teen girl’s bedroom. *shudder*

When deputies arrived at the home, they discovered cameras in the girl’s bedroom and in a bathroom ceiling. The images were being sent to a computer inside Louis’ camper. Oh, you skeevy bastard. Louis Bosco, 44, was charged with felony eavesdropping. He pleaded not guilty, posted $20,000 bond, and was released from custody. Though the family has been granted an order of protection, Louis will undoubtedly return to his camper behind the residence. The family is worried there may be other cameras installed in the home that haven’t been discovered. Personally, this girl would’ve been moved the fuck out of that house about 15 minutes after Louis made bail.


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  • nadine

    Once again he is going to get out and do again, THE WHOLE FUCKING FAMILY NEEDS TO MOVE OUT AND FIRST, Beat the fuck out of this pervy but don’t kill him just really really beat him, i don’t agree with violence, don’t get me wrong, BUT in this case…….BEAT HIM SENSLESS, ALTHOUGH HE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE HE HAS ANY BRAIN IN HIS HEAD SO WHO CARES WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS TO HIM, CREEPY CREEPY LOOKING LANDLORD????????????????????????I personally, would NEVER rent from someone, owner, landlord, who lives in a trailer behind my house

  • I personally, would NEVER rent from someone, owner, landlord, who lives in a trailer behind my house

    I’m with ya there, Nadine.

  • biteme

    And they didn’t move out? Why, they dumber than he looks?

  • CassieMomma

    I have an extreme fear of pervy landlords and/or handymen who have access to my home. Is he really fixing my leaky sink? Or is he drilling a hole in my bathroom ceiling so he can insert a camera right above my toilet? I’m tellin’ ya, shit like this keeps me up at night

    I’m right there with you. When my husband and I first moved out we lived in a new build apartment. We were one of the first to move in. One day while I was at work and my husband was home he heard a click and saw the doorknob starting to move. Well he jumps up locks the door real quick and looks out the peep hole. Standing outside is one of the workers and he’s trying to come into our apt. (not sure why…) So the worker puts his key back into the lock and tries to open the door again. My husband decided that he would just stand in the door, imagine the workers surprise when he opens the door (my husband is a big and tall guy). My husband starts yelling and threatening the guy to never come back again. Luckily we never heard from him again, but that day we changed the locks. Any time during our stay if they had to come in to change the filters or whatever we always insisted on being there. Eventually the management figured out they didn’t have a key (tried to enter without permission?) and asked for a copy. We complied, but promtly changed the locks again that same day. You just never know.

    As for why they didn’t move, maybe they don’t have the money. It can be very expensive and in today’s economy…..Although I think I would figure out a way somehow!

  • And they didn’t move out? Why, they dumber than he looks?

    Not everyone is financially able to move immediately, especially in this economy. They probably thought he wouldn’t make bail immediately. I feel bad for them… stuck in this house until they can gather the resources to move elsewhere? Weak.

  • kennedys_mom09

    Well what were the police have to offer them? I mean something should have been in placed for them inorder for them to be able to leave that situation. its not safe

    In other news, i dont understand his fetish with looking a little girl in the bathroom. i know i wouldnt want to look at myself on the toilet!

  • Lavonna

    I hope this family will be able to get out soon. You know, that man is lucky that the police were called and the dad didn’t try to whip his ugly *shudder* ass first.

  • Veronica

    And they didn’t move out? Why, they dumber than he looks?



    “Why, they dumber.” LMAO!

  • A camper is mobile, right? You’d think the cops would make him move it down the road until these faolks could get the fuck out. What a sick bastard. I think the daddy should kick his face in.

  • DogBitez

    I feel pretty sure that there are no peepholes in my house. At least nothing human made (damn woodpeckers). But I have to confess, I do a neurotic check of motel and hotel rooms — is that mirror REALLY just a mirror, is that crack REALLY just a crack, why is that vent slightly askew? Years ago, my mom and I stayed one night at a creepy cheapo motel (cinder block architecture at its finest) and noticed a funky hole between our room and the next. That planted a well-justified phobia in for me FOREVER.

  • NJLiLi

    I’m sorry but I have nothing constructive to contribute at this time…But this “man” looks like “Hellboy” – sans his nubs.

  • malq

    I got an inside look at the ally between rooms that they use to work on the plumbing for sinks and whatnot. I really disturbed me the way I saw empty pop cans and candy wrappers in a few areas. I started looking at the wall and saw the back of a Mirror with the silver scrapped off just enough to see into the room. I stepped back because surely there where biohazards there.

  • Abroad

    Where was this, Malq?

  • phred25

    Come on now! There are 5 year old kids out there being raped and Murdered everyday! This guy was peeping at a 16 year old girl, Im not saying its right or OK what he did, But have you seen the 16 years old girls on Long Island? There would be soming more wrong with this guy if he wasnt looking!!! Its a scary world out there and if this is what you think is the worst of it you better open your eyes !!!

  • Abroad

    Looking is one thing, Phred. Spying with the use of CCTV installed where people have some right to think they are unobserved is something entirely different. This man is a creep.

    Oh, and we spend a lot of time on children who have been raped and murdered on this site. Taking a few shots at this creep does not take away from the terror of those cases. Nobody here is comparing them, but this guy also needs naming and shaming.

  • phred25

    I hear you Abroad!

    I believe in the old dont, judge a book by the cover, But if you have a guy who looks the way this guy did, Who is a loner living in a trailer behind the house you rent from him and you let your 16 your old Daughter hang out with him alone, You are going to have problums.
    Im not saying its the parents fault as we all want to think the best of poeple. I’m just saying this is an all too common problum and one of the major reasons it keeps happing is everyone treats it like the poeple who do this are rare. The problum is many men like young girls. Everytime we hear about this we think of a person like this guy! But all too often it is the Father , Uncle, a preist, Cop , or just about anyone. The world needs to realize that more often then not when a man starts hanging out with a young Girl he is going to fall in love with her! Its not that he is sick its just something that happens! This guy just fits the profile of all that we think about when this fear pops in our heads! We need to wake up a figure out the real reason these things happen and stop treating it as if it was some one in a Million sickness !

  • Abroad

    if you have a guy who looks the way this guy did, Who is a loner living in a trailer behind the house you rent from him and you let your 16 your old Daughter hang out with him alone, You are going to have problums.

    Sounds like you know the family? Or at least a bit more about the circumstances?

    Nothing in the original article lead me to believe she had spent much time with the creep before the discovery?

  • phred25

    I watched it on the news, Father and Mother said Louis used to watch the kids and take them out all the time, He used to eat dinner with them and was pretty much part of the Family. Its always the ones closet to the kids !!!

  • ecvmanzo

    This is why I always fill all the little wholes I see in a restroom wall with gum! You guys should see the restroom walls of my office, lmao. It looks like Jr High. But this site and other stories heard along the way, have made me paranoid to even use my own damn bathroom. Yes, damn it I am paranoid.

  • neverknow

    well informed and the landlord doesnt live in the back in the camper, he just said that so the police cant search his parents home next door where he lives when they go to florida for the winter.. as well as the acre of property behind the tenants backyard..They found enough to arrest him but he took some evidence and ran, the police were coming and he fled. Had the license plate and make of van and they did not follow him. He got out on 10,000 bail and basicly the law states you have to prove his perversion …go figure, its unfair. The family knew his family, from parents to cousins. Bosco was different in his dress, than most, he dresses in his work attire, he was known in the neighborhood as a hard worker, handyman, fixed most things or knew who to call. He is into motorcycles and he collects scrape metal and tears down buildings. The family lived there going on 5 yrs, Bosco and his family were treated by his renters like friends. Bosco had waterfights with all the kids and the parents in the summer and snowball fights in the winter. He was always opinionated and arrogant and thought others beneath him, in spite of his outward appearance. He never, not wore a hat so he did not look like his pic..yuk…and the daughter and son were never totally alone with him.
    He has a court date to return Oct 9th and he has recently been given 17 violations from the Town of Brookhaven for his property, court date Aug. 20 in patchgue. He said he lived in the camper, living there got him violations he deserved. The mother of the childen warned him, where on this planet will he have to go, he will never be able to hold his head up again. If she has anything to do with it. Of course, parents will feel quilty of not protecting their family when this sick thing happens…this is not the tenants fault. He violated their privacy. To the jerk who said have you seen 16 yr olds on long island lately,(you taking inventory of their ages? Have children do you? children grow up and bodies change at what age, do you have a clue? they have figures doesnt give anyone the right to go into an attic from the roof enterance and plant a camera for thier sick perversion. period..whether the parents never knew him or knew him …its Bosco, who is the criminal not the family. Their money paid for their 3 bedroom apt as well the other 2 bedroom apt rented by a family. Hard earned money was paid to that landlord who now has to pay for the fines and illegal 2 family home he has rented for years. All the past tenants could have been violated. No one will know for sure. Come to find out he approached another familys neice years ago and they beat him up and did not tell the police but if they did, he would have been in jail and never got out on bail. Bosco had an idea the family knew about the camera and the police were on his trail and he moved quickly. He saw where they searched and where they have not searched. The family has an order of protection and yes it is not easy to find housing in the school district for their children, why should the family have to change and disrupt their childrens world because of this A-hole. He should move but what does he do, gives them an eviction notice and everything that the family thought might happen to them has been happening. Hopefully, laws will be changed because of technology advancement. Bosco is going to fight this nasty and his legal team is going to make the tenants live what…more hell..probably so. Really that is the best they can come up with..His parents should get him professional help. They should committ him if necessary, obviously they knew he was odd they apologised for him being different..being different in dress or interests is one thing, this is A SICKNESS..AND WHAT THE COMMUNITY HAS TO WAIT UNTIL HE DOES SOMETHING WORSE..The family has been told its not such a bad crime yea ok, its bad enough..this was their home, where the children played and laughed with other family members and friends….and those saying these comments are suppose to be helping this family, on their side, doesnt sound so promising God willing justice will be served and the family can go on after this horrific summer ….