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Bradley Brainard Orally Copulated A Canine

May 28, 2009 at 6:28 am by  

Atescadero, California–Oh damn…every now and then I come across a story that makes me want to laugh hysterically, cry, scream, and vomit…all at the same time. This would be one of those stories. This one…well, it has a little bit of everything. We’ve got drug trafficking, canine coitus, canine copulation, a couple of fetishes, with a dash of child porn. Oh yeah, and videotape.

Bradley Brainard

Bradley Brainard

Bradley Brainard, a plumber by trade, first came to the attention of authorities in March. While working on a construction project at The California Men’s Colony, Brainard was allegedly selling drugs and smuggling cell phones to inmates. He was charged March 30 with seven felony counts of drug-related offenses. He posted bond and was released on April 6. That’s not exactly what landed him at the Dreamin’ Demon. While investigating the drug charges, authorities served a search warrant on Brainard’s home and vehicle. At his home, they found a couple pounds of marijuana, some meth, weapons, and about $4,000 in cash. In his truck, they found a camcorder. This is where things take a nasty, nasty turn, Demonites.

Brainard had filmed himself giving a dog a blow-job while he masturbated. But wait! There’s more! In another scene, Brainard was seen lying on a bed, nekkid, except for a bra, forcing a chocolate Lab to penetrate him. Brainard, obvious stud that he is, couldn’t remain faithful to just one…investigators said “there were other canines in the video that Brainard sexually engaged.” Stay with me now, there’s even more! He had filmed himself having sex with an unconscious woman, videotaped a child’s genitals during a diaper change, and had footage of a teenage boy wearing a pair of high heels. Holy fucking hell…is there no end? No limit to this dude’s depravity? Also found in the home were women’s undergarments, several boxes of videotapes, a bondage whip, wigs, sex toys, pornographic DVDs and videotapes with bestiality.

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In an interview from his home last week, Brainard said that ‘he no longer participates in sexual relations with dogs and explained that he had turned to the illegal practice after seeing it on the Internet following a divorce and depression.’ (Those damn dogs…you wine ’em, dine ’em, 69 ’em, and do they call you the next day? Noooooo). Authorities say there are a couple more people involved who were allegedly performing animal sex acts with Brainard.  Bradley Brainard, 49, will likely be charged with misdemeanor animal abuse…the case is still under investigation. They do not expect to file charges related to the video of the children or the woman.


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  • adorkable

    wow, this freak really likes it ruff!
    glad to see they collared him
    hope he gets canine to ten years

    ok, that last one even made ME groan!

  • nadine

    He will top one of the MOST SICK men / women/ dog lover/ pervert/pervert sick sick sick sick sick fucking pieces of shit….
    He is absolutely revolting
    I will go throw up now

  • A new way of thinking about the phrase, “Doggy Style”…  woah, I guess I better keep an eye on my dawgs now… one of which is a chocolate lab.  What a sick pervert…  And It pisses me off that he isn’t being charged with the taping of a teen in heels and a childs diaper change. Sounds like a predator to me!

  • Rotten Apple

    *Gag*  I won’t even kiss my dog on the face.   What the hell happens to these people that flips the switch that makes bestiality and pedophilia sexually gratifying?  Not to mention all the other stuff.

    Then to videotape it?  What the fuck?

  • tutkill

    He has drug charges, cell phone smuggling, and now misdemeanor animal abuse charges-oh we will see him again in the future!!
    This freak plumber should be flushed.

  • CassieMomma

    Yeah ya know divorce leads to depression so just go fuck a dog right…….sick!

  • Peeperann

    Ah, God, Tazzz warned us in the forums to turn back, not read it!! I should have listened. But I do agree with Tazzz, nominate him for King of Tards…..

  • granny-g

    Makes you scared to say you are an “animal lover” lest someone mistake you for this dumbass perv.
    Dude, really?  You got to be kidding? Dogs>womens clothes>teen boys>
    infants>unconsious women.
    You are a therapists DREAM !
    Naw… do not need therapy just a quick shot to the head and
    you will be out of OUR misery.

  • popeyeray

    someone please run him over and keep driving while he’s dragged under the car

  • “misdemeanor animal abuse”

    Seriously, misdemeanor animal abuse?  WTF???????

  • thinkstraight: “misdemeanor animal abuse”Seriously, misdemeanor animal abuse?  WTF???????

    Well, the investigation into the bestiality is still going…but I can’t see him getting more than a slap on the wrist for the dog fucking and sucking. *gag*

  • najaj5

    The statement he gave in regards to fucking the dogs, was not a good enough excuse if you ask me.

  • bigduckdaddy

    I had to laugh out loud at the variety of  perverted shit this guy had on tape but it’s a bit disturbing that he is’int being charged with fucking ( or raping? ) an unconscious woman or filming a babys no no bits.  Guess he didnt break any crimes there…dunno.

  • ShayA

    I just threw up in my mouth a little…

  • Bucky

    Wow!  Just, wow!  Dude, you are f—ing sick.  Really, divorce and depression don’t make a person want to engage in sexual congress with animals.  I’ve been depressed and divorced and I never had the urge to f— a dog.

    Perversity.  That’s what makes a guy screw a dog.  Just sheer, unadulterated, twisted, sick evil. 

    Normal people can’t even wrap their minds around that.

  • DogBitez

    Well, hell… my sex-starved dog wakes me up in bed each morning with a shit-eating grin on his face while he’s humping my hip or my husband’s knee. If Brainard had just called me, I would have asked my dog if he wanted a free blow job from the guy… I suspect my dog would have grabbed the car keys and printed a Google map to Bradley’s house.

    Why is Brainard not being charged with child pornography and rape (of an unconscious woman)? I’m going to assume those charges will follow, but for whatever reason the prosecutor is waiting. I hope.

  • silvahalo

    “They do not expect to file charges related to the video of the children or the woman.” wtf? so you can get charged with bestiality, albeit, misdemeanor, but a passed out woman and children on video deems nothing notable? I would hope to hear they are at least investigating, trying to find out who the victims are.

    I”ve read a lot of shit and I must say this is one that ranks high in depravity and just big time EWWWW!….revolting! Lots of sick puppies out there….OK, couldn’t help it.

  • This is one sick fucker!!  Might as well just shoot his perverted ass.

  • Wildheart

    Why oh WHY do I eat breakfast while reading this site???

  • KAEB4

    holeeeee crap.   wow.  he’s one sick puppy (no pun intended).   His mug shot eeks me out too — he looks….content or something – the look in his eyes.  Ew.

    Okay I REALLY hope charges are coming for having sex w/ an unconcious woman, and videotaping a a diaper change.  Cause what happened when he turned the camera OFF?  If this is just the stuff he videotaped, what has he done he didn’t get on video?

  • haunted33

    bigduckdaddy: I had to laugh out loud at the variety of  perverted shit this guy had on tape but it’s a bit disturbing that he is’int being charged with fucking ( or raping? ) an unconscious woman or filming a babys no no bits.  Guess he didnt break any crimes there…dunno.

    I was thinking the same thing.  Maybe they don’t know who the baby or the woman are?  I would assume if they could find out they could only them press charges?  Just a guess

  • ScribbleMuse

    Oh ugh.  I wonder if the poor unconscious woman even knows that this happened… To find out at some point that when you were passed out from drinking all night (or whatever made her so unconscious) that you were unknowingly raped by a freak like this… *shudder* 

    I agree that it’s surprising that they’ll not press charges.  My guess is that in the case of the woman at least, perhaps they could not identify her, and therefore get corroborated accounts from her.  Therefore, no one to say “rape” means that he can say that she was an active participant, engaging in some sort of role playing game. 

    As for the baby–it is definitely sick, and we all know it’s intended as child porn.  However, I’m sure that a slimy enough defense lawyer could say that since perhaps no abuse occurred (it says he was “just” filming a diaper change and while again we all know here that he’s doing it for the perv value and he deserves to be castrated), I’ve seen diaper changes on TV and stuff.  A truly slimy sick lawyer, who this guy will get, could pass off the tape as nothing to charge for.  🙁

    At least they’re getting him on what they can–if indeed these are the reasons he’s not being charged for the rest. 

    *still gagging*

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  • ecvmanzo

    Great, so much for the damn hotdog I bought for lunch. I think I will go get a salad instead…eeewwww. Just take him out back and shoot him…he is broken

  • Fresh


  • Lavonna

    wow, this freak really likes it ruff!
    glad to see they collared him
    hope he gets canine to ten years
    ok, that last one even made ME groan!

    that’s funny.

  • Lavonna

    I am clueless as to what excites a person with a dog dick in their mouth that makes them masturbate and suck a dog.. OMG I have to go smoke.. this is to much for my little head to think about.

  • thinkgoat

    I think this guy should get an award.  He’s single-handedly provided something for everyone.

  • tjangel

    someone needs to introduce this guy to the dead deer fucker Bryan Hathaway

  • zoloftn151

    ” (Those damn dogs…you wine ‘em, dine ‘em, 69 ‘em, and do they call you the next day? Noooooo).” 


  • bbear

    It was a chocolate lab too!  He loves interracial too, not just interspecies…

  • Greeny the katphox

    I think I’m gunna be sick… GIR! FETCH ME THE PUKE BUCKEEEEEEET!!

  • midwestmon

    OMG!!! Has anyone checked the dogs for std’s?…And the police are not going to TRY to find out about the victims in the video tapes? One can only hope that he runs into someone who will beat him to a bloody pulp…and I hope the police are as lax with them as they were with Bradley Brainard!

  • why is it just a misdemeanor?  Ugh…that makes me sick. That is still considered animal abuse.  Oh, that’s right, laws don’t really cover animal abuse.