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Shawn Skelton Has A Strange Desire

April 30, 2009 at 4:53 am by  

Seattle, WashingtonCraigslist: a network of online communities featuring classified ads ranging from help wanted ads to erotic services, with a lot of everything in between. The website has been popping up in news articles as consistently as Myspace. We have featured a handful of Craigslist stories here at the Dreamin’ Demon and I have another odd story to add to the collection–the story of Shawn Skelton and his strange desire.

Shawn Skelton

Shawn Skelton

(Photo borrowed from Shawn’s Myspace)

Shawn is a 24-year-old man who lives in Kent, Washington. He recently made a post to the Casual Encounters section at Craigslist, looking for ‘serious inquiries’ only. Shawn wanted to hook up with someone for sex, someone who wanted to be killed afterward. But, he’d be more than willing to kill an ‘unwilling participant’ too. That’s right, Shawn, cover your bases. And what does he ask for in return? Cash. He wanted to be paid for nookie and murder. The guy is retarded. Has to be. A Craigslist employee spotted the ad and called police.

An undercover vice detective responded to Shawn’s ad. The two exchanged about 30 e-mails over the next several days in which Shawn described what sex acts he was going to perform on her before he killed her, and he may have alluded to the manner in which she would die. The two agreed to meet at a Seattle motel. At the last second, Shawn doubled the asking price to $2,000. The meeting was set for Monday morning. When Shawn knocked on the motel door, he was taken down and arrested. A search revealed that Shawn had come prepared…he was in possession of a knife, a heavy chain, and two long shoe strings. Shawn later confessed to the attempted murder and said he needed help. According to investigators, Shawn told them, ‘this activity excited him and admitted that he needed counseling and could not control his urges.’ Shawn is now controlling his urges behind bars…he was booked into jail for investigation of attempted murder. Because of the nature of the offense, bond was set at $1 million. Shawn has one prior, for indecent exposure.



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