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Keitt Cared More About The Quarters

April 22, 2009 at 12:19 am by  

Charleston, SC-Sixty-six year old Wilton “Bob” McFaddin, Jr. was a talented, educated, and very giving man. He was teacher who obtained several degrees including a master’s degree in piano and speech therapy. His sister said Bob always gave far and above what was required of him. Several years ago, while Bob was pursuing his degree for speech therapy at South Carolina State University, he befriended a custodian there named Gregory Keitt. A few years later, after Bob underwent heart valve surgery, he invited Keitt to live with him in exchange for help with the household chores. This arrangement seemed beneficial for both until Keitt’s behavior began to interfere with the odd couple’s relationship.

Gregory Keitt & Wilton Bob McFaddin, Jr.

Gregory Keitt & Wilton "Bob" McFaddin, Jr.

Bob told his sister that he feared Keitt and, due to his unstable and violent behavior, he wanted Keitt out of his apartment. Keitt had a criminal record dating back as far as 1986 with convictions of disorderly conduct, criminal domestic violence and driving under the influence. In February, Keitt was arrested for cocaine possession with intent to distribute. When Bob tried to get Keitt out of his apartment, he couldn’t because Keitt’s name was on the lease. Bob decided to leave and began packing to move to Columbia.

On April 10, Bob confronted Keitt about a missing jar of quarters he used for laundry. Keitt denied stealing the money jar and then began punching Bob knocking him unconscious. About thirty minutes later, Bob woke up to find Keitt gone and his blood all over the apartment. Bob called the police and when they arrived they noted that Bob had bruising to both eyes with a deep cut above the left one. Bob was alert  and showing improvement on his way to the hospital, but due to the extreme loss of blood, his brain was traumatically impaired. Bob slipped back into unconsciousness the next morning. He never awoke and was on full life-support when he died. His exact cause of death is still pending. After his death, his organs were sent to help others in need all over the country. His sister said that Bob died as he lived…being selfless. Gregory Keitt, 41, was charged with murder and is being held without bail. R.I.P. Bob. You were a good friend and I’m sorry Keitt cared more about laundry change than your friendship.


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  • MadeaBecBec

    Fly to Jesus, Wilton “Bob” McFaddin, Jr., Fly to Jesus!

    Gregory Keitt (wasted space) killing a Good and decent man for quarters is low, biting the kind hand that fed you and gave you shelter, You are lowlife and I pray you receive swift and harsh punishment!

  • auddie

    Poor Bob . . . once again, no good deed goes unpunished and I totally believe Bob was killed over the jar of quarters.  What I find impossible to believe is that there isn’t more to the Bob & Greg story.

  • malq

    That is pretty sad.
    Maybe Keitt thought he resembled George Bush too much.
    Note to self,  do not befriend crackheads

  • Redshoes

    🙁  sometimes I really do hope there is a heaven, cuz it sounds like Bob deserves to be there

  • Zibarro

    2 black eyes and a cut above his forehead?  Was that the “fatal” wound?  Did that cause the blood all over the home?  Dayum! 
    Keitt – you rotten piece of pond scum – I hope someone beats you daily in prison… and that you slowly (but painfully) bleed to death as well – but not until you have suffered greatly.  Then you can go straight to hell where you belong. 
    RIP Bob.  You already got your wings on earth – so you can fly unfettered straight to heaven.

  • CassieMomma

    Selfish bastard is what Keitt is.  R.I.P. Bob…you were one of the good ones.

  • Damn….I’m sure Bob would have given the asshole the quarters if he knew his life depended on it.

  • Rotten Apple

    Can you imagine what he’s gonna say in prison when they ask him what he is jail for?  “I killed a sick old man for a roll of quarters.”   He is soooo gonna be someone’s bitch.

  • Took me a while to figure out where I had seen Mr. Keitt from. Then it hit me. He is the black version of the X-Files Flukeman.

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  • Rotten Apple

    Morbid: Took me a while to figure out where I had seen Mr. Keitt from. Then it hit me. He is the black version of the X-Files Flukeman.


  • Veronica

    He probably would have given him the quarters if the dickhead had simply ASKED instead of stealing!  I agree with redshoes, personally I don’t really believe in heaven or hell but I often find myself wishing both really did exist when I read DD. 
    RIP Bob.  Your selflessness may have gotten you killed but you will be remembered for it while Keitt will thankfully be remembered only for how much his asshole forcibly expands while in prison.